Cricket Show 126: What’s Your Craziest Cricketing Injury?

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Burners and David swap cricket injury stories and we want to hear yours too. So drop us a line with your most gruesome injuries, just please don’t show us your scars – that’s gross.

The show also features part 3 of the spin bowling tips interview with South African coach Menno Gazendam.

Plus we answer your questions on cricket careers and how to be loose like Joel Garner recommends. 

Club Coach Fitness Toolkit: Introduction

It’s the modern dilemma of the good coach: how much can you do with your players to get them fit?

It doesn’t help that opinions vary greatly as to the answer.

The purist says that there is no need to do anything at all. Simply playing the sport is plenty fitness training enough.

Get in the nets son.

The progressive on the other hand is doing all kinds of crazy drills to work on speed, agility and conditioning.

A Reason Why You Are Losing Away Games That You May Not Have Thought Of

The car pulls up into the car park and as you get out you groan a little, stiffened by the long journey.

Dragging your gear to the changing room, you change and catch up with the banter of the others who have arrived.

But the atmosphere is subdued. Even in warm ups there is the unspoken away game lethargy that always shows up. You find it impossible to get into the groove no matter how hard you try.

The lethargy spills over into the match and you end up putting in a bad showing without ever quite knowing why.

4 Reasons Deadlifting Guarantees You More Runs and Wickets (Even if You Bowl Spin)

 Deadlifting. Cuh.

You wouldn’t catch Bradman doing it: Warne only ever bent down to the floor to pick up a stray chip.

As contributor to PitchVision Academy AB says; “in my experience, the limiting factor in most cricketer's games is a combination of technique and cricketing intelligence, not strength and fitness.”

And he’s right... so what gives with the title of this article?

Is Deadlifting Good For Cricket?

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Today’s article is a guest post from personal trainer Brian Wardle.

Look at all the top level athletes in the world in any sport.

They all have something in common: a well developed backside.

By this I'm referring to the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. These muscles (and the hip extension movement they control) are important because the stronger they are the better they allow you to:

Cricket Show 125: Powerlifting, Spin Bowling Success and Burners on Tour

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With Burners and the Boss away, the show is packed with interviews instead.

Menno Gazendam talks about how it feels to be a successful spinner and resisting the temptation to become a seam bowler.

PitchVision Academy contributor Brian Wardle talks us through his experiences with powerlifting and playing cricket. You can see more about the training system he uses here and here

Here’s A Template for Using Powerlifting for Maximum Cricket Power

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This is a guest article by powerlifter and club cricketer Brian Wardle.

How to Use Powerlifting to Become a Better Cricketer

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Today’s article is a guest post from personal trainer Brian Wardle.

Cricket requires power: power to hit, power to bowl the ball with pace or with revolutions, power to sprint.

If there is one guy who knows about power its Louis Simmons.

He for decades he has got people powerful with a training methodology called the conjugate system.

It’s allowed his gym to produce powerlifters who regularly break records in the squat, deadlift and bench press.

How to Have a Bullet Throw

A powerful throw sends a message to a batting team.

The batsmen are looking for a second run and you are in the deep. The both look up to see your throw, as do most of the batsmen waiting to come in. There is a subtle moment of expectation: Just how good is this guy’s throw?

You sear it in head high, dipping into the keeper’s gloves so he doesn’t have to move.

The batsmen make a mental note to keep it to one with you while the keeper and skipper applaud your arm.

A Typical Summer Week for an Injury-Free Club Fast Bowler

Staying healthy during the season is one of the biggest challenges to fast bowlers at every level.

Bowling quick is tough on the body. The stress on muscles, joints and ligaments is huge and when you are playing regularly recovery times are never enough.

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