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JOBS: Director of Cricket - Stratford CC (UK)

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 Closing date: undisclosed

Stratford Cricket Club is seeking to appoint a Director of Cricket with responsibility for co-ordinating and implementing the Club’s overall cricket coaching policy.

JOBS: Elite Cricket Performance Coaches - Derbyshire CCC

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Closing date: ASAP

Elite Cricket Performance Coaches @ Derbyshire County Cricket Club 

Following the appointment of Graeme Welch as Elite Performance Director, the Club is now seeking Expressions of Interest from highly-motivated and successful coaches to join the Elite Cricket Performance coaching team.

Fixing Fast Bowlers: More Back Foot Contact Drills

The first in this series used a piece of string as a guide for foot placement in the approach. This is one of the major causes of the back foot sweeping under the body and causing misalignment at the crease.

However, if the feet are landing nicely in the approach and you still note that BFC (Back Foot Contact) is misaligned then the following drills, placed on top of the string based run up drill, will close the deal.

JOBS - National Selector - ECB

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Closing date: 31st January 2014

A vacancy has arisen for the position of England Selector. For details of the position please click on the above below.

JOBS: U12 Manager - Cumbria CB

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Closing date: 3rd February 2014

Cumbria Schools Cricket Association and Cumbria Cricket Ltd U12 County Team Manager Vacancy.

Cumbria Cricket Ltd is the Local Governing Body for cricket in Cumbria as a member of the England & Wales Cricket Board Recreational Assembly. Company objects are to promote the game of cricket at all levels through the delivery of the ECB National Strategy ‘Grounds to Play’ and County Improvement Action Plan.
Cumbria Schools’ Cricket Association is the local governing body for cricket in schools and runs competitions at all ages up to U15, under the auspices of ESCA. We also run U12 representative 
fixtures and friendlies.

Bowl Faster by Pushing and Pulling

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As young cricketer I remember facing up against a number of talented young quicks trying to break into to the professional game. I distinctly recall listening to coaches talk about getting their front arm high; "reach up to the sky" they would say, and then once they had done that, " pull the chain!"

Best of 2013: Coaching and Training

Thanks to you, 2013 has been an incredible cricket year on PitchVision Academy. Yesterday we looked at batting and bowling, today we review the coaching and practice advice, lead by Mark Garaway.

As the man in charge of coach education on PitchVision Academy. Garas weekly column became essential reading for anyone who coaches. He took the most cutting-edge ideas and helped you to develop your skills with drills, ideas and hard science.

Best of 2013: Becoming a Cricketer, Bowling and Batting

With 2013 drawing to a close, it's time to give you the best content on PitchVision Academy from the last 12 months. It's been another stellar year.

Of course, the year wouldn't be complete without thousands hitting the site to learn how to become a cricketer, so we published our complete guide in May, then added even more advice with a rant about all the things that people do wrong.

10 Best Cricket Coaching Books for eReaders

More people than ever woke up on Christmas morning to a Kindle eBook reader. Who knows how many millions got their hands on an iPad or other tablet with a Kindle app ready to go.

Great gifts, but you need something to put on them.

Fixing Fast Bowlers: Curing Excessive Side Bend

We now know that the most significant cause of spinal stress fractures in fast bowlers comes from excessive side bend, or "lateral flexion" in scientific speak. This is often caused as a result of the body compensating in the delivery stride for things that have not worked correctly further back.

This could be the angle of approach, the angle of bound or misaligned back foot contact.

However, we sometimes get a situation where all of the above are OK and the bowler is still displaying excessive side bend at point of release.

So what can we do about it?

Here is my solution: