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Make This Technical Change to Turn Slow Throws into Rockets

I can remember a player coming from the County game into the International ODI squad for the first time with the a real fielding problem.

His throw was completely ineffective.

It was as if he was throwing slower balls!

The ball was revolving like a spinner as it hit my catching mitt in practice. If the ball hit the ground it would react off the surface like an off cutter.

Quick Tip: Use Ninja Level Integration over Dumb Emulation

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We all want to be a bit like our heroes. So, it's natural to want to emulate their methods and tactics.

The problem is that you are not Kevin Pietersen, or Brett Lee, or Shane Warne. Even if you become the greatest player ever, you will never be your hero. And that means you should never try to copy what they do. It's doomed to failure.

Ask the Readers: What's Your Perfect Cricket Game?

If you could choose any format for your cricket, what would it be? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

One of the great things, and one of the frustrating things, about our game is flexibility. The professionals play up to five days. Even at lower levels we can easily play two day, limited over and Twenty20.

We all have our preferences for playing, coaching and watching formats, but today I want to know something different. I want to know what structure is best for your level as a coach or player. So, leave a comment and reveal your thinking.

Making One Chance Into More: The Example of London School Cricket Association

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One of the biggest frustrations of cricket is missed opportunities. I'm sure you have felt it yourself.

I'm not talking about that half volley you smashed straight to a fielder, or the dropped catch on the boundary that cost the game. I mean missing the chance to make the best of your talents as a player. It happens all the time because of frustrating reasons.

Late developers are overlooked for squad selections and miss the their chance. Players from poor backgrounds can't afford good coaching or equipment and fall behind richer peers. It's awful because he may have as much skill as the next person, it's just they got a foot in the door, and now the door is firmly closed.

All is not lost.

Cricket Show 279: Competition Winner

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This week's winner of the Cricket Show podcast question competition is Syed. He wins a free coaching course from PitchVision Academy.

The winning question was:

"How can we do legal spin bowling with 15 degree elbow flex?"

Listen to the panels answer to his question here.

To enter your own question for the chance to win your choice of online coaching course send your questions in here.

Makhaya Ntini Brings Cricket Back with Big Picture Thinking

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Have you ever thought about the wider impact of cricket outside of the nitty gritty of techniques, tactics and results?

Makhaya Ntini has.

For Ntini, cricket is opportunity on a wider scale. He knows from personal experience. He was plucked from nothing as a boy in a Cape Province village, and went on to play a hundred Tests for South Africa. Recently, I spoke to the fast bowler about his new Academy, and it's clear that this passion continues.

CRICKET JOBS: Multiple Roles - The Leeward Islands (WI)

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Closing date: 6th October 2014


The Leeward Islands Cricket Association (LICA), is presently receiving applications to fill the following vacancies:

CRICKET JOBS: Head Coach / Team Director - West Indies Senior Mens Team

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Closing date: 31st October 2014


The WICB’s mission is to manage, develop and promote cricket to the benefit and enjoyment of the West Indian people and the world.

The Head Coach will be responsible for the development of champion Senior Teams which produce consistent winning performance at the international level through the design and delivery of well-structured and progressive coaching programs.

CRICKET JOBS: Strategy and Planning Analyst - Cricket Australia

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Closing date: 6th October 2014


Title: Strategy & Planning Analyst

Function: Strategy

Location: Melbourne

Employment Type: Full-Time


CRICKET JOBS: HR Advisor - MCC, Lords (UK)

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Closing date: 17th October 2014

Lords is currently seeking to employ a Human Resources Advisor.

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