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Are you making the most of your cricket training?

Half hearted cricket training is as bad as no training at all.

Low intensity training is a waste of time because a few knock-ups on the outfield are not going to prepare for a searing drive heading straight for you at cover.

Here are some ways to ensure you are training hard enough:

  • Keep drills short. Whatever drills you are doing keep them short in duration with plenty of participation. This way you can do everything at a faster pace: Hit the ball harder, run faster and go at game speed.
  • Sprint. Sprint training both in and out of pads is essential for all players. If you do it in the middle you need to do it in training. Make sure your training sessions include some sprint work as part of fielding and batting drills. Include some specific straight speed and agility work at the end of your warm up.
  • Make training competitive. There is nothing like a competition for raising the intensity fast. Where possible split into smaller groups and compete with each other for times or points.
  • Rest. High intensity needs good rest periods so build in enough rest between drills and practices to fully recover. High intensity training leads to fatigue which brings injury unless you have enough rest.
  • Bring your ‘game head'. Treat training drills in exactly the same way as games. Make sure you are switched on and not just going through the motions. I often tell players to get their game heads on before starting a drill as a reminder.

A good coach will be able to control these factors so if your club doesn't have one, get one.

If you don't compromise your training you won't compromise in the middle.

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