“Am I bovvered?” How to beat your own laziness once and for all

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Do you often make big plans to improve your game only to find yourself acting like Catherine Tate's Lauren?

I found myself there this morning.

I felt like I had no energy as I headed to the gym and after warming up my first couple of sets were way below par. I gave in and headed for the shower after about 20 minutes instead of my usual hour.

What was causing this lethargy?

How to avoid becoming Mikka Bouzu

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Who has not had a mikka bouzu experience sometime in their life?

5 ways Ferris Bueller can improve your cricket

Ferris Bueller, as you already know, was the coolest kid in school. Who doesn't want to be a bit like Ferris?

Ferris would have been a great cricketer, had he not been busy being a 1980's fictional Amercian High school kid. Here's why.

Ferris uses bluff to his advantage

Are you teaching yourself to fail?

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How quickly do you give up the cause on the cricket pitch?

For some, no matter what level they are playing, the very idea of giving up is impossible to conceive. At the other end, there are many who throw up their hands at the first sign of team or individual failure. The latter approach may be more natural but it teaches you nothing but how to fail more often.

As SquatRX pointed out recently:

What’s your cricket ambition for 2008?

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One of the big aims of this site is to help club cricketers reach their goals. So today I want to know what those goals are.

Whether you are hoping to make it as a pro through to breaking into the club third XI I want to hear what you have.

Last year my own aim was to have my best season ever. I was stronger, faster, more prepared and as a result I had a better season despite the terrible weather here. Initially in 2008 I just want to be as ready for the season as I have ever been through my fitness and nutrition. Maybe you have a similar aim. Maybe you just want to improve technique.

Jeremy Snape's little known ways to improve your cricket thinking

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Want some top tips from a professional cricketer and sport psychology guru?

This week England and Leicestershire player Jeremy Snape celebrated the launch of his new member's area at Sporting Edge by talking cricket thinking and the World Twenty20 with me.

What was your experience at the World Twenty20 like and what did you learn?

How to succeed on the field when you don't have enough talent

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It's possible you may not need as much talent as you thought to become a success on the cricket pitch:

Readers Tips: How to stay in form

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Ever wondered how all that high and mighty sport psychology actually works on the pitch? Tom from SimplyCricket gives his own personal experience of working on his concentration to improve his batting form.

form.jpgIt was during another (reasonably long for me) stint at the crease that I began to wonder what was behind my purple patch with the bat. Sure, I had shown glimpses of being able to grind out innings in the past but as most people will tell you, I'm in the team to bowl; any runs scored are considered a bonus.

The PitchVision Guide to Inspirational Quotes

Ok, we cant take credit for it, but we found this on YouTube. It's definately worth reading......and taking in!  

Planning an Innings

Firstly, let me say there are many ways of planning an innings! This is just one. You have to adopt a planning process that works for you – that is, one that is successful and you can easily replicate every week. It should be a way of approaching each innings and one that you feel comfortable implementing.

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