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Cricket is changing fast, and so your ways of playing and training have to change too, otherwise you will be left behind by stronger, faster and more streetwise cricketers!

But fear not, because PitchVision are always a step ahead. You can visit facilities like Gillespie Sports for detailed analysis. You can keep up to date by making the website and app your destination for better cricket and you can start to streak ahead of the also-rans.

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Six Proven Ways to Bowl Faster


We all feel the need.

Cricket Show S7 Episode 24: The Growth Mindset

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Sam Lavery, Mark Garaway and David Hinchliffe talk cricket coaching in the weekly get-together. The idea of the "growth mindset" is discussed for cricket first of all. It's a powerful tool for players and coaches who are set in on success.

Use Twenty20 Shots to Compare Quality and Quantity of Practice

It's Twenty20 time. Brendan McCullum, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Gayle: entertaining crowds with some colossal hitting.

Naturally, all the club and youth cricketers want to copy their heroes. It's been great to see people try to move around the crease and open up space on either side of the ground.

Here's A Simple Way to Coach Away an Illegal Action

Sam Lavery tackles the thorny cricket subject of "chucking".

For many, working with fast bowlers can be daunting. While the knowledge that’s out there is gradually improving, the challenge of working with a bowler who may or may not have developed a “chuck” is a step too far for some.

Let's see if we can help with that.

CRICKET JOBS: Chairman of Directors - Derbyshire CB (UK)

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Closing date: 17th July 2016

The role will be pivotal and will lead the Boards Director Group, set its agenda and ensure it is an effective working group at the head of the company to define and lead its strategy, at a particularly important time as the England & Wales Cricket Board launch a new game-wide strategy and Derby hosts the ICC Women’s World Cup in 2017. The Chairman will promote a culture of openness and debate amongst the Director and the Senior Management Group.

Khyati Gulani: Listening is a Vital Skill

This is a guest article Khyati Gulani. Khyati is an ex-cricketer now coaching state and academy cricket in Delhi.

A good listener is always successful in life because they never repeat what they know, rather they learn new things every time. Yet, We have often seen players going to their coaches and keep talking rather than listening.

Become a Cricketer: The Next Great Players will Lead a Measured Life

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There is a quiet trend happening around the world: one that is about to become a revolution. This trend will be instrumental in creating the next generation of cricketers. Right now exactly the time to get ahead if you have ambitions to become a cricketer.

Cricket Show S7 Episode 23: An Audacious Goal!

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David Hinchliffe discusses cricket with top coaches Mark Garaway and Sam Lavery. This show opens with a discussion about fielding standards: How to measure them with relevance, and how to raise them further.

CRICKET JOBS: CEO - Eastern Province Cricket (SA)

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Closing date: 15th July 2016

Eastern Province Cricket which subscribes to the principles of Employment Equity, invites applications from suitably qualified persons, and preferably from designated groups for appointment to the following position:

CRICKET JOBS: Director of Cricket - Taunton School (UK)

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Closing date: 25th July 2016

Taunton School is seeking to appoint an inspirational and well qualified Director of Cricket from January 2017.