How indestructible team spirit can turn your bad form around

A big part of the reason the team I play for is near the top of the league is our team spirit.

Last Saturday was a grudge match against our local rivals, a good team just relegated from the division above. Several of our senior players were missing including the captain, vice captain and main bowler (who was next in line for the captaincy). Due to another player falling ill just before play we had to go in with 10 men.

What ' Top Gun' can teach you about cricket

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Remember how the pilots were chosen in the 80's film Top Gun?

They were the best of the best.

They were the elite within an exclusive club. Men wanted to be them, women wanted them. Or so the cliche went.

Better batting is built on bulletproof concentration

I can't seem to get the South African first Test recovery out of my head. Most comments have been negative: That old fashioned defensive cricket does no good in this big hitting, big money world.

But batting out two full days for a draw requires almost superhuman concentration.

Is your cricket mindful or mindless?

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One difficult piece of coaching advice is this: Play one ball at a time.

It's a simple way to put the concept of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the ability to stay in the moment with your thoughts and actions despite external distractions. In all cricket disciplines this is a skill that is more than handy. You are calm under pressure and less likely to make mistakes as a bowler, batsman or fielder.

The new facts of club cricket in a Twenty20 world

The IPL is here. Cricket is big money. It's a new world and it’s time we as club cricketers responded to the challenge.

Modern cricket is built on excitement: Power, speed, athleticism and light speed tactical thinking. The whole game is changing thanks to the 20 over format.

Whatever length game you play it's time to consider some new ways of playing.

What to do if you can't get into the zone while playing cricket

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We have all been there: You can't hit the ball off the square. Every other delivery you bowl is a long hop and your catching has your captain placing you as far from the ball as possible.

If there is a 'zone' for cricket then you are in the exact opposite place: Stuck in a rut of bad form.

Try harder?

Why becoming a rock star is the key to your cricket success

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Do you want to be the best cricketer you can be?

It’s time to take a leaf from the music world and become a rock star.

Rock stars, real stars that is, buck the trend and walk with a swagger. They ignore what came before and change everything that comes afterwards.

If cricket is 80% mental, why do we spend so little time on those skills?

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Cricket and golf have a lot in common: sports that go on in the head as much as in the body.

For example, there is a story about a famous golfer who lost his form. He decided to seek one of the finest golf coaches in the world to sort out his technique.

The coach took the player to the driving range with a bucket of balls and asked him to show him his swing. The coach sat down on a chair and watched as the player hit a few balls.

An introduction to playing better cricket


After several hundred posts I thought it was time you got an introduction. Or, more specifically; Some of the ideas and people behind the practical tips on this site that make you a better player. If you understand these pillars, you understand the system I use and that's essential to your success.

The essential elements to cricket success

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Creative Commons License photo credit: diongillard

If you want to know where you are going, a map is a good place to start.

That's what these elements of success are all about: The philosphy that drives this site. Hopefully you will understand a little more where I am coming from. Hopefully you will be able to start creating your own map.

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