Cricket Show 55: Batting against left armers and spin variations | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Cricket Show 55: Batting against left armers and spin variations

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There are three interviews on the show this week as we feature usual guests Gary Palmer on batting and Menno Gazendam on spin bowling. We get a detailed look at the forthcoming International Cricket Camp in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

We also get to hear about Kevin's lateste game. How did he fair with a strong batting line up this week?

Gary answers a question about playing left arm fast bowlers while Menno discusses how to best use variations as a spin bowler.

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Hi dear,

I am writing you inregard to get some tips for improving my batting skills. I frequently noticed that i get LBW over and again especially, when i'm facing an inswinger.In order to avoid this mistake, i started standing on leg stump. however, it did not work significantly, as i expexted. Therefore, it reduce my confidence and making me to doubt on my abilities.So please sort it out for me , so that i would be better batsman.

Looking forward for your reply,

Thank you,

I think your real problem is identifying the delivery. You realize that after you got out. The basic principle of batting is to watch the ball as it comes. Do not take your eyes from the ball and its path. Then only you will be able to face the delivery. Also I think you are a subcontinental player. The pitches in Indian subcontinent produce less bounce than any other. So while facing an inswinging one, you have to remember that it will keep low. So instead of doubting your skills, try to play your natural strokes. If you can play a coverdrive, then you can simply face all inswingers.

P.S: I am not a coach; but know some basics of cricket, as I used to open the bowling for our local teams. I used to bowl reverse swingers and I hope thats why I am able to comment on this post.

I have a problem. I can bat very well and i have a very good technique but i score very slowly. Normally i make like about 6 from 40 balls and that strike rate is slow and i want to make runs faster when i hit the ball it goes straight to the fielder and barely through the gaps and i frequently get run out.

Hi Anonymous,

I struggled with the a lot when 19 and just into senior cricket.

There are two decisions to make:

1. Your role in the team.
A - Are you opening or in a similar role where your natural ability to hold up an end is useful?
B - Is there are role of this nature you can ask the captain / coach to let you do?
C - What cricket are you playing?
There is defiantly nothing wrong with playing the anchor role in a lower grade - e.g. the role played by Katich in the Australian test team at the moment (Xmas 09).

2. Actions you can take to score quicker.
A - Get fitter and stronger - you can run more singles, hit harder, and hit further.
B - Get a heavier bat - DON'T DO THIS! It’s the cheats method and it can hurt your game - by restricting your options further (mean you’ll probably lose scoring options more than you add them) - if you already have a heavy bat, it’s probably a factor in your restricted game.
C - Listen now - this is the important sentence in this post.... Don't look at the fielders when assessing the field, .... Look at the gaps.

It may sound stupidly obvious - but it was a big change for me. I had scrapped around for 25 in 15 over’s in an opening partnership of 50 in 20 over’s and the #3 came out. After running a few of my singles hit straight to fielders he said "Do you look at the fielders or the gaps? Because you need to look at the gaps." And he proceeded to hit the gaps a will.

This may seem simple - but it has moved my strike rate from 50 to 70 runs per hundred balls.

I tried all of A, B, & C. C is the best. A really helps too.
The combination of knowing the gaps and fitness turned me into the best player in the grade for a season or so, until I got injured playing soccer.
Still the knowledge of the gaps means I can be more effective now - without the fitness.