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Use Keaton Jennings to Help Solve Batting Technique Troubles

Englands batting selection challenges aren’t any different to our own in many ways. Some players playing well and holding the side together with others hardly contributing at all.

Cricket Show S8 Episode 30: Batting Mindset

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David Hinchliffe is joined by Sam Lavery. The cricket discussion this week is about check drives and the mindset of a batsman when first walking out to bat.

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Listen for the details.

Coach of the Month: Arun Lal

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Improve Your Bowling by Working on One Wicket at a Time

Nobody can ride two horses at once.

That’s an old cowboy saying, and it’s equally true when it comes to your cricket. It means to get good at something, you need to focus on that one thing.

Take a Wrecking Ball to the Opposition's Innings

Most people think you need a demon pace bowler with pace or a wily spinner to run through a team. The real way to destroy things is to use the wrecking ball in the opposition's head. Batting collapses are mental.

How to Fix Falling Away in Fast Bowling

Falling away - or lateral flexion - is a common issue with fast bowlers.

Most coaches and players can spot the issue easily. But can (and should) you fix it?

Batting Tip: Rotate the Strike with Auto-Singles

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Keep the scoreboard ticking with this simple trick.

Power Hitting for Cricket: Fungo Pocket Drills

You may recall the excellent “King Power Hitting Drill” which was posted a couple of years ago.

How to Coach Cricket to Difficult Characters

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If you have coached cricket to young players you will know that not everyone listens intently to your every word.

The nightmare scenario is a group who seem bent on destroying any chance of developing skills. It's frustrating because, as a good coach, you are aiming to make every session fun as well as instructive.

Yet someone finds a way to be disruptive to your plans: Asking irrelevant questions, getting bored after one try and trying to distract others, I even once saw a kid so unfocused he walked across the pitch as the bowler was bowling (fortunately with a soft ball)!

The standard advice is "make it fun", but what do you do when your best efforts to make things fun are disrupted?

PV Girls Cricket Camp: Train Like a Protea with Mignon du Preez

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