Field Settings: Slow Left Arm Spin, Old Ball, Club Wicket, Limited Over

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Who can resist something for free?

Cricket Show 111: Show 110b for the Superstitious

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After a special request this show is numbered 110b because some people think 111 is unlucky. Personally we think its rubbish and nothing can possibly go wrong.

Ask the Readers: Set a Slow Left Arm Field and Win a Prize

I have a problem. With your help I can solve it, so read on and leave a comment in the comments box with your field.

As a little incentive, the best field will win the prize of an online coaching course from our library at PitchVision Academy.

The question is simple:

What is the best field for a slow left arm bowler in a club league match?

Fielding Drills: High Catch Warm-Up

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This drill is part of the PitchVision Academy fielding drills series, for more in this series click here.

Purpose:  To practice high catches in a pre-game/training warm up situation

Description: There are 2 balls in the game, starting in opposite corners. At the same time, fielders lob the ball up into space for a fielder to run and catch the ball about halfway.

Here's A Simple Way to Instantly Compare Yourself to Other Bowlers

It’s a question every cricketer considers: Just how well do I compare to others?

You watch the bowlers on TV and wonder just how much quicker they really can be. You mull over how much more accurate that star opposition bowler is.

Is he overrated and lucky or is he actually a pinpoint accurate demon?

Now there is an easy way to find out using the online tools at PitchVision Interactive.

Become a Dependable Batsman by Improving your Temperament

How many times in your matches have you played a rash stroke and regretted it later?

It’s all down to temperament.

In our early days as cricketers our flamboyant side will have the better of us. It’s no surprise because fast paced games have encouraged youngsters to be glitzy.

But even in Twenty20, if you want to become a serious cricketer, temperament is a must-have.

Cricket Show 110: How to Get Selected for the First Team

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It’s a tale of two bookends of the summer on the show this week.

5 Simple Rules to Make You More Effective

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Time is always against you.

You want to do more training but you have work to do; a living to earn. There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want as well as the things you need. It’s frustrating, especially when you see others overtaking you.

Are You Dehydrated and You Don't Even Know It?

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We have all heard the health experts bleat on about how little water we drink. Frankly, it’s gotten a little boring: Another stick for the heath-conscious crowd to beat normal, busy people with.

Except, just for a moment, look past the holier-than-thou attitude of personal trainers and nutritionists. Ignore the perfect teeth, hair and body. It turns out that there is some scientific proof behind the mantras.

Adapting Cricket Drills: Improving Strength

This article is part of a series designed to show you how to adapt cricket drills for your needs. To see the full list of articles in this series click here.

By now you realise that strength is the cornerstone of cricket-specific athleticism.  Without strength you can’t develop skill.

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