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CRICKET JOBS: National Selectors (Male and Female Cricket) - Various regions, Cricket Ireland JOB CLOSED !

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Closing date: various dates from 6th-9th June JOB CLOSED !

Cricket Ireland is currently inviting applications for three selectorial positions:

CRICKET JOBS: Academy Coach - Cricket NSW (Aus) JOB CLOSED !

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Closing date: 6th June 2014 JOB CLOSED !

Cricket NSW is seeking experienced, motivated and energetic Head Coaches for the 2014/15 metropolitan Academy program for age group 13s to 16s. The Head Coach for each age group is responsible for implementation of the program which facilitates excellence in team and individual preparation and performance. 

CRICKET JOBS: Fast Bowling Coach - Eastern Suburbs CC (Sydney) JOB CLOSED !

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Closing date: 13th June 2014 JOB CLOSED !

Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club are seeking a fast bowling coach for season 2014/15. In this role, you will have the opportunity to work under and learn from former Australian player Michael Bevan who is the club's Head Coach.

CRICKET JOBS: Community Cricket Coach - Forth Valley, Cricket Scotland JOB CLOSED !

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Closing date: undisclosed JOB CLOSED !

Cricket Scotland, on behalf of Cricket Forth Valley, is recruiting to the post of Community Development Coach. 

The successful candidate is likely to have experience of working in sports development and working with various partners, developing core sporting activities, increasing and maintaining the number of young people participating in cricket particularly at clubs. The role will work to support and deliver the outcomes of the regions long term plans. 

CRICKET JOBS: Casual Coaches - MCC (Lords)

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Closing date: undisclosed

Based at Lord’s Cricket Ground, the MCC Cricket Academy hosts the world’s leading cricket technologies coupled with expert advice from our professionally qualified coaches. The Academy offers individual coaching options for all levels and ages. These sessions normally last for one hour and can be offered with a bowling machine and an analysis of individual performances through Hawk-Eye and Pitch Vision.

Cricket Show S5 Episode 19: Running with a Suitcase

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 262.mp3
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After a failed sailing analogy, the team of David Hinchliffe, Mark Garaway, Sam Lavery and Burners talk cricket.

There are dicussions on ball shining, putting pressure on teams and practice against the swinging ball. Plus, a question from a killer batsman gets a killer reply from Garas.

It's more gold from the team, so download, listen and improve today!

CRICKET JOBS: Director of Cricket - Manchester Grammar School (UK) JOB CLOSED !

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Closing date: Friday 20th June JOB CLOSED !

Following the appointment of Mark Chilton to the coaching staff of Lancashire County Cricket, we are seeking to appoint, from January 2015 (or earlier, if practicable), a Director of Cricket to lead cricket at The Manchester Grammar School.  The successful candidate will develop, direct, and implement a strategic vision for cricket at all levels of the School, to ensure that there is development of performance and widespread participation at all levels of the ability range.

CRICKET JOBS: Bowler - A Premier League Club (NZ)

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Closing date: undisclosed

A top Premier Club in New Zealand is seeking a Fast Bowling all-rounder, based in Christchurch New Zealand for the 2014/15 Season. The club will be hosting the World Cup games, and opening ceremony.

CRICKET JOBS: Primary Sports Coach - Go Active (UK) JOB CLOSED !

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Closing date: undisclosed JOB CLOSED !

Employer: Go Active
Role: Primary School Sports Coach
Hours: Part time and Full time                  
Part time: from £10 to £20 per hour
Full time coach: from £16,000 to £19,000 per annum

How Much Do Wides and No Balls Really Cost?

Here's a shocking fact.

On average, the cost of wides and no balls at school is 27.3 runs per 50 overs bowling innings (28.4 runs per 50 overs for the opposition).

We know this because we analyse the impact of wides and no balls: