Increase Catching Area with this Funky Drill

How big are your players catching areas?

Super slow motion cameras are great for noting the size of catching areas in both keepers and fielders. Often, we see that catchers line the ball up with one open hand and more closed one, this is great if judgement is spot on or if the ball does not dip or deviate in the air.

Yet as we know, we are human and sometimes our judgement is not 100% precise.

This drill will help to increase player's catching area on flat catches, nicks to slip and edges to the keeper, giving the catcher a bigger margin for error.

The Fast Bowling Talent Test

Many of the leading Cricket nations now use "Talent Testing" for 13 and upwards as a part of their talent identification process. I want to show you how to use some of these tests in your coaching.

Here is the first of the talent test drills that you can use to test players and then provide feedback that improves performance. What's not to love?

Using Strategy Games to Bat Like Amol Muzumdar

Becoming the Ranji Trophy’s highest ever run scorer takes relentless patience. You learn to bat the opposition out of the game by waiting and picking off the weak bowling.

Amol Muzumdar, who is in a see-saw competition with Wasim Jaffer to finish with the highest run tally, knows his game in this way. He has a strategy and he sticks to it.

But what if you are just starting out as a batter; how do you learn to play your own way and emulate this success in professional cricket?

Here's Another Incredible Batting Tip From An International Level Coach

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Online coaching is what we do here at PitchVision Academy, which is why this week we are delighted to welcome Serious Cricket and their world-class coaches to the platform.

As you know, we are constantly seeking out talented players and coaches to give you the highest quality cricket coaching advice in the courses section.

Serious Cricket are in the same game and have gathered together 4 top coaches who we are adding to the fold here.

Become a Serious Cricketer: Free Coaching Tips from Serious Cricket

Cricket is a game, but to do well you need to get serious. So who better to help you on your journey than the coaches at Serious Cricket?

To celebrate the arrival of Serious Cricket on PitchVision Academy You can get a free 10 week email-based coaching course that covers batting, fast bowling, spin bowling and wicketkeeping exclusively from the Serious Cricket coaches. Just enter your email below to get the goods.

How to Make the Most of Twenty20 Tournaments

As part of our Twenty20 series to line up with the ICC World Twenty20, we take a video look at how to make the most of a T20 tournament as a young player.

In this video, I catch up with Gary Palmer as he coaches his Under 14 Academy players at a week-long tournament with up to 2 games a day.

Bowling Drills: Make the Most of Your Bowling Spell

Wouldn't it be handy to know the exact natural spell of every bowler?

As a captain, coach or even bowler, you will be able to make the most of your best time and rest when you know you are tiring.

Most of us can't hit a length on the first ball and then keep up pace and accuracy for 25 overs up the hill.

There is a lead in period, a time when your man finds his sweet spot and finally a tail off.

Hitting for Power: A Case Study

This summer at Millfield School we ran an experiment in improving the power hitting of the 1st XI players.

It was a new concept to us, and I wanted to see how well it would work. Here is what we did; and what we found out on the way.

We introduced “Back-loading” and played around with shifting weight in the set up as a batter waits for the bowler to release the ball.

Bowling Drills: Don't be Like Sreesanth, Make No Balls a Thing of The Past

The no ball is the bane of the fast bowler. Just ask Sreesanth, who is infamous for overstepping.

You charge in, trying to exert every last ounce of pace onto the ball, finally get the edge you want into the keeper's gloves.

And the umpire calls the dread two words; "no ball!"

The worst part of it is that although you only have yourself to blame, you have no idea how it happened.

It's a terrible habit, but like all habits it can be broken.

Batting Drill: Driving Range Hitting

Here is a drill that provides huge gains in distance, power, placement and tactical awareness for all of your batters.

The inspiration comes from the golf driving range. It got me thinking about how we could apply a similar concept to the practice of batting skills.

Here is the range driving drill.

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