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How to stop choking

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It was the 25th September 2004. The English summer had passed on and autumn was in the air. But an ICC Champions Trophy final still needed to be played.

It was to be the scene of one of the greatest chokes in cricket history.

The West Indies had got off to a poor start chasing England's 217. After 17 overs they were 72-4 and wickets tumbled further until a hapless 147-8 put England firmly in the driving seat, moments from victory.

3 Ways to open the door of opportunity

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What do you do if you are not getting the chance you deserve in your cricket team?

It's a problem that happens every week in club, school and university teams. A few talented (or well established) players hog everything, leaving others to fight for scraps.

I'm sure you have seen or experienced a situation like this:

Can you visualise the future of your cricket to help build on the past?

This is a guest article by Daniel Maddocks of Promoting Cricket for Kids. Daniel is an ECB Coach with experience in coaching young cricketers in the North West of England.

"We have moved beyond the gobbledygook of sports psychology"

PitchVision Academy interviews South African Coach of the Year, Richard Pybus. His impressive CV includes coaching Pakistan, Border and the Titans franchise in South Africa. We chatted about cricket technology, developing players and brain-based coaching.

PV: What do you see as the coaches' job?

Solve your cricketing problems with this online tool

Judging by the number of questions we get here at PitchVision Academy, a lot of players and coaches have a cricketing problem they need solving. Everyone has something; a technical flaw in the cover drive, not quick enough bowling, getting gassed with low fitness levels and a hundred other things.

We also know that there is a frustrating gap for most of us.

The coaches and experts with the answers to your problems are expensive or inaccessible, or both.

At least they were.

How to turn round a bad start like Rajasthan Royals

After a handful of IPL 3 games the Royals had yet to register a win and were already written off as failures for another year.

After 7 games they had jumped to third in the table and looked unstoppable, despite not having the huge names of other teams.

Can your team copy the Royals method if your own season starts badly?

Cricket Show 73: Trigger moves

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PitchVision Academy Cricket ShowThe show has had a spring clean and we unveil the new name and logo. But business continues as usual.

Gary Palmer gives us another detailed batting tip and we get back to your questions.

How to use middle practice to improve your cricket

Middle practice is a far better way to improve your tactics and game plans than nets will ever be.

That's because nets lack context. There is no pressure of the game or fielders.

But to learn how to play under pressure you have to practice under pressure. And middle practice does exactly that.

The break-glass-in-emergency guide to last-minute wicketkeeping

It's inevitable that the day will come.

Your regular keeper is out injured/hung over/unavailable. Despite the captain desperately searching for a replacement, none can be found.

Straws are drawn and someone gets the short one.

A pair of gloves are located and shoved on the mitts of the unsuspecting batsman (it's always a batsman).

Cricket Show 72: Drop the ego

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With Kevin away, David is joined by Gary Palmer and we get the final part of our interview with ECB and Lane4 psychologist Wil James.

If you missed the other parts of the interview with Wil you can get them here: