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How to Bowl Fast when you are Already Strong

Recently we had a question posted on PitchVision Academy asking this:

“I am trying to increase the speed of my bowling. I am already a keen gym goer and quite strong. I bench 150kg, deadlift 180kg and squat  170kg. So what can I do now to become faster?”

It’s a great question because, as we already know, strength is a crucial element in bowling fast.

But it’s certainly not the only aspect.

How to Field like Suresh Raina

How many runs could you save for your team if you have the reactions and technique of Suresh Raina?

Many people will write of an ambition like this as far-fetched. They will say he has a God-given talent that few can emulate. But in reality the truth is that Raina’s “talent” is the result of hard work and passion for the most selfless cricket skill; fielding.

So if you want to get the edge over your peers, use these tips to become the best fielder in your team. It will give you a clear advantage.

How Fit are Academy Cricketers?

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Cricket is a game of inches. Imagine playing in an Academy trial game when you push a ball to cover and set off on a risky single.

It’s on, but only if you can get up to top speed in a couple of strides.

You have worked on your power, speed and acceleration all winter and you fly out of the blocks, you are in by the smallest margin and go on to make a huge score, get that Academy place and on into the cricket stratosphere.

Had you been half a second slower - as the old pre-training you was - then you would have been run out and missed your chance.

You Can Still Go to Nets in the Rain

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Picture the scene; its cricket practice day and you pull back the curtains to see the rain tumbling down. It’s natural to shrug and call the session off.

But you don’t have to be so hasty. There is plenty you can do in the rain to practice your game. It’s tough to motivate players at the best of times. When rain makes practice irregular it gives people an excuse to “forget” to come. So tell players that practice is on every week come rain or shine and then use these four wet weather cricket tips for something to do.

Cricket Show 155: Becoming a Professional Cricket Coach

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With the IPL set to get underway, the team discuss Twenty20 cricket from the top to the grassroots and come up with some creative ideas for using the newest format.

Plus it wouldn’t be a podcast without your questions, so David Hinchliffe and Mark Garaway discuss fitness work in the last few days of preseason and how to become a professional cricket coach (even if you have not been a professional cricketer).

The Journey: From Sport Science Research to Real Life Results

Over the past 3 years PitchVision has been integrated into sport science research as part of Laurence Houghton’s PhD at The University of Western Australia. As this research program draws to a close we’ve taken time out to review our journey with the sport science community and the resulting partnership with ACE cricket academy. So sit back and enjoy this exclusive inside story.

Guaranteed: A Genuine Strike Bowler for Your Club

Every club at every level craves a genuinely quick, aggressive fast bowler. They win games.

Some say it’s the luck of the draw: talented young bowlers are born, not made.


No one is born to be a bowler. Every successful fast bowler in history had to learn how to bowl fast and accurately. That means you don’t have to wait for God-given talent to arrive at your club. You can mould the young players you already have into demons.

It all boils down to three simple laws:

4 Core Training Exercises for Batsmen

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During a break in the filming of Kevin Pietersen’s coaching course, KP and I got to chatting about fitness training.

He said he spent a lot of his gym time working on his core. It wasn’t just so he could look good on the beach between Tests. He knows instinctively that the core is crucial to batting power.

That’s because timing and power with the bat are all based on the ability to transfer your weight from the ground, through your body and into the ball.

4 Ingredients to Baking a Perfect Cricket Season

When you bake a cake you don’t wait until it’s in the oven before making it taste good. A good cake is all in the preparation.

Cricket is just the same. When you put in the work mixing the right ingredients, you know you will be proud of the results.

So, if the weeks before the season starts is the prep time of cricket, what are the ingredients?

7 Fun Ways to Lose Weight

No one wants to be a fat cricketer or coach.

Sure, you point to the tubby players at the top level and try to fool yourself that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t work because deep down you know that being overweight just isn’t fun, especially if you want to do well on the pitch.

What stops you?

Losing weight and dieting and hitting the gym are even less fun than being fat.

Running on a treadmill isn’t anywhere near as exciting as scoring a hundred. Eating a cake at tea is plainly better than a protein shake and an apple.