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21 Oct 08 at 09:37
What are your experiences of coaching, good or bad?

Following on from this article, I would like to know what are your experiences of being coached personally.

  • Do you feel you have been over or under coached?
  • How do you tell whether a coach is doing more good than harm (or vice versa)?
  • What makes a good coach?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think.



21 Oct 08 at 10:48

Brilliant topic David !!

And super article Gideon as a coach of many juniors myself its very rare to get much feedback. I think you make some very valid points Gideon. Well done and best of luck with your cricket !!

Bob Bolle.

21 Oct 08 at 12:10

I agree, if more players who are coached speak their minds the better feedback us coaches get. Wins all round.

23 Oct 08 at 14:08

This is an exallent article gideon. poo

24 Oct 08 at 11:59

This is a super article- your talent and passion for cricket is the age of a 15year old.
You seem a great guy!

Do you think people with a higher ability are pushed enough to thier BEST ability?

27 Oct 08 at 11:58

good article Gideon very true as a coach though i loved it when they played games with money on the stumps or promised a twix or a can of coke. Incentives often work in getting the best results from youngsters !

25 Feb 12 at 12:50

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