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How to Defeat Low Confidence After A Horrifying Start to the Cricket Season

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The worst has happened: You have got off to a horrifying start to the season. Your early hopes have been shattered. Your confidence is shot. Runs and wickets are a mere distant memory.

Bad form at the start of the season is always horrible because you feel you have no point of reference. Without a good performance to your name this season you start to feel like the purple patch is gone for good.

Maybe this year is the year you lost it?

This is the problem my team's batting unit have had since the season began four weeks ago. None of the top six have scored a fifty in 30 one day digs. Like you, we are deep into the land of doubt. Can it even be done any more, or are we resigned to just being so rubbish we can't compete?

This is the classic issue of lost confidence: Players who have performed before who can't repeat it.

So before you throw in the towel, show some grit, dig in and rebuild your game.

One Percenters: Unusual Cricket Training Tricks That Actually Work

Go to a cricket training session anywhere in the world and you will see the usual things: Batting, bowling and fielding. All very sensible.

But if you want the edge - if you want a chance at making it as a cricketer - you need to do more than the basics really well. You need an edge. You need to spend time on some of the following things.

The criteria is simple; the following seven training tricks are not directly related to cricket, but all have been proven to enhance your game. All you have to do is try them for a few weeks. If each one boosts your run scoring and wicket taking by just 1% then you will be 5% better in two or three weeks. That's an awesome return on your investment.

So let's get started!

Cricket Practice Tips: Dealing with the Problem of Poor Net Bowlers

Have you ever suffered from this issue: You turn up to a net, only to find the bowler or batter you are up against is not up to standard?

Sure, Jimmy is a fully paid up member of the club and he has the same right to come to practice as you. However, that doesn't change the fact that you face his 55kph bowling with every third ball in the side netting.

It's also no good for Jimmy, as when he does bowl a decent length ball you smash it. You have just wrecked the confidence of a youngster, you bully.

How do you both get a good practice instead?

Help with Cricket Research with This Short Survey

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If you are a cricket coach, researcher Habib Noorbhai at he Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa is asking for your views.

"Play with a straight bat."

Everyone who has played cricket has heard this advice: Your bat is lifted back towards the stumps with the elbow up, pointing in the direction of the ball.

Or is it?

PV/VIDEO Weekly Highlights: One Hand Batting Drill

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Welcome to the PV/VIDEO Digest, your highlights summary of the weeks best videos from PitchVision Interactive

You can share these videos by email or onto facebook, and post your comments right here: From serious analysis to Friday fun. Here are the top videos uploaded from PitchVision systems around the world this week.

Cricket Show S6 Episode 20: He Never Played First-Class

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 311.mp3
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It's often assumed that to be a good coach you have to have playing experience at that level. the team of David Hinchliffe, Makr Garaway and Sam Lavery discuss how important it is to be a first-class player to be a first class coach.

Plus, there are questions about improving your play outside off stump, and a a finisher who is working on the ramp shot and is having a problem. What advice will the team have for the youngster?

Listen to the show for half an hour of cricket fun.

Wicketkeeper Standing Back Drill: Relevant, Functional and Challenging

The challenge with any wicket-keeping drill is to make it relevant, functional and challenging.

Last week, we were doing a standing back drill using the Katchet board. I was throwing the ball onto the board as hard as I could to challenge the two keepers. The keepers are both County Age Group players and in one of the cases, an England International.

It soon became apparent that both were not being challenge sufficiently by the drill and that my shoulder was getting warmer and warmer. We needed to solve a problem.

That solution was the Sidearm. Since a recent Sam Lavery article on coaching kit, I have noticed more players have purchased Sidearms. It's great to see sessions where players are practising batting in pairs against the sidearm. It’s a brilliant piece of kit.

I decided to ease my shoulder by attempting to throw the ball onto the Katchet using a Sidearm. The results were awesome.

Here's my view,

Let's Stop Being Afraid of the Bowling Action and Start Getting Better

Let's all stop being afraid of bowling actions.

Coaches are increasingly afraid of coaching because of a culture of fear in cricket. Bowlers live in terror of ruining their natural action.

I argue we are all wasting a chance to improve both pace and accuracy. We just need to shake off the fear. You can see it in the media. In this article about James Harris we are told,

Graham Gooch on Batting with Confidence

Confidence is slippery. You want it but how do you stop all those negative thoughts? In this video Graham Gooch shares his methods for breaking through doubt and walking to the crease with confidence:

If you can't see the video above, click here.

9 Questions That Will Reveal and Improve Your Cricket Toughness

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Good cricketers are tough in all situations.

You might be on top and in control, or fighting to get out of a jam. The context might change but your ability to fight out stays the same.

Some people are naturals at this mental game: they need no training to stay confident, focused and self-aware. Aside from these genetic freaks, the rest of us need a little more work. Work that no amount of time getting throwdowns or bowling at PitchVision can ever give. Work that happens in your head.

Want the good news?

This work gets real, tangible results in runs and wickets. You don't even need to be at nets, or have anyone to train with. You just need you, and your mind, and some time to think.

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