How to Train if You Are Unhappy with How Fast You Bowl

This is a guest article from former professional bowler, and current Strength, Conditioning and Fast Bowling Coach Steffan Jones.

How do you train to bowl lightning fast?

Sorry to all the traditionalist out there, but you can't "just bowl". Not if you want real pace.

Neither can you expect to do endless conditioning session that don't replicate the energy systems and effort of bowling. The sessions I'm seeing in some indoor schools and gyms are great for any other sports but not fast bowling!

So what do we do?

Make One Simple Change to Nets to Improve Your Twenty20 Results this Year

We stood in silence. Blinking at each other.

I had just called a break in Twenty20 training and brought all the 1st XI boys in to see how they thought they were doing.

"So then, it looks like we're set?" I offered to them, hoping that it would draw a response. Nothing was followed by more nothing. Which was then followed by a long silence.

I tried again, hoping this would be identified as a question, rather than an exclamation that we were perfect and training was cancelled for the next 10 weeks.

What Fast Bowling Science Boffins Tell You About Preventing Injury

Dr. Deepak Hiwale is "The Fitness Doc", a medical doctor, sports scientist and cricket lover with a special interest in preventing fast bowling injuries. In this article, The Doc tells us about the pitfalls of bowling fast, and how you can stay on the park.

Fast bowlers have always been thought of as unintelligent by batsmen. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Fast bowling an intelligent art but it is also downright hard work. What's more is that more intelligence and planning go into the making of a fast bowler compared to a cricketer with other skill sets.

This intelligence and planning is not only to make a fast bowler but to also increase his shelf life.

The Road to 90mph Bowling from the Man Who Made It

This is part 3 of and autobiographical training guide Steffan Jones, professional fast bowler. Can he achieve his aim of reaching 90mph through innovative training methods? For part one click here, for part 4 click here.

The Story of Bowling Fast Continues Here

In part one of this autobiographical training guide Steffan Jones, professional fast bowler, told us how he discovered the power of strength training to bowl faster. But he was about to take things to another level. Here is what happened in 1999...

The winter of 1999 in preparation for 2000 English season was my first attempt at training specifically for cricket. This is the winter where I began to take things seriously. I began to research more on performance training and spent hundreds of pounds on training books.

At the time I was bowling 78mph. I was hoping to add a yard onto my bowling.

During the winter I followed a basic weight training program. It was nothing intense, simple basic training focusing on body parts. The gym facility we had at the time was machine based so athletic training wasn’t really possible.

Yet, I still managed to increase my pace.


How to Land a Yorker

James Faulkner turned certain loss into monumental victory in the 2nd ODI against England in 2014. He was brilliant but - it has to be said - England were poor in the last gasps of that game.

One TV expert commented in review that "Surely England can’t be practising their yorkers." An easy assumption to make based on the outcome of the game.

However, the bottom line is that all International teams do practice bowling yorkers a lot. So, why couldn't England land them?

Discover How This Cricketer Went From "Floaty" Medium Pace to 90mph Fast Bowler

This is the first in a series of autobiographical articles from former-professional cricketer Steffan Jones. Steffan took himself from a 120kph to 145kph (90mph) with blood, sweat and tears.

I signed my first contract in 1990 and was a professional cricketer for 20 years. The average career of a seam bowler these days is 5 years. In that time I increased my speed. How did I do it?

Here is my story.

Streetwise Bowling: The Preseason Bounce Pounce

This article is part of the "Streetwise Bowling" series from PitchVision Academy. To view the full list of tactics click here.

I'll be honest with you about this one, it's disgustingly simple. So much so you might shrug and go "so what?". Yet year after year I see young fast bowlers make this mistake in the early season and miss out on a bundle of wickets as more canny seamers take full advantage.

So, this edition of "Streetwise Bowling" is more of a story than a set of balls.

Fixing Fast Bowlers: More Back Foot Contact Drills

The first in this series used a piece of string as a guide for foot placement in the approach. This is one of the major causes of the back foot sweeping under the body and causing misalignment at the crease.

However, if the feet are landing nicely in the approach and you still note that BFC (Back Foot Contact) is misaligned then the following drills, placed on top of the string based run up drill, will close the deal.

Bowl Faster by Pushing and Pulling

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As young cricketer I remember facing up against a number of talented young quicks trying to break into to the professional game. I distinctly recall listening to coaches talk about getting their front arm high; "reach up to the sky" they would say, and then once they had done that, " pull the chain!"

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