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Mark Garaway is Head of Coach Education here and he is currently in the spotlight because Garas' first ever online coaching course: First Class Fieldingis out now! The former England analyst is now at Millfield school. Now he is passing on his deep knowledge of fielding to help you too. Click here for details of the video-based course.

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Secrets of Coaching Batting Revealed: Gary Palmer’s Notebook

Gary Palmer, master coach, has revealed the inner workings of his coaching methods.

With over 20 years experience of coaching players to batting success from juniors to first-class level; Gary is the go-to guy for advice on how to teach batting perfection.

Until now he has kept his methods secret.
All that has changed.

Like a crazy but brilliant scientist, Gary has meticulously kept his findings in a notebook that has built up over the years into a complete system.

Cricket Show 119: Master the Little Things to Become a Professional

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Burners is away again this week, but big cheese Richard steps in to give us the full story as begun last week.

Does Anyone Ever Really Need to Play a Switch Hit?

In 2006 Sri Lanka toured England with the great Muralitharan in the side: A bowler who demanded the utmost respect or be destroyed.

This made it all the more outrageous when Kevin Pietersen, a relative rookie to Test cricket, turned into a left-handed stance and “switch hit” Murali for six.

Pietersen has show that such a shot can be done at the highest level against the best bowlers.

A Typical Summer Week for an Injury-Free Club Fast Bowler

Staying healthy during the season is one of the biggest challenges to fast bowlers at every level.

Bowling quick is tough on the body. The stress on muscles, joints and ligaments is huge and when you are playing regularly recovery times are never enough.

How to Take a 5 Wicket Haul

 Batsmen plan out their hundreds in meticulous detail, but when was the last time you saw a bowler plan a five wicket haul?

For a five-fer can be planned too.

Like a hundred it’s not going to happen every week, but with the right tactics you can drastically improve your chances.

What bowler worth his salt wouldn’t be striving for 5 every game?

Use these tricks to improve your chances:

Adjust your line and length

Cricket Show 118: Burners' Shock Revelations

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Burners is back and rocking the cricket world with a kiss-and-tell style barrage of revelations about himself, the company CEO and West Indian cricket.

Ask the Readers: What Is Your Greatest Cricketing Moment?

We all suffer the downsides of cricket to experience the brilliant highs.

It doesn’t have to be a Test hundred at Lord’s or hitting the winning runs in a world cup final. Even at low levels of cricket you get a great sense of achievement and pride in your success.

So today I want to celebrate the success of all PitchVision Academy readers by asking:

The Myth of Batting Footwork (And How to Really Fix Your Footwork Problem)

When you first walk out to bat you can find yourself “stuck” on the crease: you don’t get to the pitch of the ball and you end up playing a loose shot.

As you walk back to the pavilion you bemoan your lack of footwork.

Except that isn’t the problem.

Most footwork issues are nothing to do with your feet at all, yet many coaches continue with the mantra of telling players to move their feet.

All that does is lead to confusion and frustration.

The Mr T Guide to Bench Press for Cricket

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80s TV legend and chocolate bar advertiser, Mr. T knows a thing or two about being strong. You don’t get to be the muscle of the A-Team without getting under the bar now and again.

The big man wasn’t doing it for looks though.

It doesn’t matter how good your beach body is if you can’t floor a baddy with one punch or push a truck out of a ditch. Mr. T was all about real world strength.

Why Paying for Players is Costing Your Cricket Club More than Money

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Today’s article is a guest post from Darren Talbot; Professional coach, Managing Director of Darren Talbot Cricket Coaching and founder committee member of the Surrey ECB Coaches Association.

The hunt for success is making the sight of professionals a common sight on club cricket fields.

You pay out thousands for players to play for your amateur club. They promise runs, wickets and to bring you the league title. 

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