A batting drill to improve your footwork | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

A batting drill to improve your footwork

Are you looking to improve your footwork and get your shoulder in the right position?

This drill, filmed at Activate Cricket Centre in Sydney, we see how you can work wonders with a friend, a batting tee, some cones and a couple of balls.

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sir,i have some doubts about footwork.how can i step foot before the ball land or after the ball land ?

You should be in position before the ball pitches, wghich means you need to pick the line and length in the air as early as possible, then move quickly into position so you are balanced and starting your bat's downswing at the right moment.

Sir,I often lose my balance while playing at Front foot...So how can I Improve my Balance?

sir,im a fast bowler .im 17 .i can bowl at 125-130 kph.i want pace +swing ..plz help me

when u go on frontfoot,Bend forward,most of ur bodyweight on frontfoot,and remember practice hard,and remember basics of batting,and dont over try,just keep it simple

hey David. I am an all rounder . should i do core exercises, push ups and pull ups everyday? and plz do tell me how can i increase my strength to the highest level. my wrists are weak and so is my batswing ...do help me out..

sir i am a 17 yrs old i mant to know how i time a stroke perfectly

hello. sir iam only 16.my wrist has a lot of power,but i can not see the ball as quickly as possible...on front foot.

Improve my batting and I am a right handed batsman

I think ur leg are not stronger to bear ur weight. So little bit gym workouts and exercise to your legs could do it.