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How to Become a Cricketer: The Complete Guide

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One of the more frequently asked questions by readers here at PitchVision Academy is "how do I become a professional cricketer?"

It's a simple question, asked by many from 11 year old youngsters just starting their journey to hardened guys in their late 20s still looking for a chance to shine in cricket.

It's a question most common in India and Pakistan, but we also hear it from every country with a professional setup (and some even without one).

The answer is never simple though.

The truth is that there is no single answer that can cover everyone's situation. But we can give you some pointers based on the experience of players and coaches who have got through the system.

Yes you need luck, yes you need hard work and yes you need drive that is far beyond your peers. Start with those three and work through the articles below for even more practical advice:


Hard Work: Robust Confidence

Academy Tips

Wise Old Pro Tactics

Professionals to Emulate



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Hello sir i am a left arm spinner i want to know how i can improve my rotations of ball in air