The secret to playing straight and scoring quickly

Gary Palmer, the PitchVision Academy batting coach, takes fresh look at an old idea and finds out that you can be technically correct and score quickly. If you would like coaching from Gary, check out CCM Academy.

Playing straight with a checked drive in the 'V' from both front and back foot is something that all the great players have done well, and still do well today.

The drummer or the conductor: What is the wicketkeeper's role?

The wicketkeeper's role is the source of many an analogy: The conductor, the sergeant-major and the cheerleader. But are these comparisons valuable, and which is the best?

Kent coach Paul Farbrace was drawing his ECBCA conference session to an end. The young wicketkeepers were excited and energetic in their drills while a host of coaches sat gripped to his every word.

Laws of cricket: Rebound off the fielder and batsman is recalled

This edition of Laws of Cricket, in association with the International Institute of Cricket Umpiring and Scoring, covers some more tricky questions of the Laws.

What happened at the coaching conference?

Knowledge is a tool used by coaches to make better cricketers.

That's why the ECBCA conference is such an important event for all coaches: You surround yourself with such passionate and knowledgeable people, all of whom love sharing their knowledge of the game.

Cricket Show 65: Coaching young players and spin tips

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David and Kevin are joined by Gary Palmer in a preview of the Countdown to Summer podcast for those in preseason. In the rest of the show, Kevin tells us about his team's batting collapse.

What's wrong with Matt Prior?

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I hope England wicketkeeper Matt Prior has been misquoted. Because if he hasn't, he doesn't listen to his strength coach and, worse, is perpetuating myths about fitness and cricket.

Here's a line from an article about the Sussex gloveman:

Selection committee: 5 Ways to pick the right team

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Throughout the summer on a Wednesday night, the selection committee of my cricket club convene to decide the fate of the men who make up the 3 sides.

The debates can be long and hard, but decisions are made and the team sheets are posted.

Often the choices spark controversy, not least in those overlooked for the 1st XI. It's a thankless task.

How to cheat at cricket (and get away with it)

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Let's forget the sales pitch for a minute: Cricketers cheat.

Play or coach at any level and you already know the whole "gentleman's game" idea is about as true as San Serriffe.

Balls get tampered with, batsmen stand when they know they edged it and sledging is commonplace.

What Manchester United can teach you about cricket

Premier League football club Manchester United can be envied for their glamour and success. But it's in a less obvious way that they can show your cricket team a lesson.

The last minute equaliser.

Over the years United seem to have become masters of snapping a draw from defeat: Playing badly and not losing.

Why aren't you ball tampering yet?

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Go off the record with any professional fast bowler and the mantra of "ball tampering is never acceptable" is quickly shown to be a myth.

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