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The latest coach in the line up is a legend: Graham Gooch. Goochie is England's most prolific batsman, and has coached Essex and England players for 20 years, with many going on to huge success themselves. Now he wants to show you exactly how he does it in his new online coaching course, Runmaker. Click here for details.

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5 Ways to Help the Captain Motivate Your Team

It’s not just the captain’s responsibility to motivate the side when on the field.

He has lots things to be thinking about during the fielding session, so here are 5 ways you can assist him  by taking the job of head cheerleader.

Mindful Encouragement

It is such an obvious place to start, but so many teams don’t do it well.

Many teams have a bit of chat in the field but mostly without meaning.

Mind the Windows Tino: How to Turn Mindless Chatter into Mental Disintegration

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Are you an intelligent effective sledger or simply an abusive unoriginal fool?

We have all come across the person who states the obvious facts about the batsman’s weight, equipment or even their hair style.

Sometimes it’s quite funny. Especially the first time you hear the classic line as the overweight batter walks in, “Watch for the quick singles here.”

But by crossing the line of personal abuse the fielder is wasting his time.

Cricket Show 132: Mark Garaway’s First Show

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If you want someone who has experienced everything in the world of coaching then you need to look no further than Mark Garaway.

Mark joins the show as our latest – and Burners aside, greatest – contributor. He brings a wealth of experience from coaching county cricket, being England analyst, directing performance for Ireland and coaching in the IPL.

And from now on Garas will be answering your questions and discussing coaching news as part of the team.

How Senior Players Can Easily Support Young Blood

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Your club needs young blood to run through its veins.

If you want first team superstars you need people in your club to support youngsters through the lower teams until they develop.

So often it’s left to the dedicated few ex-players who have moved into coaching. Rich clubs can provide decent facilities, but it’s time that is much more valuable than money.

What’s Your Trigger: Turn a Meaningless Fidget into a Laser of Concentration


All of these are words used to describe players who have certain rituals before every ball. But it’s not just meaningless; it’s a crucial aspect of their success.

Whether it’s a batsman fiddling with their pads or a bowler tossing the ball up before they start their run-up, they all use these rituals to score runs and take wickets.

The Unexpected Best Place for Captains to Field

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The captain of any team needs to be seen and heard at all times. Everybody will turn to you for direction and you set the tone of your side.

Most people prefer to captain from slip or mid-off. But for me, there is a better option.

With the traditional approach, both are in direct line of the batsman to assess their technique and view. 

Cricket Show 131: How to Win at Twenty20

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Ealing CC won the national club Twenty20 competition in the UK in 2011. Player-coach Chris Peploe talks us through the winning formula that also saw his team get to a cup semi-final and win their local Premier League.

Inspiring stuff for all club cricketers.

We also answer your questions on the role of strength and conditioning in fast bowling, and what to look for in a cricket academy for young players. 

The ABC of Nets

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Whether it’s once or twice a week, indoors or outdoors, on turf or synthetic, nets are the bedrock of every cricketer - from local club player to international superstar.

So if cricketers have to go to nets, why not make them work for you?

How to play like an Academy cricketer

Many young players dream of making it as a professional cricketer. How do you give yourself the best chance of making it to the top?

One simple way is to play with the intensity and enthusiasm of a player who is in an Academy.

You see, Academy players know that talent is a flexible thing. You can be born with great natural hand-eye coordination or you can learn how to improve it over time.

Is Playing Indoor Cricket Worthless?

Most people groan at the thought of a game of indoor cricket and regard it as a waste of time; the runt sibling of the traditional game.

Where is the fun in getting up early on cold Sunday mornings to dodge cricket balls bouncing off the walls of a humid leisure centre sports hall?

It’s not even a standard game, with regional rules and differing facilities.

It’s a far cry from warm summer days and the momentum of outdoor cricket. You may as well be a starving dog with a rubber bone.

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