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JOBS: Marketing Manager - Pro Coach Yorkshire Cricket

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Closing date: February 28th 2014

A managerial role of the largest commercial cricket coaching company in the UK and reporting to the Managing Director, a suitable person is required to structure and implement marketing strategy within PCYC.
PCYC is the official coaching company of Yorkshire County Cricket Club providing coaching to cricketers across the county throughout the year. Predominantly office based, duties will include structuring and developing a new marketing plan, identifying target markets and communicating with them, managing the production of all promotional material and analysing competitors’ services and market trends . The candidate will also be responsible for the day-to-day management of Email marketing and a growing Social Media offering.

Discover the Missing Two Thirds of Batting Coaching

We coaches are generally very good at developing one part of batting:'shot execution'. That is the mechanics of each shot. But this is the last phase in a series of three.

Before you can play a shot you need to pick up the visual cues and decide on the shot. These are the missing phases for many of us.

So how do we go about developing the first two phases?

EXCLUSIVE: Inside MCC Lord's Club India Coaching Camp Drills

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What do you get if you combine exceptional facilities and coaching from the Marylebone Cricket Club with young, underprivileged boys in India?

You get the MCC Lord's Club in India. You get a genuine chance to become a cricketer.

And PitchVision was there. We wanted to give you a peek behind the velvet rope to find out what happens when an exclusive camp is opened up to those who could never experience it. Read on to find out more.

Make This One Change to Your Drills to Stop Them Feeling Like Hard Work

Technical work is called "work" for a reason: It's hard and boring. But it doesn't have to be.

That's according to ECB coach Iain Brunnschweiler, a man who knows a thing or two about creating engaging coaching sessions that improve players. He's made coaching courses about it!

So how do you make your drills fun without compromising?

The Story of Bowling Fast Continues Here

In part one of this autobiographical training guide Steffan Jones, professional fast bowler, told us how he discovered the power of strength training to bowl faster. But he was about to take things to another level. Here is what happened in 1999...

The winter of 1999 in preparation for 2000 English season was my first attempt at training specifically for cricket. This is the winter where I began to take things seriously. I began to research more on performance training and spent hundreds of pounds on training books.

At the time I was bowling 78mph. I was hoping to add a yard onto my bowling.

During the winter I followed a basic weight training program. It was nothing intense, simple basic training focusing on body parts. The gym facility we had at the time was machine based so athletic training wasn’t really possible.

Yet, I still managed to increase my pace.


PV/VIDEO Weekly Highlights 27: For The Young Lads Out There

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Welcome to the PV/VIDEO Digest, your highlights summary of the weeks best videos from PitchVision Interactive

You can share these videos by email or onto facebook, and post your comments right here: From serious analysis to Friday fun. Here are the top 5 videos uploaded from PitchVision systems around the world this week.

Cricket Show S5 Episode 2: Hit the Chalk

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It's all about the death overs! Mark Garaway joins David Hinchliffe to talk through bowling yorkers under pressure and being a finisher in the mould of Michael Bevan.

And speaking of great work from Australians, we also examine the resurgence of Mitchell Johnson. How exactly did he turn things around? At more grass-roots level, we help a young player with workload and injury problems.

Find out everything on the show by downloading or listening in the browser.

How to Land a Yorker

James Faulkner turned certain loss into monumental victory in the 2nd ODI against England in 2014. He was brilliant but - it has to be said - England were poor in the last gasps of that game.

One TV expert commented in review that "Surely England can’t be practising their yorkers." An easy assumption to make based on the outcome of the game.

However, the bottom line is that all International teams do practice bowling yorkers a lot. So, why couldn't England land them?

We Want Your Stories: Has PitchVision Academy Helped You?

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PitchVision Academy has been helping cricketers and their coaches since way back in 2006. Millions (literally) of you have passed through the doors and had access to enough articles to fill a library of books, and enough videos and audio to cram your iPad full.

Now we want to hear your story.

Whether you are a player or a coach, I would like to know what success you have had in cricket, and what influence PitchVision Academy has had on your success. So drop me a line and let's talk.

Don't Forget the Tail-Enders at Cricket Nets

Coach Iain Brunnschweiler is standing up for the "lower order run getters" this week, with a brand new "off the shelf" coaching session that gives the tail priority while you have nets.

What gives?

As Mark Garaway often reminds us, everyone in the team bats, and everyone in the team is allowed to score runs, not just the batters. So why shouldn't everyone practice batting?