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Training Survey: The Results and Analysis

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Last week we asked PitchVision Academy readers how you train.

Here are the results.

If you filled in the form, many thanks. If you didn't, you can still look over the stats and come to your own conclusions about how you can tweak your training based on what other people do.

So, let's take a look.

Cricket Show S5 Episode 24: Eye Patches Are Not Just for Pirates

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The show covers some of the more unusual questions send in this week. The team of Mark Garaway, Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe give audio advice around topics like late bloomers and eye training (one for the pirates), spin bowlers and weight loss, and process or outcome in tactical work.

Plus, there is a mention of the best ever book on club cricket captaincy: How to Win at Cricket. Essential reading even 40 years on.

Can the team link these disparate elements into 30 minutes of cricket coaching podcast advice? Tune in to find out.

How the Best Death Batsmen Score from the Best Death Bowling

All good death batters have options to counteract death bowling.

I have worked with some excellent batsmen who thrive at the death. They work tirelessly at developing skills around the three balls they are most likely to get:


Slower ball.


So how do they do it, and how can you coach it at your level?

Ask the Readers: How do you Train?

Have you got 3 minutes to complete this simple survey for me?

Click here to complete it now.

I want to get a better idea of how you train for cricket. As PitchVision Academy Editor, the better I know you, the better I can tailor the articles, video and podcasts we provide to your exact needs.

Plus, who doesn't like talking about themselves?

So take a moment (it will be less that 180 seconds) and fill in the multiple choice, anonymous survey here.

The survey is around how much cricket-specific training you do, and what equipment you use to help yourself. That's it: No personal data and no right or wrong answers. Just a snapshot of your training at this time of year.

Click here to complete the survey now.

Second Chance: How to Add Another "String to Your Bow" as a Cricketer

It's easy to be typecast as a cricketer.

When you have played for any length of time in the same place you start to get a reputation. You are the bowler who is a bunny with the bat. You are a batsman who doesn't even bowl in the nets. Every team has one player like that.

And I guarantee that somewhere deep in their heart, each one of these players wishes he had more skills.

Every batsman wants to be able to bowl bouncers to give back a bit of aggression. Every spinner wishes they could biff revenge sixes over deep midwicket.

So, why not try?

Cricket Show S5 Episode 23: Hooking Bouncers

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How do you deal with bouncers if you are a "happy hooker" but keep getting caught?

The panel of David Hinchliffe, Mark Garaway and Sam Lavery deal with the issue and provide some top coaching tips for smacking it for a boundary rather than smacking your pad on the way back to the pav.

And there is a discussion about the changing role and knowledge of the cricket coach alongside another reader's question. This one is asking how to compare the technical, hard worker with the "natural".

Have a listen and see what you think!

Use Space, Cones and Balls to Develop the Next AB De Villiers

Last week we looked at how to score big without boundaries, now we are going to switch it and look at some boundary options.

Quick Tip: Fix the Hardware Before the Software

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If you want to be a good coach or player with a good technique, you need to understand the basics of movement.

batting bowling and fielding technique is the software of the "flesh computer". Without good hardware to underpin your programming you end up slow, ineffective and maybe even broken.

Your Club Needs You: 5 Ways to Be a Better Member Without Committing

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Admit it, you feel a little guilty.

You love to play cricket and pay your dues on time every year. But you know your club needs help.

It's run by volunteers who make the teas, manage the finances, coach the kids, score the book and a hundred other little jobs.

You think, "I could never do that, I don't have the time" when you see the coach turning up to his 8th day in a row at the club to take yet another group of cheeky Under 10s through getting a long barrier right.

You would love to do more, but pressures of work and family are hard enough, let alone that Netflix queue you have to get through. So you listen quietly when the Chairman complains nobody is helping, and nod sagely when he says everyone needs to do more.

You feel bad that you can't commit more time but what can you do? Life is busy!

Here is the answer to that mental anguish.

CRICKET JOBS: 3 Positions - Ellerslie CC (NZ) JOB CLOSED !

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Closing date: various JOB CLOSED !

Ellerslie CC in NZ, is looking to fill 3 positions within the club: