David Virgo

Cricket lured David Virgo to the big city from a country town childhood in Narrogin of Western Australia which involved sport, sport and more sport. He would become a member of the Western Warriors (WA Cricket Squad) for 4 years. After retiring from the game at an early age he realised very quickly his calling was to assist others in removing restricive forces to enable better perfomances.

Coaching Philosophy

David has a belief that all cricketers should prepare for a life of cricket success rather than just hope to be picked up in the system. Preparing a youth for cricket should be a quality not quantity approach that leaves a young cricketer ready to express themselves freely in their cricket exploits rather than continuously trying to patch up technical flaws caused by an unstructured, one dimensional approach to youth cricket development.


After playing the game in Perth, David coached Mt Lawley District Cricket Club and the Country XI Senior Cricket side. He has now taken on the role of Development Coach of the Country XI and will work with the Under 21's from the Country XI.

He is also involved with a select few as a personal batting coach after a stint at Mt Lawley and Gosnells as a batting coach.

A major part of his life is also involved with fitness, lifestyle and wellness coaching where he runs his own business called Lifestyle Improvers. Mixing his cricket experiences with his fitness, movement and lifestyle improving knowledge has enabled him to create the Complete Youth Cricket Development Concept. 

David Virgo hails from Perth in Western Australia where he resides with his family of three children and wife Adriana.


"Before I had worked with David, I had twice suffered double stress fractures in my lower back from the rigours of fast bowling. With the recommendation of core stability work from my physio, I approached David about starting a core stability program. I have worked with David for three consecutive pre-seasons on core strength, stability and flexibility. Since working with David, I have not had any recurrence of the back injuries suffered in the past. David clearly has an excellent knowledge of both cricket and injuries that are associated with the game. David provides a successful program that not only keeps you fit, but also makes you more aware of injury prevention techniques that are very specific to the game of cricket."

Paul Davis, Western Warriors Cricketer

"Being a keen 1st grade cricketer, I was devastated to be diagnosed with the early stages of osteitis pubis shortly before the commencement of the 06/07 cricket season. However, David Virgo's tailored exercise/rehabilitation program enabled me to overcome the injury and play cricket with complete freedom within just a few months. David's expert knowledge and genuine desire to help me progress made the experience very satisfying."

Sean Hollins

"I can highly recommend David Virgo to any cricketer who is looking for that edge in fitness training or a specialised rehabilitation program. David has many years experience in tailoring programs to suit the needs of individual players. He continues to strive to be the best in his field and understands what is required for players to reach their goals. As the President of The Mt Lawley Cricket Club I have no hesitation in recommending David for any specialized fitness or rehabilitation work required to enable cricketers to play at their best."

Peter Murphy, President of Mt Lawley District Cricket Club