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2 Ways to beat a better team

Club cricket match, the Maidan, KolkataHave you ever been on the losing side, thrashed by a wide margin?

You don't have to have played cricket for long to experience that moment: The slow realisation that your opponents are clearly better than you and there is nothing you can do to prevent inevitable defeat.

Warning: The MCC coaching book is not as outdated as you think

312px-MCC_Coaching_bookIn recent years a new criticism of a player has entered the vocabulary of cricket: That of 'slavishly following the coaching manual'.

You may even know someone of the type.

They have a perfect off drive that goes straight to mid off every time: A great shot for none. They are typified by slow scoring and a lack of power in their shots. They may even be described as a player from another age.

Risk and reward: How bad do you want to win?

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how bad do you want to win?The great thing about declaration cricket is it gives you the opportunity to risk losing in order to win. Yet captains all over the world from the village green to Test match regularly ignore the bit of advice I picked up on Twitter last week.

Cricket Show 23: The perfect backlift

miCricketCoach - PitchVision miCricketCoach Show 023.mp3
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Spring is in the air for David while Kevin battens down the hatches for the close season. It's another week of questions as we discuss:

Don't do a Samit: How to avoid getting dropped

Samit PatelYou have to feel a bit for Samit Patel. He was dropped from the England squad because of "a failure to reach an acceptable level of fitness". International cricket has realised the game requires athletes who are cricketers, not just cricketers.

Umpires Corner: Disputed run outs and is the wicket broken?

This edition of Umpires Corner in association with the International Institute of Cricket Umpiring and Scoring covers some more tricky questions of the Laws.

Many times on the pitch (and after the game) we have come to discuss whether a controversial situation should be allowed or not.

There are precious few players with a deep enough understanding of the laws for our arguments to be resolved, but many times it's the players who also act as umpires.

The batting coach: Kevin Pietersen vs. Viv Richards

IMG_3285Gary Palmer, the PitchVision Academy batting coach, continues his series on the techniques of some of the England team.  He has some ideas for positive changes that will benefit Kevin Pietersen's performance. If you would like coaching from Gary, check out CCM Academy.

Here's a quick way to develop power and speed for cricket

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I have had a few questions recently regarding easy ways to develop power in both the upper body and hips: key areas for all cricketers. So here is the circuit i am currently using. It also develops strength in the core.

Cricket Show 22: Batting and bowling tips

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Kevin and David take a look at batting and bowling this week as we answer your cricket coaching questions on the following topics:

Why you drop more catches than you should (and what to do about it)

Catch at square legDoes this sound familiar?

You have been practicing your catching like always before play. You stroll onto the field focused and confident that today you will catch everything that comes your way.

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