Plans vs. hunches: What works best?

As the old saying goes, "Fail to plan and you plan to fail". What happens when plans don't pan out the way you want, and where does that leave the instinctive captain who works on hunches?

Take South Africa as an example. The one day side were criticised during the 2009 Champions Trophy for being too rigid in their plans. Critics pointed out that when Plan A failed, Plan B was... to keep trying plan A.

Win advanced preview free video analysis on PitchVision Academy

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At PitchVision Academy we know you have been looking for ways to improve your game. Now you can.

For nothing.

Move your fast bowling forward with reverse training

Its well know that when you bowl fast you put your body under enormous strain: The front leg can take up to ten times your body weight on impact. It stands to reason that you need to be strong to prevent injury.

How to make room for other sports and still be a cricketing success

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Playing and practicing cricket gets you better at cricket. But what if you play more than one sport? The answer is not to give up on other sports, but to learn the 4 simple training tricks of success.

Cricket show 49: Field settings

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Field placings for club and school cricket is the theme of the show this week. David is back from a short break while Kevin tells us about his mixed start to the season. Don't worry Kevin, there is a long way to go yet. To help Kevin out, Ian Pont has another fast bowling tip and we answer your questions on:

Duraband cricket: The reply

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We recently took a quick look at a new cricket-specific fitness product called Duraband Cricket. Since that review was published, one of the men involved in the development of Duraband, Dr. Brian Hagen,  got in touch to give his views.

How to rotate the strike

How would you like to add an extra run per over to your team's score?

Better yet, how would you like to do it while while increasing your own scoring? You can do both by practicing your strike rotation.

Cricket coaching bestseller list

It's been almost a year since we looked at the popular books and coaching materials available through miCricketCoach and PitchVision Academy so here is the latest list.

Why it's a bad idea to copy your cricket idols

Who the heck wouldn't want to have a batting record like Kevin Pietersen or want to bowl with Lasith Maliga's pace? I would happily take either.

Here's a simple exercise to improve your cricket specific core stability

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There are so many ways to train the 'core' you could spend all day working those abs to destruction, but who has time?

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