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Why are bowlers not getting faster?

Fast bowling is the only area in sport that is not getting better.
Usain Bold smashed the world 100m record and while waving and almost moonwalking across the line. Marathon runners are closing in on a sub-two hour mark. 
We are faster, higher and stronger.
But where are the truly fast bowlers?
Despite obvious improvements in batting and fielding, fast bowling lags behind.

No regrets: How attacking captaincy breeds confident cricket

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Someone once said the only things you regret are the things you didn't do.

That's certainly true when it comes to captaincy, as Mike Brearley told PitchVision Academy when he noticed a mistake the Bangladesh captain would go on to regret.

Up the anti: Why you need to forget core training for cricket

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Core training is dead.

Ask any power lifter. They don't bother training the core.

Why would you when squatting and deadlifting movements give you abs like iron anyway?

And cricketers can learn from this idea.

The fact is that lower back injuries in cricket happen because the spine is moving too much. The fast bowler with a mixed action has a lot of rotation at the spine and over time this leads to pain and stress fractures.

Cricket Show 86: Notes from the first team

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Show 086.mp3
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PitchVision Academy Cricket Show

David talks about his experiences moving up a level last week while Kevin looks on in awe (at least we think that face is awe). Listen to the show to find out how things went in the first team.

Plus we answer your questions based around fitness issues this week, including:

How to bat in the middle order

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Is there really much difference in batting approach between number 4 and number 7?

There certainly is, and if you get the wrong person in the wrong place in the order it will end up costing you games.

For example, at my own club the 1st XI has a strong batting line-up with players capable of scoring runs quickly right down the order to number 9.

Test your field settings knowledge with this quick quiz

Every schoolboy cricketer worth his salt makes sure he learns the names of all the fielding positions with a torch under the covers after lights out.

But just like the alphabet, knowing the letters is only the start. If you want to be able to write you have to know how to use the letters to make words and sentences and paragraphs.

In the same way, if you want to know field settings you have to know when to use positions. Field settings are the

When to adjust your bowling length

This is a guest article by Laurie Ward from The Complete Cricketer Academy in Cape Town, South Africa.

Different conditions and match situations require different lengths of bowling.

To be a good bowler you need to know when to make a change to your length, and how to make it.

What makes the best cricketers so good?

You have probably never heard of Terryn Fray.

But those who have call him a rare talent with a sparkling future before him. At 18 he captained Bermuda Under-19's and has made his debut for the full Bermuda team in both one day and first-class cricket.

Cricket Show 85: More on declarations

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PitchVision Academy Cricket Show

It may seem like the cricket show has somehow become obsessed with declarations.

Yet again we discuss when is a good time to declare an innings and come up with some interesting stats to back up our argument.

If you are not so bothered with all the declaration chat, we still answer your questions about:

How to win the first hour of a match with the ball

This is part two of a two part series by Laurie Ward from The Complete Cricketer Academy in Cape Town, South Africa. To go to part one click here.

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