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Cricket fitness professional needed

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Do you know anyone in the strength and conditioning field working with cricketers regularly at any level?

Strength coach and friend of harrowdrive Michael Boyle has a site dedicated to the best in strength and conditioning and is looking to expand it into cricket. I want to help him create this section.

I'm looking for someone who has practical experience in specialist fitness training with cricketers of any age or level (ideally representative level). I want to interview you to set up a series of articles for the site on topics such as:

  1. periodisation
  2. energy systems training
  3. injury prevention
  4. sport specific/functional training
  5. balance of fitness components
  6. strength and conditioning issues

Drop me a line if you are interested or pass my details on.

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I am currently responsible for all fitness, strength and conditioning and rehab/injury prevention for Oxford University Cricket Club and MCCU.