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Cricket Show 67: The dream is over

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Get your hankies ready as Kevin tells talks us through how his championship dreams were crushed at the weekend.

Don't worry though, we have plenty of more positive stuff to look at too. Gary Palmer answers another batting question and we rummage through the mailbag for more reader's questions.

Warning: Thinking can seriously hurt your cricket

Who wouldn't want to be streetwise with thoughts and plans at their fingertips?

How about this guy:

Raj is an opening batsman. He is a slow starter, but is able to score freely once he gets his feet moving. His coach has been helping him with some technical points.

Meanwhile his team-mates have been teasing him for his slow starts.

Here's an easy way to stay focused during your bowling spell

Bowling is hard. At least when you bat and you are out you can hide in the pavilion, but when you bowl and are clattered for 3 boundaries in a row there is nowhere to hide. You have to finish the over.

No wonder the mind becomes cluttered with thoughts and plans when you stand at the top of the mark.

But an unfocused mind makes it difficult to bowl. How many times have you bowled wide outside the off stump, tried to compensate and end up throwing it down he leg side instead?

Cricket Show 66: Middle and off please umpire

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On the show this week David and Kevin chat about the ECBCA conference and bowling the opposition out for a below par score. Gary Palmer talks about an unusual guard and we answer your questions.

The drummer or the conductor: What is the wicketkeeper's role?

The wicketkeeper's role is the source of many an analogy: The conductor, the sergeant-major and the cheerleader. But are these comparisons valuable, and which is the best?

Kent coach Paul Farbrace was drawing his ECBCA conference session to an end. The young wicketkeepers were excited and energetic in their drills while a host of coaches sat gripped to his every word.

What happened at the coaching conference?

Knowledge is a tool used by coaches to make better cricketers.

That's why the ECBCA conference is such an important event for all coaches: You surround yourself with such passionate and knowledgeable people, all of whom love sharing their knowledge of the game.

What Manchester United can teach you about cricket

Premier League football club Manchester United can be envied for their glamour and success. But it's in a less obvious way that they can show your cricket team a lesson.

The last minute equaliser.

Over the years United seem to have become masters of snapping a draw from defeat: Playing badly and not losing.

New boy: How to welcome a new player to your team

Have you ever been promoted to a higher level team, walked in to the dressing room and felt like a stranger among friends?

Being the new kid on the block can intimidate players so much it prevents them from doing well. But a good coach and captain knows how to dodge this and help a new player feel welcome enough to relax.

The 'pub' method

How to use 'The Cube' to win cricket matches

A few months back, with little to do on a Saturday since the cricket season ended I found myself watching TV game show The Cube.

"What a load of rubbish" I thought as the show explained how contestants could win vast sums of money for doing a series of tasks. They were so easy Geoff Boycott's mum could have done them with a stick of rhubarb.

Cricket Show 62: Senyo Nyakutse co-hosts

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The New Year edition of the show sees Senyo Nyakutse in the co-host chair. Gary Palmer gives the lowdown on batting again and David interviews former England analyst Mark Garaway about coaching in Ireland.

Finally we answer your questions. Topics in the show include: