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How to win low scoring cricket matches

The 9th wicket falls.

The star bowler and number 11 glances over to you with a look that says "what have we done", picks up his bat and gloves and strolls out. Moments later he is back with the other batsman.

You have been bowled out for a frankly humiliating score.

All the opposition need to do is knock off the runs, doff their caps and shake hands while holding back a snigger.

How to coach wicketkeeping

Imagine the scene, you turn up at nets. The bowler's bowl and the batsmen bat. Sometimes they swap places. It's all pretty typical.

What about the keeper?

The guy is just expected to never make a mistake, even when all the work he gets involves taking throws from fielding practice.

Hardly fair, is it?

The problem of coaching a specialist

How to turn round a bad start like Rajasthan Royals

After a handful of IPL 3 games the Royals had yet to register a win and were already written off as failures for another year.

After 7 games they had jumped to third in the table and looked unstoppable, despite not having the huge names of other teams.

Can your team copy the Royals method if your own season starts badly?

Cricket Show 73: Trigger moves

PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Show 073.mp3
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PitchVision Academy Cricket ShowThe show has had a spring clean and we unveil the new name and logo. But business continues as usual.

Gary Palmer gives us another detailed batting tip and we get back to your questions.

Coaching the IPL: Why Twenty20 is a game for the old heads

Too technically correct.
Too slow scoring with the bat.
To slow and predictable with the ball

Critics had wondered why older players with Test pedigrees like Kallis, Vaas and Tendulkar were even bothering with the IPL. Maybe for the money, because their games are not built for the crash bang format.

It's a situation many older club players can relate to as well.

Use your head and become a better cricketer (part 2)

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This article is part two of a series from Laurie Ward of the Complete Cricketer Academy. To go to part one click here.

In the last article we looked at head position in bowling and fielding. Today we look at head position in batting.

Arguably the most important area of the game to be aware of your head positioning and balance is batting.

5 Middle practice scenarios to make cricket training more realistic

In part 1 of this series we looked at why middle practice is so important and how to deal with the problems of running a middle practice session. Today we are looking at what types of scenarios you can set up, and how to keep them interesting to everybody, even the guy stuck at third man.

How to use middle practice to improve your cricket

Middle practice is a far better way to improve your tactics and game plans than nets will ever be.

That's because nets lack context. There is no pressure of the game or fielders.

But to learn how to play under pressure you have to practice under pressure. And middle practice does exactly that.

Cricket Show update: The lost episode

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PitchVision Academy - No Show This Week.mp3
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There will be no official cricket show this week, but we do have a little something for you.

Although we recorded as normal, there was a problem with the recording and the show was lost to the world.

Only Kevin and I know how brilliant it was (and it was brilliant).

But how could I leave you with nothing to listen to?

I'm not that cruel and I would feel far too guilty.

Use your head and become a better cricketer (part 1)

This article is part one of a series from Laurie Ward of The Complete Cricketer Academy.

This series of articles isn't about what you think.

Reading a title like this you will think of mental toughness, tactical awareness and the psychological side of the game.

But today we are going to talk about your head has a key role in the techniques of cricket.

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