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Cricket fielding drills week: Fitness

This post is part of the Cricket Fielding Drills Week series. To go to part one click here.

Sometimes it's very difficult to stay motivated when trying to get fit for cricket. You want to improve your fitness, but fitness drills can seem very far detached from getting more runs and wickets. To find a balance you can combine fielding drills with fitness training.

I have already posted some fielding fitness drills here that you can try, but you can never have too many, so here are some more. These drills work well as part of a well planned fitness program and in a properly run cricket training session:

1. 4 Corner Ball Drill


4 Corner Ball Drill

Place 4 balls in a square with a stump in the middle. Starting in the middle the fielder runs to a corner, picks up and returns the ball to the keeper then runs back to the stumps. Repeat for each ball then rest by putting the balls back. Do three sets.


  • Don't use a ball, instead pad up and run to the marker and back as if you were running two quickly.
  • Don't have a keeper, simply shy at the stump.

2. Batter's Race Drill


batsmans race drill

Mark out an area of 22 yards and split into 2 teams (ideally padded up with bats). On the shout of 'go' the first batsman in each team sprints to the other marker, grounding their bat as if taking a quick single. As soon as the batsman crossed the line the next batsman can run. Whichever team finishes first is the winner.


  • Run a two instead of a quick single.
  • Turn it into a fielding competition by having a ball fed out that needs to be chased and returned.

3. Chase and Throw Drill


Chase and Throw Drill

Place three or four balls some distance away from the stumps. The fielder begins facing the stumps. On the call, they turn, sprint, field the ball and return it to the keeper then jog back. Repeat for all the balls then swap with the keeper. Do three sets.


  • The fielder/keeper begins in a lying down position.
  • Use more balls.
  • Have the ball fed out so it is moving.

4. Shy Drill


Shy Drill

On cue the feeder rolls the ball into the marked area. The wicketkeeper (or fielder) runs from behind the stumps and has a shy at the stump at the other end. Meanwhile, the batsman is attempting to make his ground after running as the ball is fed. Repeat for all batsmen.

5. Ladder Catch and Throw Drills


Ladder fielding drill

Using an agility ladder or mini hurdles, the fielder runs from one end to the other focusing on speed and good running technique. That the end of the ladder the fielder takes a catch fed to them,returns it and runs back down the ladder in the opposite direction. Repeat five times. Do three sets.


  • Try doing backwards running, two footed jumps or sidesteps.
  • Make the return a shy at the stumps.
  • Move the feeder to the middle of the ladder instead of the end and complete the catch/return in the middle of the drill.
  • Add a 10m sprint at the end of the ladder before the catch/return
  • Add several cones in a curved shape after the ladder to simulate running around the boundary (you can have two ladders and two boundaries to square it off if you like).
  • Add an extra ladder in line with a feeder in the middle. After completing the first ladder the feeder rolls the ball out away from the ladder the sets off on the second ladder. The first fielder fields the ball and throws it to the feeder who has completed the ladder drill.
  • Use a heavier ball to catch and return (but counter balance with a tennis ball and normal ball on a 3:2:1 ratio).

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If you want a more comprehensive guide to reducing injury risk and increasing cricket specific fitness, check out county strength coach Rob Ahmun's guide on PitchVision Academy.




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Hey guys

i came onto the website a little while back.
i am a coach, and after coming on this website for some good fielding drills advice, for my young kids who weren't the best of fielders.

now after a few months with the feilding drills i printed off the site from u guys the boys are fielding better then ever.

keep up the godd work guys

That's great news Cameron. What club are you at?

My name is Osman, I am a cricket player and cricket teacher, i am an African a Tanzanian i found out your website wonderfull the fielding drills and batting it is working well with the African boys whom i am teaching cricket and now they are found of the game of cricket. Thank you and keep it up.

It's a pleasure Osman, I certainly will.

i like to learn cricket drills pls help me


Have you tried the ones listed?

I am the cricket coach at a high school in Sydney, Australia. Your activities are excellent and have helped our boys not only improve their skills, but enjoy training.


Terry! Where in Sydney are you? I'd love to have a chat some time. I worked at Scots in Bellevue Hill and more recently at Trinity Grammar in Summer Hill. Now coaching full time in Mortlake at Activate Cricket Centre. Email me at and we can have a chat!

Thanks Terry

he guys, i was just letting you no how good this website is it

The fielding and batting drill have been very useful for the boys in my team

Keep up the great work!

hey guys,

Just letting you know how useful this website has been for my team.

The fielding drills are absolutley excellen and the betting drills


You are welcome.

myself is not good in catching during high catches i grab the ball but if falls out from the hand plz suggest.

hi, im am a coach in mauritius and i am trying to coach 9 year olds to love and enjoy the game, i have tried some of the above drills and they are excelled, any more suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

i have been given an assignment to caach under 22 cricket team. i request you to post some of new fielding drills which should help the players in there fitness and also help them improve their fielding standards.

We post new drills all the time in our weekly newsletter. subscribe for free here

very good and easy drills please put up more fielding bowling and wicketkeeping drills