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Coach of the Month: Matt Dawson

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Head Coach of The Cricket Asylum, Matt Dawson, has been selected by the Coach of the Year Panel for Coach of the Month.

As usual, the panel were inundated with nominations from around the world. Matt was selected for his amazing work setting up and running Cricket Asylum in Yorkshire, UK and for the CA Foundation, which brings cricket to underprivileged children in the area.

Score Runs More Quickly with One Simple Change

We have all heard good old coaching advice: Wait for the bad ball and put it away. But there is another way.

How to Bat Against a Ring Field

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Picture the scene: You walk in to bat. A medium pace bowler stands at his mark while you take guard. You look around and see the classic ring field: everyone saving the single.

The Total Guide to Preparing for Different Pitch Conditions

Do you worry that batting indoors will ruin your outdoor form? Have you got a game coming up on a different type of wicket from your home pitch?

This is the guide for you.

Cricket Show S8 Episode 13: Bowling Back and Keeping Hands

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Mark Garaway and Sam Lavery join David Hinchliffe to answer cricket coaching questions about back pain while bowling and wicketkeeping technique tips.

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Listen for the details.

Here We Go: Garas' Summer Preview

For me, the start of any season brings a huge levels of anticipation, excitement and is also tinged with a few butterflies.

Improve Your Front Foot Drive with Weight Transfer

From beginner to advanced batsman, one of the most common flaws in driving is weight transfer.

But what is it, and how do you use it to hit your drives harder along the ground?

The Little-Known Secrets to Cricket Fitness

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Cricket has always had a strange relationship with fitness. There is no one training method that fits all.


Finding Hope: The Amazing Comeback Story of Malawi Cricket

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Cricket in Malawi has gone from tatters to technology in just a few years. It's an incredible recovery story.

Cricket Show S8 Episode 12: Motivation

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Mark Garaway and Sam Lavery talk about motivation in cricket, especially related to this article.