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6 ways to get more from your cricket training

Are you being as productive as you can be during training? We all want to play better so heading to the gym or net session would seem the best way to up your game. But only if you are doing it effectively.

Sadly many practice sessions are not giving cricketers the results they want. Instead of improving your game you could be putting up barriers to more runs and wickets.

If you feel that's happening it's time to cast your eyes over these 6 tips on how to make the most of the limited time you have to train.

  1. Have a plan. Every time you go to the gym or have a practice session you have a chance to get better. If you go in with a plan of what you need to do to improve you won't waste time thinking about it during precious training time. For example, if you want to be faster, what speed training have you put into your sessions and how are you tracking your progress? If you want to learn a new shot, who is going to feed you deliveries to practice it?
  2. Take charge. At your net sessions ask yourself who is in charge? If it's a free for all you won't make the most of the time because people will be busy chatting or doing what they want so you can't get the practice you want. If the captain or coach won't take control then make sure you are not wasting your time by setting up a session that suits everyone.
  3. Work out alternatives. If you can't get a session you want, or someone is using your favourite machine in the gym you need to have planned some alternatives. You don't have time to hang about for someone to finish so just do something else as a replacement and go back to the original plan for next time.
  4. Get the right amount of rest. If time is limited in the gym use saving techniques like circuit training and supersets to get more in less time. While training don't waste time sitting around ‘resting' between drills. Work in smaller groups to cut back on wasted time.
  5. Train with intensity. The more intense your training the more realistic it is. It's also more time efficient to train in short intense bursts than it is to slog away in a half hearted manner. The rule is that you train at ‘game pace' (after a warm up) or you don't bother.
  6. Be specific. When you are in the gym and for exercises that follow the basic rules of cricket training. During training, simulate match situations by playing practice matches. There is no better way to simulate the pressure of games than actually playing a game. It's pretty easy to adapt the rules to make sure everyone is practising the skill they want to develop.

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I always found nets a waste of time. Although I wanted to practice too many people spent their time chatting about what they have been up to, I was never given enough time to bat and if you did get a bat it would be towars the end of a session with all the bowlers tired.

Captains and club officials need to find a way of making nets more productive and more enjoyable for players of all levels.

I agree, that's why I advocate shorter sessions with higher intensity in small groups. Practice matches are also good if designed properly.

I Agree but There Should Be Training On The Basis Of Capability Of A Person.
Nice Read

What are you driving at HBK? Do you mean limit yourself based on your fitness levels?

I'm glad you popped along Liz. There is a shoulder question you might be able to answer.

Hi David, please see email!

PS, you hid this well Smiling

I hope I'm not hiding too well!