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Gary Palmer's First-Class Batting Tips

"To make batting easier by training batters to hit between mid on and mid off to the highest technical standard possible."

As you know, Gary Palmer is a friend of PitchVision Academy. He is the official batting coach of PitchVision Academy, runs the highly successful CCM Academy and contributes all kinds of free stuff to PitchVision Academy readers.

Simply put, if you want to improve your batting, Gary is the coach to go to either in person or online.

In fact, Gary has so much available now I thought it would make sense to gather it in one place.

Free coaching notebook

Like a crazy but brilliant scientist, Gary has meticulously kept his findings in a notebook that has built up over the years into a complete system.

The notebook, titled Teaching Batting Technique: How to Coach Pupils to Cricketing Mastery is a unique insight into one of the most creative batting coaches in the world.

In its 78 pages there is information on:
  • Why technique is still so important, even in these days of creative, fast run scoring
  • How to make the fastest difference to a player’s game
  • The best ways to communicate with a batter
  • How to identify and correct technical errors using Gary Palmer’s unique ABC method
  • The 5 immutable stages of batting technique
  • Which shots to teach first; and why
  • How and when to move beyond technique

All you need to do to get instant access to the notebook (and other excting Gary Palmer content) is enter your email in the box below. You’ll get a reply right away with a link to the online version of the notebook:

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Free articles and videos

All the articles/videos below have been written by Gary and published for free on miCricketCoach. Some are also available as PDF downloads.

  • Do you make Ian Bell's batting mistakes? (web) (pdf)
  • Good technical coaching is the key to batting success (web) (pdf)
  • How Australia can show you how to improve your batting (and why England can't) (web) (pdf)
  • How to score quickly in Twenty20 cricket (web) (pdf)
  • How to improve your footwork on the back foot (video)
  • How to bat like Ravi Bopara (web) (pdf)
  • Kevin Pietersen vs. Viv Richards (web) (pdf)
  • How Alastair Cook should play spin (web) (pdf)
  • Why batting isn't a sideways game (web) (pdf)
  • How to use a trigger move against fast bowling (video)
  • How to use a trigger move against swing bowling (video)
  • The secret to playing straight and scoring quickly (web) (pdf)
  • Guaranteed: How to play the perfect shot every time (web) (pdf)
  • Why it makes sense to play off the back foot like Chanderpaul (web) (pdf)
  • 9 Traits of world-class batsmen that anyone can copy (web) (pdf)
  • Why you struggle against left arm bowling (web) (pdf)
  • How to bat against left arm bowling (web)
  • How to use nets to become a better batsman (video)
  • Why coaches are teaching the wrong shot... or why the on drive comes first (web) (pdf)
  • Is your ego holding you back? (video)
  • 4 Angles: The only technical batting session you ever need (web)
  • The Great Batting Hoax (web)
  • High Impact Technical Coaching (web)
  • The New Science of Playing Straight (web)
  • 7 Stages of Improving Technique (web)
  • Batting Warm Up: How to Make the Most of Pre-Match Throwdowns (web) (pdf)
  • How to Play the Short Ball (web)
  • Benefits of a High Intensity Batting Academy (web)
  • Batting Technique: Who Knows More, Players or Coaches? (web)

Gary Palmer's Video Analysis:

Gary Palmer's Batting Secrets Video:

How to Make the Most of Twenty20 Tournaments Video:

How to Coach Cricket at Tournaments:

Trigger Moves:


  • How to force the pace against spinners - Show 053 (web) (mp3)
  • How to transfer net form into the middle - Show 054 (web) (mp3)
  • How to bat against left arm pace bowlers - Show 055 (web) (mp3)
  • How to get top hand more dominant - Show 056 (web) (mp3)
  • The myth of 'bat speed' - Show 057 (web) (mp3)
  • Clearing the front leg - Show 058 (web) (mp3)
  • How to stop getting out LBW through overbalancing - Show 059 (web) (mp3)
  • How to stop getting out by edging to the slips and gulley - Show 062 (web) (mp3)
  • What selectors are looking for in a young player during a rep level age group trial - Show 063 (web) (mp3)
  • How to adjust your batting grip - Show 064 (web) (mp3)
  • When should you take a middle and off guard? - Show 066 (web) (mp3)
  • How to keep your mind clear as the bowler is running in - Show 067 (web) (mp3)
  • How to play reverse swing bowling - Show 068 (web) (mp3)
  • How to play the pull shot - Show 070 (web) (mp3)
  • How important is it to learn new shots like the switch hit? - Show 071 (web) (mp3)
  • Drop the ego - Show 072 (web) (mp3)
  • The forward press vs. the back and across trigger move - Show 073 (web) (mp3)
  • How to keep the ball on the ground with a front foot drive - Show 074 (web) (mp3)
  • How to keep your concentration for long innings - Show 075 (web) (mp3)
  • How to improve your confidence against short, fast bowling - Show 076 (web) (mp3)
  • How to be aggressive in twenty20 cricket without losing technique - Show 077 (web) (mp3)
  • How to hit the gaps - Show 078 (web) (mp3)
  • The traits players need to be successful in cricket - Show 080 (web) (mp3)
  • How to be a big hitter (plus discussions on throwing and bouncing back from failure) - Show 083 (web) (mp3)
  • What is the Gary Palmer ABC method of batting coaching? - Show 103 (web) (mp3)
  • Robotic batting - Show 104 (web) (mp3)
  • More on the Gary Palmer ABC method - Show 105 (web) (mp3)
  • The role of the coach in grooving technique - Show 106 (web) (mp3)
  • 4 Angles secret coaching method - Show 148 (web) (mp3)


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CCM Academy

Do you want to be a professional cricketer?

If you live in the UK and are aged 10-20 then CCM Academy is the way to get the best chance. Gary has helped over 40 young cricketers gain county honours.

As well as being successful, the Academy is famously intense, as I found out when I visited in April.Click here to read the article in full.

Specialist Batting Coach Mentoring

Enhance you coaching skills and your players performance in an intense 3 hour session with Gary.

These sessions can take the form of a coach and player of his or her choice or a small group of up to 4 coaches and 4 players maximum. The session focuses on batting techniques and drills to construct those techniques.

For pricing and availability contact Gary.

Online courses and books

If you want unlimited access to all the coaching tricks, drills and methods then PitchVision Academy is the way to go.

Gary has produced several exclusive courses, all delivered online so even if you can't get to see Gary in person you can get his advice on every batting topic you could ever need.

Here is the current list:

"To make batting easier by training batters to hit between mid on and mid off to the highest technical standard possible."



You can purchase all these courses as a bundle deal by clicking here.

Gary also exclusively sells his "Batting Mechanics" book in eBook form via PitchVision Academy. You can download it here.