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Stop Batting, Start Runmaking with Graham Gooch

Improve the way you coach batsmen by learning the world-class methods of England's leading runmaker


As Graham Gooch says, "anyone can bat, you need to learn how to make runs".

Runmaker is the exclusive insight into the art of batting from Graham Gooch. It's your complete guide to coach batsmen into match winning runmakers with a total system of development that goes far beyond technique and talent.

The online "coach the coach" courses from Gooch are designed to let give you fast and effective methods that work for all batting styles and personalities. These are drills and techniques that Gooch used to become a great batsmen himself, and is still using with the elite players at England and Essex to  this day.

In a combination of eBook and video content, you get to learn everything you need to know to get into the nets and run mind blowing one-to-one batting sessions with your players. It will take you up to professional coach level by exposing you to the approach of Gooch; a privilege usually reserved for those in first-class cricket.

The courses include:

  • Batting drills used by Gooch
  • The technical "non-negotiables" of batting
  • Ways to deal with talented but difficult players
  • A systematic coaching method that covers the four most important aspects of coaching runmakers
  • Ways to coach a better work ethic into batters

Plus the course is tied to an exclusive forum where you can discuss with others who have bought the course everything from individual player technical point through to general questions.

If you aim to help batsmen score more runs as a result of your coaching and their work, Runmaker is the course that you can't miss.



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Chapter 1 - One to One Batting Coaching Sessions
Find out how Goochie runs a batting session

Introduction to Runmaker Sessions

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Runmaker Batting Drills

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Chapter 2 - 4 Elements of Runmaking
Discover the approach to batting success.

Coaching Attitude

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Coaching Concentration

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Coaching Knowledge

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Coaching Technique

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Chapter 3 - Runmaker eBook
Download and read the 30 page eBook (pdf format)

Runmaker eBook

eBook for Cricket Coaches that talks about, and provides practical tips and drills for:

  • One to One Coaching Session
  • Building in other disciplines
  • Grooving technique
  • Technical Sessions
  • Attitude
  • Concentration
  • Technique
  • Knowledge

Exclusive Course Forum

Talk batting with Goochie in the forums.

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Price: $31.75
Member Price: $24.42