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Cricket confidence can feel like a bank account

"Confidence can feel like a bank account sometimes and after making some solid investments today, I know that the skills will be there when a withdrawal is made under the pressure of a big match."

Jeremy Snape

I love this analogy for building confidence on the cricket pitch.

For me it says the real secret on self confidence is just as much about how you prepare as how you play. You could wait for your worth on the pitch to get a top up through a good performance, or you could act decisively to improve your bank balance.

If you can put in a lot of credit before big games, your confidence won't go into the red when you are under pressure.

Deposits could look like:

These might seem like small deposits at the time. After all what difference will one training session, cheese toastie or mistake make?

However, in the long run you will build up a reserve of confidence. We all have fragile confidence accounts waiting to be decimated and crash our performance.

Defend yourself against going overdrawn with a daily deposit.

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the cricket is based on that what u ur practice always confident

My name is Shivakumar. I am 23 years old. I am an off spinner bowler and a handy batsman. I still not got to play cricket. Atleast I want to play for club. I played for my college and took 3 for 19 for 4 overs but we lost the match. THis is the only chance which I got to play. I want to prove my abilities. I don't know how to join th division team.

I liked the way you conveyed the point. Yeah, confidence is one important thing a player should have to deliver all of the skills and the talents he has got, in the ground. And, i dont think that anyone else could explain it as simple as Mr Jeremy has said here. Good job, man.
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I haven't played cricket for a long time, but I need to start something for fitness purposes, working in an office can do that for you. Anyway, I'll look into it as a viable option.