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Hit the Ground Running: JP Duminy’s Modern Techniques and Preparation [1010.201.010.001]

My name is JP Duminy.  

This is the modern technique and preparation section of my 2-course series on batting: Hit the Ground Running.

When you enrol on this online course you'll find me showing you not only the flair shots I use, but also the preparation methods we use in the international game.

It's the first time I have ever revealed my method in such detail.

The course is a combination of online videos, downloadable dossiers, worksheets, interviews, forums and drills: all produced at my home ground of Newlands in Cape Town.

I want to show you how I rose to the top so quickly, so you can copy me; and maybe even find yourself playing together with me somewhere around the world.

Every time I talk to young cricketers I find myself being asked how I approach the game, and what I do that is different to them as a player. And now - through this online coaching course - I have the opportunity to let you get that vital information.

Not just a summary: a detailed understanding of the of the things I've learnt along the way to international cricket.

I've specifically designed the structure to help you become the best batter you can be, even if you are not lucky enough to have a coach and lots of equipment. All you need to follow my practice and preparation process is this course, a buddy and some cricket balls.

So what will I teach you?

  • The foundations of good technique that work like the foundations of a solid house.
  • Why you need a trigger move and how to develop one while avoiding the pitfalls of a bad trigger.
  • How to score quickly with a range of shots.
  • A series of simple but effective drills that I use to groove my own technique.
  • The way I practiced to get to the top, and how I practice now.

Most importantly, I teach you how to teach yourself.

Everyone is different and learns in different ways. With personalised hard work and practice you will make great strides forward. I have seen it happen to myself and this course allows me to show you how I did it. In total there is:

  • 18 online videos with instant access to a DVD worth of video
  • A complete technical dossier on  my modern shots with coaching points, tactical advice, preparation tips and drills.
  • Several workbook and drill sheets for you to complete to help you put things into practice.
  • a CDs worth of audio interviews.

All you need to do is enrol in the course to get instant access to all the resources.

Click on the "Buy Now" button.

JP Duminy

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Chapter 1 - Foundations of Technique
You can't build a house without foundations and you can't play any shot without a reliable set up and trigger move. Because both traditional and modern technique both start with the same fundamentals - and I believe these are critical to your success as a batsman - I'm including this chapter in both my courses.

Build a Solid Foundation with an Effective Set Up

 Match the essentials of the grip, stance and backlift to your own game. Apply the drills and coaching tips to ensure you are getting in good positions to play shots.

Why You Need a Trigger Move

Use this streaming video of net coaching to identify the importance of a good trigger move (and how to avoid the mistakes of a bad trigger). 

Foundations of Technique Resources and Drills

Download this pdf guide that contains photos, tips and drills for the step-by-step guide to having the perfect set up and trigger move.

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Chapter 2 - Play Creatively with Modern Shots
Once you have mastered the fundamentals you can add your own flair with aggressive shots. This section shows you how to play my three most important shots for safe run scoring all round the ground. Analyse the techniques and compare them to your own game.

How to Play the Rock Back Pull

 Watch this streaming video that explains the key points of the modern rock back pull shot. Analyse the technique against your own and practice your pull shot with drills.

How to Score Against Spin with the Sweep

 Watch this streaming video that explains the key points of the sweep. Analyse the technique against your own and practice your sweeping with drills to allow you to score against accurate spin bowling.

How to Play the Switch Sweep

 Watch this streaming video that explains how to play the excting new combination of a switch hit and reverse sweep. Analyse the technique against your own and practice it with progressive drills.

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Chapter 3 - World-Class Preparation
Knowing how to play the modern shots is only the beginning of the road to becoming a good player. You also need to know how to practice those shots in a world-class way and then clear your mind from clutter when you are out in the middle. This is all down to your preparation, something I cover in full in this section.

How to Prepare on Match Day

 What you do on the day of a big game is the crucial finishing touch to your preparation. Get it wrong and it can break you. Use this streaming video to analyse some simple mental and physical warm up methods for getting ready to bat and make a big score.

World-Class Preparation Tips

Download this pdf resource that discusses how prepare like the professionals. This includes mental and training elements. The guide also discusses:

  • How much to practice to be successful.
  • What areas to work on in practice that give you the best chance.

Combine the tips in this resource with the worksheet in the next section.

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Chapter 4 - Personalised Worksheets
The worksheets in this section all tie back to the information you have learned in the previous chapters. Once you have reviewed the course content, download the sheets and fill them in at your practice sessions to accelerate your progress.

Foundations of Technique Drill Sheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet every time you go to the nets to work on your set up and trigger move.

Modern Shots Drill Sheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet every time you go to the nets to practice modern batting shots.

Practice and Preparation Worksheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet to analyse your own game and develop a personalised coaching plan based on what you have available.

Practice Session Plan and Review Worksheet

Good play comes from good planning in practice. Download, print and fill in this sheet for every training session you do to track your progress and plan future sessions.

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Chapter 5 - Downloads
The content in this section is designed to help you develop on the go. Download the audio to listen anywhere you have your iPod

JP Duminy Secrets of Success Interview

 Download and listen to this mp3 interview recorded at Newlands, Cape Town on the secrets of cricket success.

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