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Get fast bowling advice from Andy Caddick

Former England fast bowler has joined PitchVision Academy as a coach. To celebrate, we are giving away some free fast bowling advice from the experienced paceman.

Are these myths holding your cricket back?

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Every cricketer who has nervously bitten his nails waiting for a turn to bat knows how important the mind is to playing well. Yet we spend little time working on this aspect of our game.

Why getting dropped will make you a better cricketer

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It could be going from representative level back to grade cricket or simply being selected for the 2nd XI. For some players getting dropped is a cricketing disaster. It's a dramatic demonstration that they are not up to the task.

Some rules for junior cricketers

What are the main things a junior player should be trying to do every time he or she plays a game?

Here is a list of the rules I have come up with from my experience as a coach. Every team will have its own set of rules. This list is just a start. Remember rules require discipline. Playing with discipline will contribute to success at any level.

Cricket Show 50: Confidence

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The miCricketCoach show reaches its half century this week with a majestic pull through midwicket before raising its bat in quiet celebration. The focus of the show this week is on confidence on the cricket pitch. Kevin celebrates in the rain and Ian Pont is back with another fast bowling tip.

How a step up in intensity can win you the league

Cricket is a game of the mind as much as the body. Emotions have a direct effect on your game. If you know how to tap into the right intensity you could end up winning the league with your team like mine did this season.

It was the last game of the season. We were top of the table by the smallest margin. We needed a win to be sure of gaining the league title. The team in second were unbeaten and unlikely to cave in at this late stage.

Get more runs and wickets by acting like a tailor

Have you ever seen a tailor make a suit?

It's a systematic process of fittings, measurements and adjustments to get the perfect fit to your shape. It's a method that has worked to produce the finest suits in existence and it's one you can adapt to improve your cricket.

Just like a tailor, you can maximise your training and preparation so it becomes perfect for you. Also like making a suit, there is no simple way to reach perfection right way. It takes time, effort and attention to detail.

Why the will-to-win takes more than a dressing room pep-talk

The captain is in the dressing room before the game giving his team a last minute talk.

He tells the boys that they have the talent and ability to beat this lot. All that needs to happen is this: Stay focused and switched on for the entire game. Let the will-to-win take us over the line.

Why most winning cricket teams are lucky (and what to do if you are unlucky)

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You could say England's 1st Ashes Test victory was the result of a great deal of luck; especially if you are Australian.

Ponting out caught off the pad, Hughes out caught just off the ground (where TV replays look dubious) and Katich out caught off a no-ball that wasn't given: A bad few days at the office.

Cricket Show 38: Mental toughness

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The theme of the show this week is mental toughness for cricket, inspired by the epic battle between England and Australia in the first Ashes Test. Ian Pont is back to talk about fielding for fast bowlers and David and Kevin talk about the pressures of playing. We also discuss: