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  PitchVision for Clubs  

  • A visual training system - sensor mats capture data and deliver for graphic analysis and reconstruction of bowlers delivery process and batsman respons.
  • Designed for all levels of cricketer, in groups or alone. Automatic player ID options available
  • Is easy to use, versatile and portable
  • Allowes bowlers to pay agains software-simulated batsman and vice-versa
  • For training or "In-Net" run-chase games
  • Instant analysis, as well as an online library to store all your data
  • Combines sensor technology and mobile phones
  • Compatible with Mobile Phones and Bluetooth

Every where you go, every time you play:
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PitchVision - Coach Edition
PitchVision - Mobile
PitchVision for Sports Centres
PitchVision for Cricket Clubs & Schools
Whether you are a small Village club, a Metropolitan District Club or a County Club with good facilities at the end of the day all clubs have similar goals & challenges when it comes to Club training.
  • Clubs want good attendance at training and want their players enthusiastic about turning up
  • Clubs want to get the most out of training sessions, keeping everyone involved
  • Clubs want their training sessions to sociable, but focused – competitive and constructive in improving player’s games
  • Clubs would like to (but struggle to) give every player some attention
  • Many Clubs would like to get give their players more  benefits for being a Member.
  • Clubs are careful about their budgets and try to ensure the whole club gets a benefit from any investment in new equipment.
PitchVision can offer your Club with a new incentive for players to get to training as early as possible, getting everyone involved and focused on their performance from the first ball, every player with their own personally feedback  - and what is probably the best value piece of equipment your club will ever have.

PitchVision is a revolutionary new Cricket system that allows batting, bowling and fielding performances to be automatically measured, compared and improved at training – without the use of cameras, or any other impractical equipment.

PitchVision takes Club practice into the 21st Century by applying a easy to use technological system that sends instant feedback, directly to each player’s mobile phone (or the Coach’s Laptop) as they train.

Sensors in the nets capture automatic ball by ball records of every delivery and the standard or outcome achieved. The software provides both instant feedback, and a wealth of data for later, detailed analysis.

Secondly, the nature of the feedback is such that it enables players (batsmen & bowlers) to practice in smaller groups or even alone and still obtain meaningful feedback. Cricketers can now enjoy the convenience of practice and play in alone or in small groups and still receive greater feedback than in club training.

Line and Length, Ball Speed, shot selection, scoring against simulated teams, In-Net run chases against software simulated fielding sides, LBW adjudications, records of wicket balls, accuracy, and automatic player ID are just some of the instant features available to each player.

PitchVision - Coach Edition: The Ultimate Cricket training tool.

A really exciting aspect of PitchVision is that it allows the Club to store and share the performance data with its  players through the PitchVision on-Line Data Library – which we call “PitchVision Academy”.

If you’re interested in building your relationship with your players in this internet age then this is something you’ve got to check out.   Oh, and you don’t need to be technically minded – we’ve done all the tricky stuff for you.  All you do is fill in the details of your players and you have a direct, purposeful and valuable on-line link with them, this week, next week, this season, next season.  Easy! Whether you’re a solo coach or on a group of coaches in an established centre – its your instant On-Line Cricket Academy in a box!

...and that’s PitchVision’s philosophy in a nutshell:  to make sports technology easy, mainstream and affordable to you. We passionately believe that if designed correctly there is no reason why it should not be just another item of ‘basic’ equipment that every Coach and player should expect and benefit from.   

Net sessions are dynamic: people come and go, switch nets spontaneously, leave to pad up, they stop and start. PitchVision does not require players to change the way they train. We’ve designed PitchVision to be relatively easy to set up, and once it’s set up it’s completely Plug-and-Play.  It’s unobtrusive – and importantly – it does not change the natural rhythm of training.

PitchVision - Coach Edition: Screenshots

Set up / Take Down
The system may be installed as a semi-permanent structure or in a portable “set up-take down” assembly that takes only matter of minutes to prepare. Neither arrangement requires any changes to your Nets- the system is design to be unobtrusively used in any normal Cricket Net, on just about any surface Indoor or Outdoor.

PitchVision is designed to be a ‘modular’ product – that is, it can operate in a range of set-ups- from the very basic to the very complex. The more sensors you deploy, the more the data gathered becomes more complete, and the feedback and analysis more accurate. The sensor set-up can therefore be customised to the needs of the individual centre- with the centre taking only those features it feels will really add value in its particular setting, and not be burdened by the cost of features that may work better elsewhere.

The total cost is largely dependent on the range of features sought or any additional customisation the Club would like to have added. The system is sufficiently flexible that once a basic system is installed, additional sensors can be added at any time, and sensors can be used in a variety of combinations or moved from net to net as the demand requires without duplicating costs (ie further costs would be incremental).

Most importantly much of your Club’s investment can be significantly – or entirely -  offset by miSport’s generous licence sales incentives.  What does this mean?  It means that a savvy club can effectively get this system for free.  Too good to be true?    Well, welcome to the PitchVision revolution! 

PitchVision - Coach Edition: Screenshots

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Your Player's Performance data displayed instantly on your Laptop!

Your own On-Line Player Analysis & Feedback system!

From the Nets...

PitchVision Sensor Mats in the
nets capture each ball as your
students play

to your Laptop...

Data appears instantly on your
Laptop - Player's get instant feedback;
You get solid analysis data

to your Library...

Upload your data to your own
personal On-Line Library at
PitchVision Academy

Use the advanced analysis tools
on your laptop or on the web to
asses your players performance

to your Players...

Quickly and easily generate a
Report card for each player and email
it directly to them

Encourage your students to share
their report cards with their friends
- watch your team grow!