If You're Checking Cricket Technique, Do It in Matches | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

If You're Checking Cricket Technique, Do It in Matches

We all love to make technical improvements, but you're not finding your flaws unless you see them in matches.


Training is a controlled place where there is less pressure and much less focus on results. It's a good place to learn, hone and develop your game and your technique.

It's not perfect though.

Because you do things differently in games.

Pressure, game situation and tiredness all mean your true technique only really comes out in matches.

So, use matches to work out the parts of your game that are good, and the parts that need work. You can judge this more clearly in matches because you can see what happened: If you play a shot with "bad" technique but you average 60 with it, it must work for you!

You can then take this information into nets and work on the specifics that will give you the best results in games.

How can you review your technique in games?

It's all about video.

Everyone has a phone these days, so it's simple to point and shoot at the basic level. You can also use match coding tools if you have access to better resources. Ask your coach about this technology. It's used at professional level all the time, and there are an increasing number of pro-level options for club and school cricket.

But whatever method you use, remember to check in on your technique - and the outcomes you get - by looking at matches then honing in training.

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