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Cricket nutrition podcast with Dr. John Berardi

If you have ever wanted to improve your diet for cricket reasons then this latest podcast is for you. I speak with sport nutrition expert Dr. John Berardi about a range of topics including:

  • 5 ways to immediately improve your nutrition
  • What to eat on matchday
  • Tips on eating for health, appearance and performance
  • The growing importance of fish oil

Useful links The links we discuss during our chat are:

Cricket coaching podcast

Take a listen to my latest cricket coaching podcast. This week I spoke to Pat Legge, senior coach at Devizes CC.

Pat's role as coach of the First XI rather than a youth or colts section is rare in the club game so I was keen to get his insight into the job. We spoke about coaching club players, how to warm up properly, the role of fitness training on performance and the future of coaching at club level.

School and club cricket podcast

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Yesterday I suggested I could do a regular cricket podcast.

As a little test run, here is a conversation I had with Ben Barton, the man in charge of cricket at The Leys school in Cambridgeshire. We discuss the state of school and club cricket and the challenges of developing players.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or contacting me. Especially if you want more. I am relying on your feedback as a harrowdrive reader to know if it's worth doing more or not!