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Fixing Fast Bowlers: Curing Excessive Side Bend

We now know that the most significant cause of spinal stress fractures in fast bowlers comes from excessive side bend, or "lateral flexion" in scientific speak. This is often caused as a result of the body compensating in the delivery stride for things that have not worked correctly further back.

This could be the angle of approach, the angle of bound or misaligned back foot contact.

However, we sometimes get a situation where all of the above are OK and the bowler is still displaying excessive side bend at point of release.

So what can we do about it?

Here is my solution:

JOBS: Multi Sports Disability Sports Coach Vacancy - Disability Sports Coach UK

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Closing date: undisclosed


Disability Sports Coach (DSC) is a charity that provides a professional coaching service for disabled people throughout the UK. We offer coaching from grass roots to international level at mainstream schools, special schools, clubs, other charities & organisations. We deliver sports to all disability groups regardless of ability.
We are currently looking for sports coaches to fulfill multi-sports contracts all around London. This role is up to 10 hours per week, and times/location are flexible.

Here's the Advice I Gave Santa This Christmas

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Santa doesn't play or coach much cricket. I know because he told me one one of our regular updates to him about my kid's "naughty or nice" status.

But I told him he should give it a go.

Think about it, he's the perfect opening batsman. Sure he is overweight by modern standards but anyone who has the stamina to ride a sleigh all night, clamber up and down chimneys and lug that huge sack around would find scoring a hundred a cinch.

How to Move from Cricket Apprentice to Master

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How long does it take to serve your apprenticeship?

Cricket is frustrating. You want to achieve the mastery that your talent allows but you need to go through a long and difficult apprenticeship.

Even the most naturally talented players had to do it, so you are no exception.

Sachin Tendulkar has had more glory poured on him than any other batsman. And rightfully so, his performances with the bat have made Indian's proud. He was an international as a teenager, but even he served his apprenticeship.

Streetwise Bowling: The Seamer's Subtlety

This article is part of the "Streetwise Bowling" series from PitchVision Academy. To view the full list of tactics click here.

As a seamer, you lack the subtle variety of seam and swing. You are probably not that quick. You are McGrath, relentlessly hitting your length and relying on the seam for variety.

But even the metronome needs something else.

Batsmen get well set on a flat pitch. You come up against a player who you know is a little sluggish to get forward early in his innings. The ball gets old and worn at the end of an innings.

It's time to take a wicket through subtlety.

Cricket Show S4 Episode 50: Series Finale

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 243.mp3
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The end of year special before the show takes a break is filled with advice like a Christmas stocking is filled with presents.

Mark Gararway and David Hinchliffe talk about the Ashes, how to open a cricket academy including the kit that gives you the most bang-for-your-buck, and there is a great story from Garas about what he did when he returned to playing cricket after a long break.

Listen to the show to find out what happens!

The show is taking a break after this until 17th January, but you can still submit your questions, we read every one and will get to them after the break!

What Denmark Can Teach You About Coaching Cricket

Picture the scene; there I am, delivering my message to a committed and excellent group of cricket coaches in Denmark when the following points go up on my Keynote speech under the banner of "Batting non-negotiables":

1st response when ball hits pad or body is to think "run".

1st response to mid off and mid on is to think "run".

How to Play Short Bowling

This is an article by Gary Palmer about the most effective and progressive way of coaching playing the short ball. For a complete video guide on the right trigger moves to play the short ball by Gary, click here.

You need to master the correct techniques of the back foot defence before you move on to playing the bouncer. For young cricketers especially, bouncer practice should be the latter sessions within a coaching program over a number of weeks.

JOBS: Master in Charge of Cricket - Rugby School

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Closing date: 17th January 2014

Rugby School is looking to recruit a Master-in-Charge of Cricket from September this year. 

The successful candidate will also need to teach either Economics/Business Studies, English or Classics up to A-Level.
If you are interested in this role, please email cricket@rugbyschool.net by Friday 17 January with your CV and they will respond with further details.

Streetwise Bowling: The Warne Rounder

This article is part of the "Streetwise Bowling" series from PitchVision Academy. To view the full list of tactics click here.

Bowling accurate leg spin is hard enough, but to bowl a whole over accurately and also to a plan is the skill of a master craftsman. Someone like Shane Warne.