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Cricket Show 79: How should a captain behave?

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PitchVision Academy Cricket Show

It's David's first game in charge of the club team this week as the English cricket season begins. Find out what lessons were learned from the experience.

Gary Palmer is on hand to talk about some batting drills to correct a technical error and we discuss the mental game and captaincy in the questions section.

Topics we cover this week include:

Ask the readers: How do you encourage your bowlers?

What do you say in the field to keep the team focused and energised?

I have a bit of a reputation at my club for trying to come up with new things to say to gee up the bowlers.

After all it can be repetitive saying "Come on lads" every other ball.

Already this season I earned the new nickname. I decided to encourage a bowler to take a second wicket quickly by shouting:

"Come on then let's have another. Bang, bang"

Why it makes sense to play off the back foot like Chanderpaul

Gary Palmer, PitchVision Academy Batting Coach, has 20 years of coaching experience talks about how to play off the back foot well. If you would like group or one-to-one coaching with Gary visit CCM Academy.

Long before Shiv Chanderpaul was playing an Englishman, Peter Willey, came back from a tour of the West Indies with a similarly open batting stance.

How to ensure a bright future for your cricket club

Cricket clubs are like plants. Without proper care and attention they wither and die. Without fresh new players coming through, death draws nearer every season. Players age and retire. Someone needs to be there to replace them when they do.

It's exactly that problem that Chagford CC in Devon has had in recent years. Success has meant them moving to a higher standard of cricket but time is ticking for senior players in the autumn of their careers.

The 3 golden rules of captaining leg spin

Leg spin is the greatest bowling asset a captain can have. But the combination of lesser accuracy and greater variations means the leggie is also the most difficult to manage.

And that means it's easy to misuse the treasure of the wrist spinner.

Fortunately, there are three simple rules you can keep in mind as captain to help you get the most from leg spin.

1. There is no orthodox leg spinner

Cricket Show 78: How to hit the gaps

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PitchVision Academy Cricket ShowThe focus is on batting this week as Darren Talbot joins us to give some coaching tips. plus Gary Palmer talks us through how to hit the gaps safely.

"We have moved beyond the gobbledygook of sports psychology"

PitchVision Academy interviews South African Coach of the Year, Richard Pybus. His impressive CV includes coaching Pakistan, Border and the Titans franchise in South Africa. We chatted about cricket technology, developing players and brain-based coaching.

PV: What do you see as the coaches' job?

How to exploit batting weaknesses: High and low grips

This is part of a series on How to exploit batsman's weaknesses. To see the other weaknesses click here.

The position of the hands on the handle of a cricket bat makes a big difference to the way a batsman plays.

If you are a bowler or captain who can spot this small technical error you can come up with a plan to restrict a batsman's scoring and get a wicket.

3 More ways to be a better village cricket captain

In part one we looked at at the common problems that village or scratch team captains face before they even get on the field.

This time we will look in more detail at the unique tactical parts of captaining at the village or park level.

What no-one tells you about being a village cricket team captain

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MS Dhoni never has to worry about who is making tea.

Mike Brearley never wondered how he was going to get 11 players a few hours before play.

Ricky Ponting has never stood scratching his head in the field because all his bowlers are rubbish and half the fielders can't catch a cold.

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