It’s never too late: 6 comeback tips for over the hill cricketers

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People have started to notice. Time is catching up on you.

As you get older the 'promising youngster' tag has slowly vanished and your waistline is making the creep towards middle aged spread. In the past a rut of form was written off, but now you find selectors dropping you down a standard. They tell you they are giving the younger ones a chance but you suspect they think your eyes are going.

Why you need self belief to succeed in cricket

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Today's guest post is by Liz Ward

What do you do batting in a situation like this?

Your team is 9 wickets down needing 43 runs to win. There are 9 overs left. How do you feel? Do you believe you can do it? Is it realistic? Although certainly not a walk over, it is not beyond the realms of possibility.

How to catch with soft hands

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Have you ever found yourself standing on the boundary waiting to see if the batsman's huge hit will clear you or land right on your head?

It's perhaps not the best time to start wondering how to catch the ball like you see the professionals do on the TV. When you watch a good slip catch or deep catch on Sky Sports it looks simple and relaxed.

The PitchVision Guide to Inspirational Quotes #2

We cant take any credit for compiling this one either, but some great thoughts and quotes.....



What a 1 year old can teach you about improving your cricket

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35 Ways to improve your cricket during the season

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Back in the mists of ancient history (the 1980's) the Soviets were kings of sport. Their state funded athletes became a huge experiment in maximising performance.

This included the development of periodisation: the planning system that most sports follow to this day, cricket included.

What is your cricket philosophy?

How to deal with favouritism in cricket

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“Am I bovvered?” How to beat your own laziness once and for all

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Do you often make big plans to improve your game only to find yourself acting like Catherine Tate's Lauren?

I found myself there this morning.

I felt like I had no energy as I headed to the gym and after warming up my first couple of sets were way below par. I gave in and headed for the shower after about 20 minutes instead of my usual hour.

What was causing this lethargy?

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