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How your teatime cuppa can improve your cricket

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green-tea.jpgHow would you like a cup of tea that can improve your endurance, boost your mental alertness, burn body fat, lower your stress hormone levels and improve your memory?

These are just a few of the benefits of switching from the traditional Tetley to green tea, especially on match days.

Green tea has been used for generations by the Chinese and is well researched in modern medicine with many more studies ongoing. It's certainly not snake oil. All the claims have backing in modern science.

As far as I can see the only barrier to switching is our own traditions.

Now, I love the traditions of cricket but when they get in the way of making me better at the game I'm happy to abandon them.

That's why I drink green tea and I think you should try it too.

You can have it at tea time with a bit of natural honey for flavour and some fast acting energy.

What else is stopping you?

Other benefits of green tea

  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-diabetes
  • Boosts immune system
  • Blasts bad breath

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