Preseason Panic: Your Break Glass in Emergency Guide

Somewhere in the world right now is a cricketer panicking.

He's panicking because his season starts in two or three weeks and he has spent the winter doing anything but cricket.

He was too busy for nets, he forgot about the gym membership he paid for in January and pressure for his time comes from all sides; family, friends and work.

Maybe that guy is even you.

If it is, you're not alone. Life gets in the way of good intentions.

Bowl Like A Warrior This Weekend

This is an in-season training plan for club level fast bowlers from Steffan Jones.

You are not a professional cricketer, but you want to have the same impact as one when you walk out on Saturday afternoon.

You want batsmen to be nervous of your pace as the look round at how far back the keeper is standing to you.

The Myth of Cricket Fitness

This is a guest article from Steffan Jones

There's a lot of confusion around strength, conditioning and fitness for cricket. Today I want to give you my perspective as a former first-class fast bowler turned strength coach.

Cricket Fitness Workout: The Mixup

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This series is part of the Cricket Fitness Workouts series. For the full list, click here.

This is a gym workout designed specifically for cricketers to use to improve overall fitness: Strength, conditioning and power.

It's great for fast bowlers and batsmen especially but can be used by any discipline.

Fitness for Fast Bowlers: Structure of a Gym Session

This is a guest article from fast bowling and strength coach Steffan Jones.

Bowling is one of the most stressful and unnatural activities you can ask your body to do. The stresses involved are immense.

Gym to Nets: Structure of A Fast Bowling Net Session

This is a guest article from fast bowling and strength coach Steffan Jones.

Here is how I set out a bowling session when I am coaching bowlers to get really fast. Unlike most coaches, I have learned to combine skill work with strength work to get the most from your action.

Every session follows the same routine from low intensity warm up drills to high intensity medicine ball throws or weighted ball bowling.

Exercises to Bowl Faster: Shoulder Health

You can't bowl fast unless you have a healthy shoulder, but bowling is notoriously tough on your shoulders. If you have bowled for a long session you know the feeling of soreness in your bowling shoulder the next day.

To stop that from becoming an injury, you need to do some preventative exercise beyond just heading to the nets and getting a few overs under your belt.

For a lot of bowlers this means doing work with a band on the rotator cuff and some bench pressing.

Exercises to Bowl Faster: Rows

Nobody knows why, but there is a direct relationship between to strength of your lats and how fast you bowl.

That means, the more weight you can move in an upper body pulling movement will directly relate to greater speeds on the pitch.

It's not often that this crossover is so clear, so you should take advantage and do as much pulling as possible if you want to bowl faster.

The problem is that upper body pulling is one of the hardest movements to train, especially in the horizontal plane.

Exercises to Bowl Faster: Pullover Pair

One of the big issues with gm training for fast bowlers is the transfer from weights to the bowling action.

As Steff Jones says, there is a large river of difference between them unless you bridge the gap.

That's what this quick exercise combination from Steffan does really well, taking a "traditional" strength exercise and pairing it with a fast, powerful movement.

It makes sure you take the gym with you to the playing field.

Firepower: How to be the Next Indian Fast Bowling Sensation

MS Dhoni recently lamented the lack of fast bowlers in India,

"We're going through a stage when we don't have the same firepower when it comes to the bowling department."

That has to hurt if you are an Indian fast bowler.

But it's true at club and school level too, it's not just an issue at the top.

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