Ask the Readers: Give Your Pace Bowling Coaching Advice

We get many coaching questions emailed to us here at PitchVision Academy. Today, in the spirit of rebuilding community, I want to ask for your advice for a fast bowler.

The question comes from long time reader and podcast listener Alek, and it’s all to do with the position of the back foot.

So, over to Alek for more explanation:


How to Dismantle the Opposition like Strauss and Flower's England

In August 2011, England became the number one Test team and they did it by systematically dismantling the opposition.

The method they used is one that you can learn to follow to create your own success in the English way.

It will work for you because nothing about England is especially magical or flashy. There was no top order destroyer like Shewag. There was no mystery spinner like Warne.

Everything they did was based around one simple principle:

4 Reasons Deadlifting Guarantees You More Runs and Wickets (Even if You Bowl Spin)

 Deadlifting. Cuh.

You wouldn’t catch Bradman doing it: Warne only ever bent down to the floor to pick up a stray chip.

As contributor to PitchVision Academy AB says; “in my experience, the limiting factor in most cricketer's games is a combination of technique and cricketing intelligence, not strength and fitness.”

And he’s right... so what gives with the title of this article?

4 Ways to Use Your Crease to Upset Bowlers

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When a bowler is in rhythm he is in control, so it’s your job as a batsman to find ways to disrupt that delicate balance.

Mostly bowlers find ways to do it to themselves, but you can have an influence in the right circumstances. One simple way to do that is by moving around your crease.

But you have to do it right, so here are 4 ways to do it, alongside the reasons to get your toes twinkling:

1. Stand out of your crease

Cricket Coaching Bestseller List

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As you know, we occasionally publish the bestselling books, eBooks and courses on cricket coaching (or related subjects) sold through PitchVision Academy.

It’s a nice primer to see who is buying what over the previous months. As the site grows, sales are healthy and we can see what subjects are exciting you in your quest to become a better cricketer or coach.

So, here are the lists for 2011 (so far):

Bestselling online coaching

Free Stuff from PitchVision Academy

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Recently I’ve been busy giving away loads of stuff on PitchVision Academy. It’s a refreshing change to get a more detailed look at a topic than you can get in a single article.

It’s also easy for all this cool stuff to get lost in the daily updates on the site, so I’ve created a home for it all in one place here.

Here is the complete list of the best stuff on PitchVision Academy:

Is Deadlifting Good For Cricket?

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Today’s article is a guest post from personal trainer Brian Wardle.

Look at all the top level athletes in the world in any sport.

They all have something in common: a well developed backside.

By this I'm referring to the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. These muscles (and the hip extension movement they control) are important because the stronger they are the better they allow you to:

2 Reasons You Are Not Timing the Ball Well

This is a guest article from club player AB about 2 common mistakes all batsmen make when trying to time the ball well and score runs.
I’m sure you have said it:

"I just couldn't get my timing right on that slow pitch"

Or you heard a coach say, "you don't need to hit it hard, just time it nicely".

But what does that actually mean?

Cricket Show 125: Powerlifting, Spin Bowling Success and Burners on Tour

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 125.mp3
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With Burners and the Boss away, the show is packed with interviews instead.

Menno Gazendam talks about how it feels to be a successful spinner and resisting the temptation to become a seam bowler.

PitchVision Academy contributor Brian Wardle talks us through his experiences with powerlifting and playing cricket. You can see more about the training system he uses here and here

Here’s a Simple Formula for Batting Success

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This is a guest article from club cricketer AB, simplifying the decision making process when you bat.

The batsman sits glumly on the grass, still in his pads even though he is out.

His captain tries to offer some condolences; "it was the right shot to play, you just didn't execute it correctly" or maybe he says "you picked the wrong ball to play that shot".

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