Here's a great way to build team spirit

Do you find you have problems with team standards and discipline at your club?

Many teams do, it's the nature of recreational sport. Club players are there to have fun as much as to win games. Teams can be collections of individuals rather than a unit with shared values.

Have you got your cricket goals in place?

With the league season fast approaching here, now is the time to set your cricket goals for the summer.

In the hope that you will be inspired to do this yourself, it's time for me to put my money where my mouth is. Here are my goals for the summer and how I plan to track them:

Overall Aim: To make 2007 my best cricket season ever.

Why sleep is so good for your cricket

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While almost everyone agrees on the importance of regular sleep to sport performance, it seems nobody can agree on the right amount.

Sleep is a vital element in your cricket training plan no matter what your goals. According to studies (and probably your own common sense) the main reasons are all preventative:

3 steps to wild success in cricket

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Look around the room you are in now for anything that is the colour bright red.

I guarantee you will be able to pick out even the tiniest speck now you are looking for it, even if there is hardly any red at all.

Maybe you have bought a brand new car sometime in your life.

How many of those cars do you suddenly see on the road once you start driving around?

That's the power of focus.

Speed and power: Untap your hidden potential

If you can improve your coordination you will get stronger and faster on the cricket pitch.

This works because the more your body's nervous system is able to activate the fibres in your muscles quickly and in the right order, the more efficiently it operates.

Most club cricketers are not making the most of this efficiency potential and so are not using their hidden reserves. Lucky for you, it's quite easy to tap into them with the right approach.

How to get momentum this cricket season

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Do you ever wonder what international cricketers mean when you hear them talk about 'momentum'? Is it another way of saying 'we need to win' or is there something to the idea that once you start doing well on the pitch it becomes increasingly easy to keep doing well?

Momentum is a critical factor in cricket because it can make the difference between two sides of equal skill. This is because momentum is having the self-confidence to apply skill at the right moment in a match. It's all about timing.

The 7 rules of cricket success

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The vast majority of cricketers leave their success to chance and hope. Why take that risk? If you want get your nose ahead of 95% of players then simply put these 7 rules in place for the coming season.

How to improve your cricket by doing less

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When everything is going right for you cricket seems the easiest game in the world. If you think back to your best game, did it feel easy or hard work?

I bet that it was the easiest thing you ever did. Sometimes you see the ball early, your feet seem to know where to go and you feel in total command.

Here’s a simple way to have a better season

Its human nature to focus on the negative side of life and take the positives for granted. Cricket is no different. I know I've often got frustrated with some of my performances even when I did most things right.

An effective strategy I have found as both a coach and cricketer is to keep a performance file for the season.

Readers Question: Do you sledge?

What with Paul Nixon taking English sledging to a new level and a big jump in harrowdrive subscribers this week I thought it was the perfect time to ask you a question.

Do you sledge?

We certainly do at my club, although it's more subtle than the in-your-face insult stuff of the International game. Here are some ways I like to do it:

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