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Cricket Show S5 Episode 16: A Great Collapse and a Great Recovery

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What else is there to discuss on the world's best cricket coaching show than Wirral CC? The side were bowled out for 3 in an English league match, so David Hinchliffe - joined by Sam Lavery - talk about dealing with a horror game and coming back from the "dead".

As Lavers says, there is still hope, as this card shows:





High Catching Drill: The Starting Station

I have been chuffed with the development of one committed player that I coach. This poor fellow couldn't catch a cold three weeks ago. He was getting frustrated and embarrassed in fielding practice and was dreading a high catch being hit his way.

Today, he is transformed.

Is This the Truth About Slip Catching?

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This is a guest article from James Hughes. James is a student and cricket coach conducting research into how to improve slip catching.

Catches win matches.

Fielding provides more opportunity to influence the game than any other role. In a Twenty20 you have 120 balls to influence the game as a fielder, yet as a batter you could be out first ball.

Venue Profile: CricMax USA

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When you think of the USA, you don't automatically think of a state-of-the-art cricket facility. Until now.

CricMax is the largest indoor cricket facility in North America: An international level centre designed and built exclusively for cricket. It's in New Jersey, yet it is setting a standard that would not look out of place at elite centres in India, Australia, South Africa or England.

The venue has nothing but the best standards of surface, lighting and run up length. Good enough to be used by visiting International teams. And of course, PitchVision under-floor tracking every ball bowled.

But why would a place better known for baseball and mom's apple pie be interested in a world-class "minor" sport facility?

Cricket Show 256: Competition Winner

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This week's winner of the Cricket Show podcast question competition is Dan. He wins a free coaching course from PitchVision Academy.

The winning question was:

"I’m coaching my son's cricket team and there is a girl in the team, who is by far the best player. She is a fast bowler and she wants to play professionally. She has told me that when she bowls she falls away from her target and her wrist is really weak. She says that she is a bit inconsistent when she bowls and that she would like to increase her pace. I don't know much about coaching cricket, but she is our team captain and she seems to set fields well. One thing I did notice is that when she bowls as soon as she bowls the ball her first step is off to the side of the pitch from what I know it should be at the stumps but hopefully you'll be able to help me out. Can you help me improve her bowling please?"

Listen to the panels answer to his question here.

To enter your own question for the chance to win your choice of online coaching course send your questions in here.

Quick Tip: Don't Let A Bad Start Become A Bad Season

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A bad start can feel like your season is ruined barely after it has begun.

And sure, your dreams of scoring 1000 runs while taking 50 wickets are on the slide, there's plenty of time to recover and finish strong. Yet, we often forget that imperfect is not the same as disastrous.

Cricket Show S5 Episode 15: Super Skill Yourself

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All the coaching focus is on Peter Moore's as England coach, so the team discuss how coaching senior players is a different challenge at every level.

Plus, your questions are answered by Mark Garaway, Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe about coaching fast bowlers and finding your "superskill".

Download the show and listen now!

You'll Coach Better Slips with These 4 Cutting-Edge Methods

How vital is a good slip catcher?

We work all year on developing bowling fast bowlers and spinners with the intention of taking the edge of the bat to create catching opportunities. So develop fielders who can convert those chances into wickets!

So, as a coach, lets assign some quality time to slip catching skills. Including your own. Read on to find out more:

Get Ready on Game Day with This Scientific Method

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This is guest article from Steffan Jones

Warming up can get pretty scientific nowadays. Here's a simple, effective game day warm up that I use if I want to be at my best.

The first point is this: we know that you can "warm up" your mind and nervous system a long time before you start playing. So the warm up on game day starts as soon as you wake up!

Don't worry though, I've tested all this myself and know it works well if you have prepared properly through the week.

Streetwise Bowling: Show a Bit of Leg

This article is part of the “Streetwise Bowling” series from PitchVision Academy. To view the full list of tactics click here.

Bowling at leg stump has a bad rap. It's seen as defensive and, by many, as almost against the spirit of cricket. So much so that in many formats, the leg side wide has all but killed the tactic.

But in the right situation, this plan is an excellent variation to the usual line for a left arm bowler. The batsman is not used to the lines. More importantly, there are few gaps in the field meaning the batsman is going to have to do something unusual to get you away.

As such, it can be used in both attacking and defensive roles.