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What happened at the coaching conference?

Knowledge is a tool used by coaches to make better cricketers.

That's why the ECBCA conference is such an important event for all coaches: You surround yourself with such passionate and knowledgeable people, all of whom love sharing their knowledge of the game.

What Manchester United can teach you about cricket

Premier League football club Manchester United can be envied for their glamour and success. But it's in a less obvious way that they can show your cricket team a lesson.

The last minute equaliser.

Over the years United seem to have become masters of snapping a draw from defeat: Playing badly and not losing.

New boy: How to welcome a new player to your team

Have you ever been promoted to a higher level team, walked in to the dressing room and felt like a stranger among friends?

Being the new kid on the block can intimidate players so much it prevents them from doing well. But a good coach and captain knows how to dodge this and help a new player feel welcome enough to relax.

The 'pub' method

How to use 'The Cube' to win cricket matches

A few months back, with little to do on a Saturday since the cricket season ended I found myself watching TV game show The Cube.

"What a load of rubbish" I thought as the show explained how contestants could win vast sums of money for doing a series of tasks. They were so easy Geoff Boycott's mum could have done them with a stick of rhubarb.

Cricket Show 62: Senyo Nyakutse co-hosts

miCricketCoach - PitchVision miCricketCoach Show 062 with guest co-host Senyo Nyakutse.mp3
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The New Year edition of the show sees Senyo Nyakutse in the co-host chair. Gary Palmer gives the lowdown on batting again and David interviews former England analyst Mark Garaway about coaching in Ireland.

Finally we answer your questions. Topics in the show include:

5 Ways to convince the skeptics to change tactics and training

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As a miCricketCoach reader you know more than most club cricketers about how to improve your game. But what about the rest of the team?

In my experience cricketers are a conservative lot. There are still plenty of players who look at you out of the corner of the eye if you suggest gym work, or baulk at the idea that a warm up needs to be more than a quick cigarette and a couple of arm whirls.

The Sachin Tendulkar guide to being a winner

For twenty years Sachin has been the epitome of a winning cricketer. Out of the hundreds of games and dozens of tournaments the little master has played in, the 2003 World Cup was perhaps the closest he has got to winning a global event.

6 Ways to become a better number three batsman

The number three position is the most difficult at any level. That's why the position is filled with the best player in the side: Richards, Bradman, Dravid.

What can we learn from these great names that can be taken into our own game?

Get fast bowling advice from Andy Caddick

Former England fast bowler has joined PitchVision Academy as a coach. To celebrate, we are giving away some free fast bowling advice from the experienced paceman.

Are these myths holding your cricket back?

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Every cricketer who has nervously bitten his nails waiting for a turn to bat knows how important the mind is to playing well. Yet we spend little time working on this aspect of our game.