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Make the groundsman love you

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Get the groundsman to love you and you will improve your game. That's a secret many club players have learned to their benefit over the years.

This is because the groundsman controls and understand the pitch: One of the most important factors in any game. He is proud of what he has achieved and wants someone else to appreciate his efforts too, yet only the best players and captains seek him out.

The benefit of even a simple chat is huge. He can tell you how the pitch has played historically and what it is likely to do on the day. A real advantage especially early in the season and at away games.

Your home groundsman can also prepare pitches in the way you want them, but of course he has to feel appreciated first (or you have to pay him a lot more).

Like the secretary of the company CEO, the groundsman is often forgotten about but wields tremendous power. Get him to love you and you have a great source of information.

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