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Point to Fine Leg - The Modern Woman's Complete Guide to Cricket [3005.101.085.001]

Have you ever wondered what the heck cricket is all about?

Perhaps your man is a cricketer. He is dying to take you to a game to impress you but you fear looking clueless in front of his mates.

Maybe it’s not about a bloke at all.

You have been sucked in to the hype of the Ashes or seduced by the razamatazz of Twenty20 and want to know about the game that is loved by hundreds of millions of men and women around the world.

For me it all started in 2005 when I stumbled upon the greatest cricket match of all time. I was a football fan. My Dad thought I might be interested in the tense conclusion of the Edgbaston Ashes match. It changed my life as I was gripped by the epic battle of supreme athletes unfold in front of me.

From the moment England scraped over the line cricket became exciting, sexy and addictive.

I wish when I started my journey into cricket that I had this eBook.

It would have made learning about cricket so much easier than reading stuffy Rule of Cricket books.

So I wrote it.

It’s the perfect eBook for all the women around the world who want to give cricket a chance but have no idea where to start.

Written in an accessible, fun style from the perspective of women you will learn all the important stuff about the game; like how to know what’s going on and what to wear to the match!

The eBook is designed to look and feel like a glossy magazine and includes articles like:

  • The 10 Commandments of Cricket Watching
  • 10 Reasons Your Man is Having a Hissy Fit
  • When Do We Clap?
  • 12 Glamorous (and No-Nonsense) Things to Take to a Match
  • Why Cricketers are Like Movie Stars
  • How to Score With a Cricketer
  • Better than Average: How to Measure a Cricketer’s Performance
  • 5 Fantastic Cricket Grounds (and Their Beaches) to Visit
  • 11 Reasons to Watch Cricket On TV
  • Names and Facts to Make You Look Like a Cricket Badass

And of course, like all magazines there is the compulsory quiz to find out just what kind of cricket fan you have become.

When you buy this eBook you will know everything you need to blag your way at any cricket match, from a Twenty20 match on TV through your boyfriend's village match all the way up to a Test match at the ground on a blazing hot summer day.

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