Fixing Fast Bowlers: Curing Excessive Side Bend

We now know that the most significant cause of spinal stress fractures in fast bowlers comes from excessive side bend, or "lateral flexion" in scientific speak. This is often caused as a result of the body compensating in the delivery stride for things that have not worked correctly further back.

This could be the angle of approach, the angle of bound or misaligned back foot contact.

However, we sometimes get a situation where all of the above are OK and the bowler is still displaying excessive side bend at point of release.

So what can we do about it?

Here is my solution:

How to Play Short Bowling

This is an article by Gary Palmer about the most effective and progressive way of coaching playing the short ball. For a complete video guide on the right trigger moves to play the short ball by Gary, click here.

You need to master the correct techniques of the back foot defence before you move on to playing the bouncer. For young cricketers especially, bouncer practice should be the latter sessions within a coaching program over a number of weeks.

Spin Bowling Balance and Alignment Drill

This drill comes to you from Harry Shapiro's Leg Spin Association. For your free trial membership, click here.

Elvis is a member of the leg spin association and he turned to Harry Shapiro, the coach, for assistance with his action. Harry spotted a problem and came up with a drill to help him become better balanced and aligned.

Here is what Harry said,

Batting Drill: The Wilson/Thompson 40 Run Consequence Net

I had an article ready to go for you this week, but last night we had an session with the 1st team squad here at Millfield School that I just had to tell you about.

Around 5pm, the coaching team grabbed a coffee in-between squad sessions.

I asked a simple question, "Could either of you two inspire me ahead of the last session of term please?" and my two brilliant assistants came up with a innovative session plan which led to a great session:

Bob Woolmer's "No Feet" Batting Drill

One of Bob Woolmer's batting drills was the one-legged drive which I featured right at the start of the Coaching to Win series.

This gem of a drill helps players who lead their forward movement to the ball with their heads. (Not your Pietersen, Amla or Gayle who lead with their feet but more like the Bell, Ponting and Strauss).

Bob would ask the batter to not move their feet, yet wait for the fuller ball to bounce and move their head towards the line of the ball.

What does this drill develop?

Sussex Sharks Batting Drill

During my ECB Level 3 batting modules, I always ask the fellow coaches to throw up any ideas or drills that they have to add value to the module.

Last week Sussex Sharks Cricketer, Chris Nash, demonstrated a great drill that was intended to challenge decision making. The drill achieved its aim and opened up other vital elements of batting.

The basic drill

Get a batter padded up and ready to receive a ball. As a coach you stand 7 metres away from the crease.

Armed with a ball, the coach walks in 2 paces before delivering a fast-paced underarm delivery into either:

How to Use the "Simpson Drill" to Teach Throwing Skills

Last weekend I headed up a great group of cricket coaches at Sportsfest 2013 in the grounds of Wormsley Estate.

I was working with a group on throwing and they were struggling with both their alignments and also to understand my instruction.

Cricket Show S4 Episode 30: Drill, drills, drills

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It's a bit of a drills special on the Cricket Show, with the team of Mark Garaway and David Hinchliffe discussing how to evaluate a drill before and after you have used it.

The panel also look at ways to stop shuffling across the crease, and drills to improve fast bowling (especially against bowling in nets). While David gets on his soapbox about draw cricket.

Download the show to your phone, or listen right here in the browser. Half an hour of a cricket party with Garas!

Save the Planet, Improve a Batsman: Recycled Batting Drill

This week I have been lucky enough have interviewed 32 excellent coaches who are all vying for ECB Level IV spots.

An innovative idea popped up twice that I reckon could be of use to batsmen who have not found a way - as yet - of freeing the swing of the bat and as a result, struggle to hit with real power.

This drill is a bag of tricks!

3 Reasons Indian Cricket Proves Fielding is the New Match-Winning Skill Set

In the Champions Trophy, India out-fielded South Africa to victory.

It wasn't the only reason for the win, but it was enough for the sages to comment on the difference. What was going on?

There is a lot of talk about fielding. It's never got more attention from coaches and players than in modern times.

But does it really win you matches?

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