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Brand New PitchVision Site is Here!

Welcome to the Academy section of PitchVision Interactive.

As you can see, we have a brand new site for you to enjoy. You have everything you had before from PitchVision, plus so much more. It's the same great advice, videos, drills and experienced coaches. You can still get to the archive for the huge back catalogue dating back almost 10 years.

Only now, you also get an incredible mobile experience. You can view the site on every screen from a tiny phone to a giant computer. Even better, it will all be tied in to the new PitchVision app so you can video and upload your training and matches right from your phone and onto PitchVision for review. After all, wherever your phone goes, you go. So why not use it to play better cricket?

One small thing is that the site is still being upgraded and looks a little sad on desktops at the moment. Please bear with us while we finish the decorating. It's a work in progress. Everything will be back to normal as soon as possible.

Enjoy and leave your feedback!

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What Bishan Bedi Can Teach You About Nets

Menno Gazendam is author of Spin Bowling Project. Get your free 8 week spin bowling course here.

The great Indian bowler Bishan Bedi use to bowl for endless hours non-stop on his own in the nets.

But none of it was mindless. It always had a purpose and it made him one of the finest spinners who ever lived. And his methods are still just as relevant today as they were when he played because the way to develop skill as a spinner has not changed.

So how did he approach practice?

Cricket Show 184: Coaching in India with Cricket India Academy

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PitchVision Academy - Pitchvision Academy Cricket Show 184.mp3
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It's a one week change of direction for the show as we allow Martin Gleeson of Cricket India Academy to take over.

Martin has been on the road across India and has found the time to interview a former-Chairman of Selectors for India, some local Indian coaches, and coach educators from Cricket Australia.

Click on play to get all three interviews in one half hour audio package.

Listen to Your Body: Not Everybody

One of the world's most brilliant coaches said to me the other day that "Great players listen to their body, not everybody" and the quote got me thinking through my career to date as both a player and a coach.

Get More Run Outs with This Modern Method

This short video discusses the benefits of the modern method of taking outfield throws from in front of the stumps.

Is it always a good idea? Watch the video to find out from a real life run out experience.

Click here to view the video.

How to Win In the Last Over Like Mumbai Indians

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In the 2012 IPL, Mumbai seemed to be the last over winning specialists, winning 3 from 3 close finishes.

How did they do it?

You could argue it's all about luck, but it's funny how the harder you work, the luckier you get.

No, the real difference with Mumbai is the sheer refusal to give up of the players involved.

Take the story of Dwayne Smith against Chennai.

Quick Tip: Recommended Exercises for Leg Spinners

Abishek emailed in a question:

"I am a 17 old leg spinner. I am 160cm tall and underweight. I have never tried doing any fitness exercises. Can you recommend some to start?"

You could do what the 17 year old lads do in my gym, and walk in, head straight for the bench press and try and lift too much weight without warming up.

But I wouldn't recommend it. You will get injured. And you look silly getting stuck under a bar.

Fact is, there are a load of different and safe ways to exercise.

How to Bowl Faster: Ian Pont's 4 Tent Pegs

The core of bowling speed is in your action; get it right and you can bowl much faster. Your action is made up of 4 fundamental points, dubbed the 4 Tent Pegs by Ian Pont.

Ian has coached players from youngers up to full Internationals and has a track record of success. In this video he reveals the secrets of the 4 Tent Pegs and shows you how you can use them to become a fast bowling cricketer.

Cricket Show 183: Turkish Get Ups

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The team talk Champions League challenges, carrom balls and fitness for 13 year old cricketers.

Pluse we discuss the Turkish Get Up. Article here, video here.

Hit play to listen to the show to get the latest cricket tips!

3 Ways The West Indies Restarted Their World Cup History

Congratulations to the West Indies; overturning the odds with a thumping win against Sri Lanka in the World Twenty20.

From the coaches dug out, how did they do it, and what can you learn from it with the teams you coach?

Quick Tip: Will Boxing Increase Bowling Speed?

Here is a question Regan posted on facebook:

"Do you think boxing will increase bowling speed? I thought because it's training your rotator cuff to fire quickly that it might increase the speed."

The answer to that question is both complex and simple. And as this is a quick tip, I'm going to give you the shortcut first.

Boxing will help with bowling speed a little, but it's not the magic pill to being able to hurl the ball down at 150kph.