Why you shouldn’t ‘take the positives’ from a loss

This is a guest article from Laurie Ward

In modern cricket-speak, losing captains are quick to say “we will take the positives from this game” when they have been played off the park.

But do they really? Or is it just fluff for the media?

In reality the team and coach will look at what went wrong in the cold light of day and then work hard to put things right.

Ask the Readers: Do you play in the Spirit of Cricket

An incident in the 2010 England-Pakistan Test series got me wondering how you play your games. Do you play in the Spirit of Cricket?

Leave a comment and let me know how hard you play.

Cricket Show 92: The secrets of batting technique

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PitchVision Academy Cricket Show

Gary Palmer is the guest on this week’s show as we look at the technique of ailing Englishman Alastair Cook. Find out what Gary’s advice is to the young opener and pick up some of your own tips.

What can be learned about batting from a bat maker with 50 years experience?

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What do you think of when you think of a Batmaker?

It’s one of those jobs that seem to come from a bygone age. Like Candlestick Maker.  Surely all bats are made by a machine in one big factory in Pakistan these days?

Not true.

The bat making art is alive and well in England and is producing handmade willow for cricketers.

Can you help bring PitchVision Academy Live! events to your area?

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As you know, we recently announced a brand new live PitchVision Academy event in London. It's a golden opportunity to combine traditional coaching with exiting interactive activities to create a fantastic experience for cricketers of all ages.

But what if you don't live in the UK and can't get to the event?

PitchVision Academy announces first ever live coaching event

Update: due to huge demand, registrations for PitchVision Academy Live! Are now closed.

How would you like to get coached by some of PitchVision Academy's Elite Coaches using the latest cricket technology at a top Test venue?

Is cricket practice about repetition?

This is a guest post by Laurie Ward

Cricket is a simple game complicated by a myriad of variables: physical, technical, emotional, tactical and natural.

Every ball, wicket, match, day, situation, opposition, conditions and personal experience can vary tremendously.

So how can we prepare for something that can be so unpredictable?

Famously, Sir Don Bradman practiced for hours hitting a golf ball with a stump against an uneven wall to develop his incredible hand-eye co-ordination.

Cricket Show 91: Cricket bats with Gray-Nicolls

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Global bat-maker Gray-Nicolls invited PitchVision Academy down to the UK bat factory in East Sussex this week. The show comes direct from the factory with the sound of bats being hand made in the background.

Us cricketers love our bats, they are very personal to us, and there is a lot that goes into choosing and looking after the sacred willow.

So in this interview I grill Ian about how to buy, knock in and look after your blade.

How to coach talent into players

Talent: you either got it or you aint. It can't be coached.

Can it?

Actually, according to research, talent can be developed by good coaching. You just have to know what to do to make it happen.

Think of it this way; how many sportsmen at the top of their game got there by God given talent alone?

How to have a disaster of a match (and still play the next day)

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You are not alone. We have all had cricketing days we want to forget.
It doesn't have to be as dramatic as a golden duck or being hit for 25 in an over either. The context of the failure is just as important.
Imagine you are batting in a run chase, you are going well and looking likely to win when you lose concentration, play a poor shot and give your wicket away when you are set.

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