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Challenge what you think about cricket fitness

Part of the attraction of cricket and fitness is that both worlds generate so much debate: Everyone has an opinion. Rent-a-pundits are 10 a penny on Sky.

But it's important to question everyone's opinion because without asking why we accept as truth a lot of stuff that we can do better.

Look at the example of Jason Ferruggia, a man who has trained many athletes to peak performance. He says in his blog that supplements and fast acting sport drinks are a waste of time.

I agree.

But not entirely.

Most cricketers will see a huge performance boost from just eating right and training with intensity. No need to supplement, although creatine is so cheap now that it's probably worth a punt.

But I also feel that fast acting sports drinks are a vital component to endurance on the cricket pitch, especially when combined with Dr. John Berardi's 7 Habits of Effective Eating.

You see, using a fast acting drink like chocolate milk or Cytofuse before, during and after play improves your endurance and performance on the field and speed of recovery off it (see my post on Cytofuse for more information on that).

My own experiences with fast acting drinks are all good showing marked improvements in player performance on the back of being able to last longer and recover quicker.

So if you are looking for opinions on fitness, or tactics this summer, consider the arguments on both sides but never take anyone's word as gospel until you have tried it yourself.

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