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    PitchVision is known for tracking bowling skills line pace, line and length, but it's also able to track batting and show you how many runs you scored in nets.

    And users have been taking advantage, with 11 players racking up over 1000 runs in practice! Factory854 is the top dog but KumarA78 from India also has over 5000 practice runs that he can turn to real life runs with confidence.

    Knowing how many runs you score in practice is not only a fun game to compete with mates though, it also shows you your key scoring areas, your weaker areas and a range of other things to help you develop your game.

    You're welcome!


    Special mention goes to PitchVision Interactive user "Smnmhd". The 19 year old from England has raced up the charts with some awesome hitting on the PitchVision Batting Studio at Cricket Asylum and has a strike rate of 170.53 from 190 balls! Beat that PV-ers!  


    Data is already streaming in from locations worldwide, so as time goes on we are seeing a fascinating snapshot of the state of grass-root cricket worldwide.

    Last year the clear winner of the "World Cup" was India with more wickets taken, more runs scored and more boundaries hit than England, the runners-up. England can take solace in the fact their average pace was nearly 5mph greater than the champions.

    Keep an eye on the World Cup page to see how this year pans out.

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