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Become a Better Spinner with This Free 8 Week Course of Tips and Drills

Sometimes as a spinner you wonder if it’s all worth it.

Your well planned stock ball is thumped by a slogger over deep midwicket and your captain puts his hands on his hips as if it’s somehow your fault.

And there are still 4 balls left in the over.

It’s enough to drive anyone to bowling miserly medium pace.

Except you are not like that; you love the challenge of bowling spin.

You want to feel the glory of the ball gripping, spitting, turning square and causing chaos. No slogger is going to prevent you.

You have the spinner’s mentality and you are going to get results.

You just need to know how to do it.

Introducing “Spin Bowling Tips” Free 8 Week Course

Here is where you begin that journey of development.

The free 8 week course, delivered by email will teach you the tricks and drills to be able to:

  • Become an attacking spinner who turns the ball sharply.
  • Understand and use flight, drift and dip to deceive the batsmen.
  • Define your stock ball in different circumstances.
  • Evaluate yourself and bring your weaknesses up.

Apply proven mental techniques for stay focused and confident, even when a batsman is attacking you.

Just enter your email in the box below to get the course delivered right to your inbox. Plus we will keep you up to date with other developments to make you a better spinner as time goes on:

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Who’s running the course?

Spin bowling coach and PitchVision Academy Coaching Panel Member Menno Gazendam has the answers to your problems.

He should know: he has coached spin bowling for many years, and still plays club cricket at the top level.

He has written a comprehensive book called Spin Bowling Tips that has been published worldwide.

Back in high school he even trapped England's batting star Jonathan Trott LBW (although, to be honest, if Hawkeye was around then it might have shown the ball missing leg stump).

In short, he knows what he talking about when it comes to spin bowling.

When you enter your email address you will get an email outlining the course from Menno. Then once a week for 8 weeks you will get the complete course. By the end of the series (as long as you follow the advice) you will be a spinner who is on the road to becoming a great success.

All the emails will come from Menno, your trusted advisor.

But WAIT... That's not all: FREE eBook!

When you enrol on this free email based course, you also get - as an incentive and thank you - a 24-page eBook; "5 Secrets to Being a Badass Spinner: What Batsmen Really do Not Want You to Know"

Enter your email in the box below to get the eBook instantly, along with your 8 week course on spin bowling:

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