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Week in week out, cricket clubs run senior training nights for their players – but how often are these sessions actually meaningful and worthwhile?

How often do players come away from sessions thinking they have benefited in a significant way from the session other than having had a 90 minute net with their teammates?

Are the standard of the senior training sessions equitable to the status of the senior teams?

Are your younger senior players getting what they need from senior training sessions?

Having been used to years of weekly coached organised and planned sessions, are players in need of a structured senior session to help them develop their cricket and to encourage them to continue to enjoying playing and practicing their cricket?

These are questions that more and more clubs are now starting to ask themselves from top sides down to small teams. Surrey ECB Coaches Association committee member and Darren Talbot Cricket Coaching owner, Darren Talbot, has been out to meet these clubs to help them find a solution.

The result of these meetings is the Better Senior Training Sessions eBook which looks at how to restructure senior training sessions within the limitations of your club.

In an ideal world each club would have a senior coach who can oversee things but in reality very few clubs either have that person in the first place or indeed the coaches within the club don’t have the necessary gravitas to be respected sufficiently by senior players to run coaching sessions.

So it falls upon senior players to organise their own training sessions in a more meaningful way so that everyone gets a benefit from the extra 2 hours down at the club of an evening.

Better Senior Training Sessions looks at the nature of the problems and how you as a club can work to make your senior sessions more beneficial to all players and create a training environment that it not only fun but also helps every player to continue to develop and improve their cricket no matter their age or the stage of their development.

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