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Cricket Show 57: Pro Coach Cricket Academy

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More interviews this week as Sam Lavery of Pro Coach Cricket Academy joins David and Kevin. Of course the regular guests Menno Gazendam and Gary Palmer also make appearances.

Cricket fielding drills from Derek Randall

It's said that during his time at Nottinghamshire and England, Derek Randall would regularly save 20 runs a day from his fielding.

Laws of Cricket: Helmets and runs and bowlers front landing

This edition of Laws of Cricket, in association with the International Institute of Cricket Umpiring and Scoring, covers some more tricky questions of the Laws.


Why cricket isn't a sideways game after all

Gary Palmer, the PitchVision Academy batting coach, talks about the coaching idea that batting is a sideways game. If you would like coaching from Gary, check out CCM Academy.

We have all heard the coaching mantra: Cricket is a sideways game.

Good bowlers get side on in their action. Batsmen stand sideways at the crease.

The Sachin Tendulkar guide to being a winner

For twenty years Sachin has been the epitome of a winning cricketer. Out of the hundreds of games and dozens of tournaments the little master has played in, the 2003 World Cup was perhaps the closest he has got to winning a global event.

Cricket Show 56: Andy Caddick

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Andy Caddick gives us a sneak peak of his new bowling coaching course this week. We are also joined by Gary Palmer and Menno Gazendam for more batting and spin bowling tips.

Great spin bowlers need good captains

Spin bowlers need understanding captains to bring the best out of them. Too many spin bowlers are lost due to poor captaincy decisions. This is especially true at junior level cricket during a player's formative years.

In modern cricket, the emphasis is all about scoring runs and big hits. Just look at the massive following of the Twenty20 form of the game. To satisfy this insatiable thirst for runs all the pitches are prepared flat and the boundaries are brought in.

Are you wasting your training time with sand and water?

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Think of a big jar. An ordinary jar that once might have contained pickles or jam. It's empty now.

Piled next to the jar is a collection of rocks. There's nothing special about them but there is just enough to fill up the jar, so you put them in. The jar is full.

6 Ways to become a better number three batsman

The number three position is the most difficult at any level. That's why the position is filled with the best player in the side: Richards, Bradman, Dravid.

What can we learn from these great names that can be taken into our own game?

Get fast bowling advice from Andy Caddick

Former England fast bowler has joined PitchVision Academy as a coach. To celebrate, we are giving away some free fast bowling advice from the experienced paceman.

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