How to warm up for cricket: The video | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

How to warm up for cricket: The video

This 2 minute video has been created to help with your cricket warm ups. You can see more on warming up for cricket here and here.


It's worth noting there are many more warm up exercises you could do before going out onto the pitch. This is just a selection that hopefully gives you the idea that you move from walking movements up to full sprints by the end. The idea is to increase your heart rate, get your nervous system ready for the first ball and improve the range of motion of your joints (especially hips and shoulders). After a 10-15 minute warm up like this you should be ready to practice some real cricket skills like throwing, catching, batting and bowling.


If you want a more comprehensive guide to reducing injury risk and increasing cricket specific fitness, check out county strength coach Rob Ahmun's guide on PitchVision Academy.



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Hi.Our season is 1 month away how much warm up games should we play.we only play 50 over games and will play 22 matches in a home and away format.last season 250 was a normaally a winning score ,unfortunately we did not acheive that as often as we wanted to.can you please advise as to how to go about getting to that score interms of a game plan and when chassing a simmilar score.

thanks marlon.

Great work David good use of the bat and love the standing start drills always good for replication of life in the field. Are there going to be more of these ??

JR, I hope so , but the weather is pretty nasty here at the moment.

Marlon, I'm not sure what your question has to do with warm ups.

Is this video is a complete warm up for a T20 match?

It's for any type of cricket, so yes.

sir i need successfull training programe of t.20 for 20 days as pre.season. thanks

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This video appears to have been moved/deleted - can you direct me to it's replacement?

This is the right website for anybody who hopes to understand this topic.

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I really would want to…HaHa). You certainly put a fresh spin on a subject that's
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