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What the IPL can teach you about dealing with pressure in cricket

Imagine for a moment you have signed for the Deccan Chargers. It's your first game and the stadium is packed to the rafters.

On TV millions more watch on hoping you will put in a match winning performance for their beloved team. Meanwhile the world's finest Twenty20 players warm up in preparation to take you on.

Succeed and you will be adored. Fail and you will be nobody.

Cricket Show 71: Switch hits and learning from business

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It's official; Kevin's team missed out on the finals this season so we catch up with how he felt the season went. Find out why it's not all bad news.

Plus, Gary Palmer returns to give us more insight into the technical side of batting. ECB psychologist Wil James also joins us for the third part of his in-depth interview on the mental side of the game.

Respect is dead

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Disrespect is part of cricket nowadays.
And that's a good thing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about swearing at batsmen and arguing with the umpire. But respect is too often fear in disguise.

Cricket Show 70: Pull shots and team interference

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More on applying sport psychology in the nets and in the middle this week as we have the second part of our interview with Dr. Wil James.

Gary Palmer is back talking about batting and Kevin tells us about his team's late rally for the finals. You have to be in it to win it.

How to bowl into the wind

The sun beats down from a cloudless sky as you examine the wicket before play.

It's flat and grassless and looks like slab of baked concrete. Just as you think it can't get any worse you notice one end has a sloping run up and the wind is blowing down the hill.

You already know what the captain is going to say, but your heart sinks when he says it:

What the Wild West gunslinger can teach you about batting

A Wild West gun fight is just like going out to bat.

Like the gunslinger you stand alone against one man and you only get one chance. It's a psychological battle.

Who will flinch first as the chapel bell chimes midday?

Chances are it's the one who is most in control.

Cricket Show 69: Wil James

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We delve into the realms of sport psychology this week with the first part of our interview with ECB National Lead Psychologist and consultant for Lane4; Dr. Wil James.

Wil spoke to us on a range of topics related to the psychology of playing/coaching club and school level cricket.

What's your first job as new captain?

Last night I took the job of captain of my club second team.

It's been a few years since I was in charge of a side, and what instantly sprung to mind was: What should I do first?

As new captain, a hundred ideas flash through your brain as you try to work out how to get the best from your inherited team.

Hunt in a pack: How to become a stellar fast bowling unit

Bowlers win cricket matches. Because of this, the fast bowlers are a team within a team and need to put unrelenting pressure on the opposition.

In other words, you need to hunt as a pack.

What does a pack of fast bowlers look like?

When you think of a pack of fast bowlers the first thing that springs to mind is the great West Indian teams of the 1970's and 80's.

Cricket Show 67: The dream is over

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Get your hankies ready as Kevin tells talks us through how his championship dreams were crushed at the weekend.

Don't worry though, we have plenty of more positive stuff to look at too. Gary Palmer answers another batting question and we rummage through the mailbag for more reader's questions.