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5 Ways to deal with big match pressure as well as Ashes cricketers

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Is there anyone in cricket with more pressure on them than the players of Australia and England at the start of an Ashes series?

It's certainly far more stress than you or I have experienced as cricketers (unless you happen to be MS Dhoni). However, even club players feel pressure situations: Finals (maybe even on TV), league deciders and even the local derby where you play out your own mini Ashes-style rivalry.

Ask the readers: What would increase your mental toughness?

How often do we hear of top players with ability but without the mental strength to fight through?

To me, this demonstrates how cricket, at every level, can be a game of confidence. Technique, talent and fitness are important, but without the ability to ride success and shrug of failure it's all worthless.

With that in mind my question to you is:

How mentally tough are you and what would you like to learn about to improve it?

Fear of success: Do you recognise the signs?

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In 2005 the England cricket team won the Ashes in dramatic fashion. They were hailed by some a heirs to the world title with a young side of talented cricketers ready to take on, and beat, the world's best.

What happened was indifferent form culminating in a 5-0 whitewash at the hands of the very Australian side they had beaten less than two years before.

Cricket Show 35: Mike Brearley

miCricketCoach - PitchVision miCricketCoach Show 035 with Mike Brearley.mp3
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As part of the brand new captaincy course on PitchVision Academy we have a free sample section of our conversation with Mike Brearley.

The full audio includes tactical and man management tips for captains. There is also exclusive video of Mike available once you have enrolled. If you order before June 1st you can get the course at a discount rate.

Also in the show Kevin sorts out his hang time, David wins a match with no satisfaction and also:

Improve your Twenty20 tactics in 5 minutes

Improve your T20 Tactics PresentationIn my opinion, the formula for winning a T20 or 50 over game is the same for most cricket teams (i.e. everyone playing below the 1st Class level).

A step-by-step guide to fixing your cricketing weaknesses

We all have our cricketing flaws.

Perhaps yours is a technical weakness stopping you from playing the ball off your legs. Maybe you go to pieces out in the middle or perhaps you find yourself exhausted after a short spell due to your fitness levels.

Cricket Show 30: Ways to improve your consistency

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David reveals his failure on two fronts this week while Kevin tells us about his new backlift. In the rest of the show we discuss some comments you have left about previous shows and also answer your questions on:

Bowl with personality as well as the ball

Can personality get you wickets?

The former Middlesex bowler Simon Hughes certainly thinks so. He uniquely explains the rise of Graeme Swann from bad boy to first choice England spinner. Swann doesn't get his wickets through vicious turn and bounce. He doesn't get them through a mysterious doosra or carom ball.

Cricket Show 28: Batting coaching at Ealing CC

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We travel to London this week to catch up with case study subject Naz while watching Ealing CC play a friendly match.

How win low scoring cricket matches

Low scoring games are an intense mental challenge for players. It's the side who can hold their nerve that come out victors.

How do you contribute to that?

It's about a combination of attitude, tactics and effort.