How to be a stand-in captain

It was my turn to make the teas one Saturday, so I was in the club kitchen buttering piles of bread. It was lucky I got there early because as I buttered away one of the selectors walked in.

"Hi David, you know you are skippering the 2nd XI today don't you?"

I didn't.

It was the first I had heard, a few hours before the start of play.

Cricket bestseller list

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5 Simple rules to build trust and responsibility in your team

A close knit cricket team can't be faked.

You can have as many team nights out, boot camps or bonding sessions as you like. If there is no basic trust and understanding of responsibilities then the team will not gel, at least not in my experience.

Expertise from captains, coaches and senior players is required if a team does not come together naturally. Most players are cynical to traditional 'team building' techniques, even if they really want it to work.

How to bowl a hat trick

A hat trick is quite a paradox.

On the one hand, you would love to get one at almost any point in your spell, but how many bowlers plot to do it?

Most of us consider it a stroke of luck, perhaps a once in a lifetime thing.

Yet we all know proper planning and preparation is the way to success so why not plan how you are going to knock down three in three?

Season Starting - Some Thoughts

With the cricket season starting, I thought I'd just make a couple of remarks regarding selections, performance and attitudes during the first few weeks of the season.

This is addressed to those players who have worked solidly through the off season and preseason periods. Players who have made significant changes to their games and players who are approaching the start of the season proper with optimism and positivity.

Concentrate on routine on the morning of a match

Imagine it's the morning of your biggest game of the season. What do you do to focus your mind on the task at hand?

It's all down to routine.

Whether you bat or bowl, we all feel better when we are in control and are able to predict what is going to happen. You can't do that about the game, but you can do it about your preparation right up until the start of the match.

Double you chance of cricketing success by finding your fans

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How many fans do you have?

If you are Kevin Pietersen, Brett Lee or MS Dhoni you might answer with a five (or maybe six) figure number. Which is nice for them, but what has it got to do with making you a better cricketer?

Scientists have worked away to find out the factors that contribute to whether someone succeeds or fails at their goals. The biggest determining factor is your social network.

How to captain your team in the field: Placing the fielders

This is part three of a series on how to captain in the field. To go to part one click here. To go back to the introduction click here.

Along with bowling changes, field placing is the other obvious part of captaincy in the field.

How to captain your team in the field: Motivate and set the tone

This is part one of a series on how to captain in the field. To go back to the introduction click here.

A good cricket team has a certain attitude. They concentrate on every ball, show a never say die attitude and encourage each other in the right ways. However, this is easier said than done, especially in sides where the attitude has historically been different.

6 ways to boost your cricket confidence

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This article has been written by Ryan Maron, Assistant Coach to the Netherlands national cricket team, VRA player coach and Director of Ryan Maron's Cricket School of Excellence in South Africa.

Are you making the muscles in the head work as hard as those in your body? The consistent finding in Sports Psychology research is the relationship between levels of confidence and success.

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