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Weekly Links 8th October 2006

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How to get more wickets with spin

It's a little known fact that most club cricket games are won and lost with spinners.

The reason is that most club batsmen tend to have a decent defence and not many shots while most club seamers tend to not be good enough to fire out the opposition.

That leaves the spinner to step in. You ready for the challenge?

The importance of enthusiasm

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Following this post on underrated club cricketers I got a mail about one type that I missed. Over to Mark:

"Another underrated player is the enthusiastic occasional player.The guy who has very little cricketing skill - can't bowl at all and is really only good at blocking an end up when batting, but he'll chase everything in the field saving countless runs in the process, and is likely to take the occasional useful catch.

Want to know a secret of cricket power?

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It's time for another guest post. As we have been talking about cricket as a power sport, Scott Bird from Straighttothebar.com gives us the low down on a power developing tool: the kettlebell

Getting your first kettlebell


What exactly are they?

They're often referred to as a 'cannonball with a handle', which is a pretty good description. A kettlebell is usually (there are adjustable ones - avoid them) a solid chunk of cast iron, which comprises a spherical weight with a flat bottom and a curved, thick handle on top.

Is cricket a power sport?

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Once described as 'organised loafing', cricket is seen as one of the more genteel of sports. On the surface, it appears that there is little to compare it with the physical demands of power sports like football or rugby.

So why ask if cricket is a power sport or not?

Simply put, if you want to improve your game, you need to know what demands your body is under so you can train in the right way. Train wrong and you are wasting your efforts.

Who is the most underrated player in your side?

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Apart from you (after all, I know how underrated you are) is there anyone in your side who does a great job every week without anyone really noticing?

club cricket

It could be a timely reminder for the lesser lights of your club, what with many end of year piss ups ceremonies very soon.

Here are a few types the nominations committee may have glossed over. Make sure you don't do the same.

A batting drill from Greg Chappell

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Greg Chappell is a big fan of focussing on the outcome rather than the process of batting skills. Our friend Kelvin has been back in touch with me with a batting problem. This is what he said:

11 (+1) ways to keep motivated

Cricket is a fun game to play. Especially when you are doing well, but sometimes it's not quite as easy to get up in the middle of winter to go for a run or make it down to nets twice a week.

We all have times where we don't want to do it (even me).

Whenever I get a little low in the motivation stakes I try these tricks to get me back into the swing of things.

Update: Cricket Training Programme

Every now and again I’ll update you with my own schedule, just to give you an idea of how a club player can do it. Hopefully it will give you some context to my tips.

I'm back on the cricket fitness trail this week after last week's full rest. So it was up at 6am to get into the gym for an early start.

Weekly Links 1st October 2006

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The cricket season is well and truly over now it's October. Still, here are a few links to make those dark evenings fly by.