Cricket Show S4 Episode 39: Washing Machine Repairman | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Cricket Show S4 Episode 39: Washing Machine Repairman

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More cricket playing and coaching chat from David Hinchliffe, Burners and Mark Garaway. Half an hour of podcast, blasting a cannon of knowledge right into your brain through your ears!

The team answer coaching questions on temperament and concentration; and discuss shot selection. Plus we talk about Rajasthan setting the example for Academies in India. And compare your cricket to a washing machine. Listen in to find out more.




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This is show number 232.

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Great answer guys, thanks very much.

My question came because I've been designing winter batting coaching sessions for my club juniors and have been thinking about a) what shots to coach and b) what to call them and how to describe them to help their understanding.

Like David said on the show, I don't see the point in coaching the on drive, the straight drive, the off drive, the cover drive etc as four separate shots. Instead I'm just teaching the kids "the drive", and explaining how for the basic shot, balls on the stumps are driven straight, balls on the legside are driven to the legside and balls outside off are driven through the offside. I think this helps emphasise the point that really its just the same shot played in slightly different direction.

Once they get the hang of that, you can then add in extra considerations, like deliberately lofting the shot, opening the face, or using the wrists to change the direction slightly. But rather than giving these shots different names, I just explain them as "optional extras" on top of the basic drive. "pimp my drive" if you like.