Essex experiences PitchVision Academy Live! | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Essex experiences PitchVision Academy Live!


In the 2nd date of the UK tour, a high intensity, high drama earthquake of cricket coaching hit Chelmsford in the form of PitchVision Academy Live!

The event picked up where Manchester left off, bringing the latest cricket technology to club, school and University cricketers in Chelmsford.

We had a crew on hand to video the whole event and you can see the highlights reel, featuring the exciting final of the fielding game here:

The photos from the event can be seen here.

The players got coaching on batting and bowling before trying their luck on getting the best scores in the PitchVision games.

We were delighted to welcome Pro Coach to help with the coaching and you can find out details of their services on their website.

The games were:

  • Batting: Total runs scored in 18 balls
  • Bowling: Best score based on a points system that awards points for both pace and accuracy
  • Fielding: A drill that timed how long it takes you to get to the ball and throw at the stumps. Penalties for inaccurate throws meant you needed to be fast and accurate.

The winners got prizes awarded by England international Chris Silverwood:

Again it was a treat to meet so many PitchVision Academy readers and help with a little real life coaching to supplement what happens every day on the site.

The event moves on to Birmingham on 18th November. To book your place, click here.

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