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Fish oil rules

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This is cricket nutrition tip of the week #3 by Dr. John Berardi.

I consider fish oil to be an essential supplement for fat loss. Data from the University of Western Ontario shows that fish oil supplementation increases lean body mass (during non-dieting conditions), increases BMR (by up to 400kcal/day), decreases inflammation, and improves the ratio of fat/carb oxidized (sparing carbs, burning fat). Recommended dose: Start with 6-10g per day of total fish oil (assuming 30% EPA and DHA).

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Fish Oil really once helped me out of a severe knee injury.I could not extend at the knee area.I found out that after taking smoked titus at a meal, my knee improved.since that day, I take fish oil(Cod Liver Oil) as it is easy for me to acquire.I am now coaching a group of boys against next year ICC under - 19 cricket qualifier.I believe that Nigerians can do better if the proper procedure for training is adopted. For example the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programme is one of a kind and the best so far.

-Augustine O. Iya-Nya.

I agree Augustine. Please stay in touch and let me know how your boys do.

[...] also helps reduce inflammation so is great if you are coming back from injury. Finally it helps you keep muscle and lose fat if you need to. The easiest way to get your dose is to take capsules like these. You can also get [...]

Wow! I've always known fish oil was great for the brain, but I didn't know it was so helpful with weight loss!

I'm always looking for great weight shaving tips! Thanks!

It's a pleasure GJG, although you should thank Dr. Berardi really.

I learned a lot about lean body mass from this site. It changed the way I eat and workout, and my results skyrocketed