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The Journey: From Sport Science Research to Real Life Results

Over the past 3 years PitchVision has been integrated into sport science research as part of Laurence Houghton’s PhD at The University of Western Australia. As this research program draws to a close we’ve taken time out to review our journey with the sport science community and the resulting partnership with ACE cricket academy. So sit back and enjoy this exclusive inside story.

Cricket Show 153: Lessons from Dravid’s Career

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There is plenty club and school cricketers can learn from Rahul Dravid. As the classical batsman has retired recently the team look back at his career and work out what we can take from his game into grass-roots level.

We also answer your questions about concentration and how to raise your personal fielding standards.

Paddle, Run or Lap: How to Sweep to Mess Up Bowlers

The ‘run sweep’ has been called many names: paddle sweep and lap sweep.

I call it the run sweep as the a batter uses the pace on the ball and lets the ball run off the face of the bat into a vacant short fine leg position for anything between 2 and 4 runs.

What Ian Pont’s BPL Success Can Teach you About Twenty20

PitchVision Academy’s Fast Bowling Coach Ian Pont knows a thing or two about coaching sides to Twenty20 success.

His team - the Dhaka Gladiators - romped to an 8 wicket win over the Barisal Burners to secure the BPLT20 title for 2012 at the National Stadium in Dhaka.

6 Shortcuts for Becoming an Excellent Batsman in Record Time

 You’re impatient. You want success and you want it fast.

But batting is frustrating. You lack opportunities to practice and play in ways that help you improve. Even when you do get your chance you get a great ball first up and have to wait a week for another bat.

So here are 6 ways you can make to most of the chances you have and get ahead of the crowd to become a top-quality batsman in as short a time as possible.

Cricket Show 152 Competition Winner

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This week’s winner of the Cricket Show podcast question competition is Rob. He wins a free coaching course from PitchVision Academy.

The winning question was:

"I am an upper middle order batsmen, and I am very comfortable playing straight and defensive. When it comes to deliveries short on leg stump, or way outside off, I have trouble putting them away. These deliveries are the ones you pros just dream of, whereas I can only manage to block or leave them. Could you please give me advice on how to punish these loose deliveries and earn myself a few more boundaries? "

Listen to the panel’s answer to his question here.

To enter your own question for the chance to win your choice of online coaching course send your questions in here

Confound your Critics, Tear Up the Form Book and Bounce Back From Defeat

Before the England Pakistan limited over series I read a tweet. It said reading the form guide is all you need to know about the result.

But England confounded recent form - and that opinion - by thrashing Pakistan in both T20 and 50 over formats.

What happened, and what can you learn for your own team?

Cricket Show 152: Kevin Pietersen Interview (Part 2)

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As part of the launch of Kevin Pietersen’s Keep Calm and Smash It online videos and eBook, the show has a distinct KP feel.

The main interview is part 2 of the chat we had with KP (click here for part 1).

The questions section also has a batting bent; as six hitting and putting away bad balls on the back foot is discussed. Plus we look at how a top performing International like Kevin reviews past tours and looks to the future with intent.

PitchVision Academy Becomes the Official Home of Kevin Pietersen Online Coaching

I ‘m delighted to announce that Kevin Pietersen’s online coaching courses Keep Calm and Smash It are now available exclusively on PitchVision Academy.

As you know, back in January we announced KP was revealing his methods in his first ever online coaching courses. And since then it’s been a feast of KP action on the site as a preview to the main event.

Now the wait is over: Keep Calm and Smash It courses are now available.

Click here to enrol.

Batting Goal Setting is About More Than Your Yearly Run Target

Ask any sports psychologist whether setting goals for sporting achievements are right or wrong and they will answer yes and no.
What do they mean?
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