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How Important is Cricket Captaincy?

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Everyone agrees that captaining any cricket team is not easy; but how much can a good captain influence the success of a team?

Shot Wagon Wheels in Nets with Shot Plotter in PVC 3.6

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How to Handle the Timing Trap with Your Batting

How do you improve your timing without stressing about it?

How to Overcome Bad Luck

In cricket, you can’t eliminate luck, but you can give yourself a better chance of success.

Cricket Show S8 Episode 39: Impress the Coach

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Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe get into the cricket chat of the week. The discussion starts about how a new coach can impress a head coach. Then, there are questions about braced front leg for fast bowling and bat speed against spinners and seamers.

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How to Coach More Spin into Spinners

Where does spin come from?

Ask any spinner or any coach this question and you can get a huge number of answers ranging from the pivot of the foot, through to the angle of the delivery stride.

This is largely to do with the open question. A better question is,

"which part of the body has the most significant role to play when generating spin?"

Here's what I think.

How to Hit an Annoyingly Accurate Bowler off a Length

We have all been there; the nagging bowler who doesn't give you anything to hit, and just keeps plonking the ball on a length.

Time after time, while the runs dry up.

You fear being called too defensive, so you try hitting it and end up caught. Your game ruined.

What can you do?

It's simpler than you think, it just takes a little practice.

Discover and Hone Your Best Batting Trigger Move

“I just try to stand still”

The Frantic Club Coach’s Guide to Better Cricketers

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You probably don't have time to read this article.

Cricket Show S8 Episode 38: Success After 35

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Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe talk to Mark Garaway about coaching and playing cricket. The show is about playing cricket successfully past 35 year old. The team also look at batting practice while injured and the art of six hitting.

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