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Free Video Reveals: Gary Palmer's Batting Secrets

Gary Palmer has a new online coaching course up on PitchVision Academy where he reveals all the secrets of his latest system - 4 Angles.

In this free preview video, Gary talks you through the 4 Angles system and why it trumps the methods that are currently being used by coaches.

Cricket Show 173: The Problems of Harbhajan

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On the table for discussion this week is the problems of spinners 'losing it', deciding what to do at the toss based on pitch conditions and what training to do during the rainy season.

The Single Best Exercise for Cricket

I was asked an interesting question the other day;

“What is the one best physical exercise for cricket?”

Now, fitness is more than one exercise.

A programme would incorporate numerous drills, exercises, aerobic training, anaerobic training, strength, power, core, weights and many other elements to boot.

Fitness Toolkit: How to Coach Strength into Cricketers

Good cricketers are strong.

They may not look like big chested hulks (although some like Kallis, Flintoff and Irfan Pathan come close) but to bowl quick, put revs on the ball or hit the ball hard you need to have strength.

The pros have strength coaches to plan their every gym visit. Grass-roots coaches and their players may not even have access to a gym.

But that doesn't mean you need to ignore the usefulness of strength training in your sessions.

Why Spin Bowlers Need Brave Captains

Menno Gazendam is author of the popular Spin Bowling Project online coaching course. This week he discusses how to captain spinners.

The best players have always been the brave players.

Just think of Marshall batting with a broken hand, Graeme Smith a broken finger, Murali with a problem hamstring bowling his heart out at the World Cup, Kumble with bandages around his head still fizzing down top spinners: all great players, all brave.

But, there is a different type of bravery in cricket, one that is often overlooked. One that you will rarely hear mentioned in any commentary.

Fitness Toolkit: How to Stop Injuries Before They Happen

In the old days if you got an injury you just shrugged, put it down to bad luck and waited for it to heal up.

Some people still do that.

But the clever guys (that's you, because you are reading this) know some things can be headed off at the pass.

You can stop an injury before it happens.

We know this because researchers have looked into the influence of posture on rate of injury. They found that certain postural triggers - the way you hold yourself when moving and still - lead to more injuries.

Cricket Show 172: Going Through the Gears

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David Hinchliffe is joined by Mark Garaway and Burners to discuss cricket from Kohli's run of success to Burner's club experiences.

Topics on the table this week include barefoot trainers, going through the gears as a one-day batsman, high vs. low backlifts (as discussed by Kevin Pietersen in his online coaching course) and the order for shots when coaching young cricketers.

Plus we announce the competition winner and give you Burner's Soapbox and a tale of Micheal Vaughan's public embarrassment.

The Story of Spin: How to be Adaptable with Bat and Ball

The word that sprung to mind watching South Africa’s 2012 win at the Oval against England was 'clinical'.

The one thing that was evident to me was the the South African batters adaption their individual games in order to counteract England’s spin talisman, Graeme Swann. Here are the tactics they used so well, and what the off-spinner could have done to prevent their success.

74 Tips for Senior Club Cricketers

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This guide for senior club cricketers aged over 18 is of a series of introductory guides to PitchVision Academy, for the full list click here.

You are over 18 and playing regular serious non-professional adult cricket. There is a formal league structure and you play against your peers, overseas and semi-pro players. This category also includes serious University cricket below first-class standard.

4 Fixes to Stop You Bowling Full

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Menno Gazendam, author of the popular Spin Bowling Project book, begins a new weekly column on spin bowling. To keep up to date with Menno's advice subscribe to the newsletter. Please welcome Menno to the fold!

As a spinner there are times when you cannot seem to land the ball on the pitch for all money.

The main problem with this (besides that you are probably being hammered around the park), is that the ball cannot spin. And if it does spin, well, then you have become a slow bowler and you cannot call yourself a spinner anymore.

Here are four fixes though:

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