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How do you like to play cricket?

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Discussion was getting a little heated in the bar last night. It often does in our monthly cricket club meetings and tonight the subject had turned to how we play.

I'm interested in what you think the best way to play is.

Currently we play a fairly traditional English format, a sort of 1 inning version of the first class format: 100 overs split between the innings with declarations allowed and the draw possible.

The league had proposed big changes. 50 overs each with no draw possible. Like the current ODI format. There had also been a suggestion to reduce it to 45 overs each to attract younger players.

Which do you prefer?

I'm a declaration game fan through and through. It makes the game far more tactical to be in control of a declaration and to have the nous to bowl the opposition out. The ODI format is too contrived and produces too many boring results for my liking.

There is just as much a challenge in saving a game as there is in winning it too.

If you are going to try and contrive results every week we might as well go the whole hog and have it in Twenty20 format and be finished in 4 hours.

If it was up to me I would like us to play a 2 day format over the weekend with a 2 innings match. That's not going to happen but I think it would be fun to try.

What about you: What format do you play and what would you like to play?

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i think ideally, i would like to play a 2 day game. but i think leagues would lose alot of playes if they switched to this method.

i am one of those against playing with the decleration method. I think if a 2-day game is not possible, a 40/40 match would be my next choice.

With the way cricket's going nowadays, i do think the decleration method will fade away in the near future.

why do you prefer the ODI style Ty?

We play both 2 dayers and 1 dayers here once you get past the very low school grades. The 2 dayers take place over 2 Saturdays (50 overs each first innings - unlimited 2nd). And then we also have later in the season your standard 50 over matches. I like having both forms because you hone more skills through the need to build a big total in 2 dayers, and the more slash and bang 1 dayers.

At the moment I tend to get stuck playing a mixture of 40, 45 or 50 overs (depending on the standard).

If I had a choice then I'd rather see games move to a 2 day format, played over 2 weekends, much like Andy has suggested.

New skills would have to learned and I think it would attract as many players as it might put off. Plus the time taken up is going to be no different to now.

Maybe we should setup a Simplycricket 2 day exhibition game Tom!

I'd love to - bit cold at the moment though!

Seriously though, it's something that I'd love to look into, would be a great experience.

You're not a million miles away from me so it's very possible!

It would be a grand match. Perhaps there should be a competition on the site for the teams.