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One of our most popular topics is finding out how to become a cricketer. So we went right to the source and filmed a coaching course with esteemed coach Monty Desai. Monty is an Academy coach and Talent Scout at Rajasthan Royals where he produces state, regional and Indian cricketers. For the first time you can join the inner circle and find out how the magic happens too. Click here for details.

Alongside Monty, there are over 40 more coaches with huge experience to help you improve your player's batting, bowling and fielding. You can explore the site for more. If you like what you see, you can get the free newsletter here. Welcome to the community.


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PV/VIDEO Weekly Highlights: Loving The Energy

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Welcome to the PV/VIDEO Digest, your highlights summary of the weeks best videos from PitchVision Interactive

You can share these videos by email or onto facebook, and post your comments right here: From serious analysis to Friday fun. Here are the top videos uploaded from PitchVision systems around the world this week.

Cricket Show S6 Episode 10: When Things Go Belly Up

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 301.mp3
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What lessons can coaches and players learn from England's mistakes at the World Cup? That's the story Mark Garaway David Hinchliffe and Sam Lavery talk about on the show with an air of despair.

Wicketkeeper Standing Back Drill

This is a cracking drill for wicket keepers standing back using equipment that is becoming commonplace within coaching kitbags around the world.

We are presently in a "specific preparation phase" of the programme, so much of the aim of our sessions are build volume into both keepers "catch" and to free up the movement patterns to both right and left handed batters.

The session was for two keepers. They swapped every six balls to simulate overs. We ran the session in a confined net area so I ensured that we maximised the width of the area so the keepers could move freely for offside takes and for simulated outside edges. It's just as easy to run outdoors or in the open, or both.

You can use a Sidearm, bowling machine or bowlers for the drill.

You'll also need Fusion Multi-stumps

Become A Cricketer: What A Talent Scout Looks For At Trials

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This is an exclusive excerpt from How to Become A Cricketer, from IPL Coach Monty Desai. For more information about the videos and eBooks, click here.

When we are looking for players at cricket trials there are some important qualities beyond runs and wickets and stat figures.

CRICKET JOBS: Apprentice Groundsperson - Sussex CCC (UK)

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Closing date: 20th April 2015

Groundsperson Apprenticeship 2015: Information for Applicants

Sussex County Cricket Club is offering an excellent opportunity for a person to train as an Apprentice Groundsperson, gaining a National Diploma Level 2 from Plumpton College. This apprenticeship would cover a two-year period starting in May 2015.

CRICKET JOBS: Head Coach - White Fearns (NZ)

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Closing date: 10th April 2015

Cricket is New Zealand’s premier summer sport with 150,000 people currently playing the game, making it one of the most widely played sports in the country.

CRICKET JOBS: Country Cricket Develoment Officer - South Australia CA (Aus)

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Closing date: 10th April 2015

The South Australian Cricket Association is one of the state's leading sporting organisations with an international reputation for excellence in the promotion of the game of cricket. The Association is now welcoming applications for the position of Country Cricket Development Officer.The position will ideally be located on the Eyre Peninsula, to service Whyalla, Port Augusta, Roxby Downs and the Eyre Peninsula.Reporting directly to the Regional Team Leader, the key responsibilities of this role will be to increase participation at all levels of cricket within the regions and implement and manage a best-practice talent identification system and pathway network for regional cricketers.


CRICKET JOBS: Casual Community Cricket Coaches - Cricket Wales (UK)

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Closing date: undisclosed

Casual Community Cricket Coaches Flexible Hours per week £15 p/h 

A number of vacancies have arisen within Cricket Wales and Glamorgan Cricket for Casual Community Cricket Coaches. 

The areas that coaches are required are Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan, Bridgend and Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Which Side Of The Battle For Cricket's Soul Is Best For Your Game?

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There's a battle for the heart and soul of cricket right now.

It's a battle that is shaping cricketers and cricket teams at every level. Get it right and you could be pushing yourself to new heights. Get it wrong and you will be languishing on the sidelines forever.

Each side thinks they know all the answers. if the other side just listened to common sense for a moment, they say in frustration, we would all realise the truth. We would all be better players.

So what is the truth?

Which side should you take in this epic war?

CRICKET JOBS: National Mens Head Coach - Cricket Ireland (Ire)

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Closing date: 2nd April

Following the departure of Phil Simmons, Cricket Ireland is seeking a full-time National Men’s Head Coach, initially on a two-year fixed term contract.

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