Ian Pont

Coaching Philosophy

It's not how you start that matters, it's how you finish that counts. Fast bowlers are made, not born.


  • Former first class cricketer 1982-1988
  • Bowling Coach Essex CCC 2004-2007
  • Bowling Coach Netherlands 2006
  • Author of "The Fast Bowlers Bible" coaching book 2005

Current Projects

  • ECB National & Regional Skills Sets Coach.
  • Head Coach, International Cricket Camp, South Africa.
  • Conducting Mavericks Cricket ABSAT Fast Bowling courses.
  • Private coaching of individuals and groups at all levels and ages.


"Ian is the first and only coach to ever focus on speed and accuracy. It’s so exciting to hear it. We've discussed it and feel I can add 4-6 kph (3-5 mph) as I am at the moment. I was clocked at 151 kph (93.8 mph) so this is an incredible opportunity for me"

Dayle Steyn, South African International Bowler.

"His methods are so different. By changing my front arm position, I’ve added a yard of pace yet continued to bowl as accurately as ever. He uses a different language to any other coach I’ve ever met. And he’s not afraid to suggest changes to actions."

Darren Gough, English International Bowler

"Ian helped me get into the World Cup team I wish I could have had him as my coach when I was younger."

Roni Irani, English International All Rounder

"Ian has spent a great deal of time trying to simplify the skills so they are more relevant and easily understood by the players he coaches. He is always fully behind the players and supports them both in training and competition environments."

Richard Done, ICC High Performance Manager

"Working with Ian has given me the ability to assess my own game.  My speed and accuracy have really improved and I can now understand how to fix things if they go wrong. Ian’s enthusiasm makes the coaching fun too. I’ve really enjoyed the sessions with him and learned so much."
Bill Thorne (aged 14)