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Ask the coaches: Now there is a way to correct all the common technical faults in young cricketers

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You've done the coaching course and read the books. Now you have been asked (or perhaps persuaded) into to running a junior side for your cricket club.

The youngsters come in all shapes, sizes and abilities. A few are natural athletes. Most struggle with some aspect of the game and are less than perfect, even after many sessions.

The trouble is that whilst you've learned the correct way to play a cover-drive or bowl an off-break, no-one has shown you how to correct even the most basic faults.

Until now.

Welcome to the "Ask the Coaches" section that allows you to find out how others do it and put forward your tips to difficulties that others encounter.

In this section we select problems and ask you to give us your suggestions, as well as coming up with a few of our own to help you along the way.

We'll be asking you to try out the tips, rate them and write a review. Between us we can work out the best practices, drills and methods for any problem.

List of current technical problems

This list will be added to regularly, and no topic is ever closed.

How it works

Each article explains the problem and presents you with at least 2 possible solutions. We encourage you to try the solutions with your players and let us know what works by leaving a review out of 5 stars for others to see.

But we don't just want your feedback on our solutions; we also want you to tell us what different tricks you have tried in the past. Maybe they worked well or maybe they fell flat. Either way you can leave your experiences for other to learn from.

The best coaching tips will be added to the articles for others to rate as well.

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We hope to get your feedback soon!


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