The Cricket Asylum

The Cricket Asylum is the world's most innovative cricket coaching facility. We are the first cricket specific venue in the world to feature PitchVision's coaching technology built in to our lanes. This enables us to offer visitors of all standards an unrivalled opportunity to improve their cricketing skills faster and more cost effectively than ever before. Indoor cricket nets in West Yorkshire have just moved into the 21st Century!

Our ground-breaking set up has been praised by both professional players and coaches alike. The Cricket Asylum brings the technology used by the pro's to the masses and is there to help everyone improve their game.

Offering private and Club Net Hire and Cricket Coaching - our indoor cricket nets West Yorkshire are always looking out for new talent and hope to be a hotbed for developing the next generation of International Superstars.

Our indoor cricket nets West Yorkshire has a seating area and viewing window so parents and partners can can now sit down and relax whilst the cricketer is busy in the nets. We also have a large flat screen TV and are happy to put on movies and games for anyone not involved in playing. Simply ask a member of staff and they will be happy to help.