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Cricket Show S7 Episode 45: Overs Under the Belt

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Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe talk about cricket coaching, joined by Mark Garaway during the show. The main topic discusses the thorny subject of "overs under the belt" vs. "workload management" in fast bowlers. Should we draw a line, and if so where?

There are also readers questions about batting like Kohli (a tall order) and getting back to bowling after a year away from cricket.

The Five Weapons of Spin Trick that Leads to Successful Spinners

It's ECB Level Four final assessment week at Loughborough.

This is one of my favourite weeks of the year as I get to listen to a lot of fantastic coaches tell me about the great practice they are doing in their counties to support the development of young cricketers.

I normally take at least 10 ideas back to Somerset to use with the players at Millfield. 2016 is no exception to that rule!

One of the ideas that I am going to steal is one candidates model of "The Five Weapons of Spin!"

A Bad Day Doesn't Have to Mean Bad Cricket: Here's the Drills to Beat a Low Energy Slump

At training last night one of my team was clearly "not up for it". He wanted to put in his usual high work ethic but he was flat and unenthusiastic. Nothing felt right.

When this happens, how do you get out of the slump?

Batting Technique Tip: Keep Your Feet on the Ground

If you want to bat with power and timing, make sure you play your shots with both feet on the ground.

There's No Such Thing as Attacking Bowling

There’s no such thing as attacking bowling.

Or defensive bowling for that matter.

Five Jobs in Cricket You May Not Have Thought Of

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Not everyone can be a cricketer, or even a coach. If your skills lie in other areas, you can still work in the world of cricket and make a difference.

Here are five roles that might work for you, even if you will never play for your country.


Cricket is big business, so if you are good with numbers then cricket will always need people like you report the numbers.

Reduce Injury in Fast Bowlers by Managing Workload

Cricket Show S7 Episode 44: The Future of Cricket

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David Hinchliffe is joined by Mark Garaway and Sam Lavery to form a trio of cricket coaches to discuss the game. First up, it's a chat about the future of the game. Then, questions are answered from listeners.

The team talk through bowling well without wickets, and ways to improve reflexes against fast bowlers. Plus, nominate your coach for coach of the month.

Listen in for details.

Use These Examples to Prove "It's the Way That I Play" Wrong

“It’s the way I play!”

Playing Spin Is a Basic Skill so Treat It Differently

The basics of batting against spin are different to the basics of batting.