Transform Traditional Nets into High-Intensity Training Environments

Can you remember your first ever net session?

It's quite likely that your first ever net was pretty similar to the net you had last week. The bowling may be faster and your pads a bit bigger, but essentially the humble net hasn't changed: batting for 20 minutes (if you are lucky) on a different surface to match-day; using old balls; having no fielders; bowlers alternating after every delivery; balls continuously fed; batsmen not running-between-the-wickets; and focusing on execution of correct technique over tactical decision making.

Simple Summer: A Cricket Workout to Train In-Season

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This series is part of the Cricket Fitness Workouts series. For the full list, click here.

In season training is a tricky proposition and it can get complicated what with games at funny times and rain intervention.

A lot of trainers get clever with the in season system, and that's perfectly fine if you know what you are doing. But what if you just want a simple "fire and forget" way of getting your gym work done during the summer.

Welcome to the Simple Summer Workout.

The Surprisingly Little-Known Way to Boost you Bowling Speed

This is a guest article from former professional bowler, and current Strength, Conditioning and Fast Bowling Coach Steffan Jones.

There is no doubt in my mind that most fast bowlers ignore the best training method that exists for improving pace.

Today we can break that trend.

I remember in 1999 I was was at the start of my career and was searching for that X-factor that would help me add pace onto my bowling. I was currently being clocked at 78mph. In county cricket that is neither here nor there.

I needed more.

Why Cricket is More than Batting, Bowling and Fielding

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This is a guest article from Liz Ward.

Peter May once said, "the best preparation to batting, bowling and fielding was batting, bowling and fielding."

I am not going to disagree with him.

However, lifestyle today is alien to the rigours of the current game. Sitting at the computer, in cars, in front of the TV and communicating through technological wonders leave the body unprepared for cricket.

The Reason your iPhone is Killing your Cricket

That harmless little iPhone in your pocket seems like a fun communication tool. In fact it's stopping you from achieving your cricket dreams.

How can that even be possible?

We live in an age of unprecedented access to data. With a tiny computer in your pocket that is connected to the internet you have huge information.

And information is power.

But that is also the problem.

Because while the right information used in the right way will help you improve, there is also a lot of "wrong" information.

That is information weakness.

The Unexpected Truth About Match Day Training

This is a guest article from Steffan Jones.

Training on the day of a game is traditionally frowned upon coaches and players who are not aware of the benefits. But the truth is simple; the right kind of training on match day can make you a better cricketer.

Give me a moment and I'll explain why pre-game training is a great idea, and what you can do to boost your performance for your next match.

Beginner Bodyweight Workout for Swing Bowlers

This series is part of the Cricket Fitness Workouts series. For the full list, click here.

Making a cricket ball swing is a skill that doesn't require extreme fitness. You need skill, you need technique and you need tactical nous.

But you still need to be fit, even if your skill lies in swing more than pace. This is because you firstly need to be injury-free and secondly you want to have the stamina to bowl and field without losing focus.

Preseason Panic: Your Break Glass in Emergency Guide

Somewhere in the world right now is a cricketer panicking.

He's panicking because his season starts in two or three weeks and he has spent the winter doing anything but cricket.

He was too busy for nets, he forgot about the gym membership he paid for in January and pressure for his time comes from all sides; family, friends and work.

Maybe that guy is even you.

If it is, you're not alone. Life gets in the way of good intentions.

Bowl Like A Warrior This Weekend

This is an in-season training plan for club level fast bowlers from Steffan Jones.

You are not a professional cricketer, but you want to have the same impact as one when you walk out on Saturday afternoon.

You want batsmen to be nervous of your pace as the look round at how far back the keeper is standing to you.

The Myth of Cricket Fitness

This is a guest article from Steffan Jones

There's a lot of confusion around strength, conditioning and fitness for cricket. Today I want to give you my perspective as a former first-class fast bowler turned strength coach.

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