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02 Dec 08 at 10:47
Davids Training Log

Welcome to the Training Log for David Hinchliffe, Director of Coaching for MiCricketCoach.

Let's start with a bit about me: I play club cricket in the UK (South Wales to be exact) mainly at 2nd XI (although I do get the odd first team game when the moons align). I'm a wicketkeeper with a big mouth. I like to open the batting but usually bat in the middle order between 6-8 depending on how strong our line up is.

I'm in my 30's (born in 1975) and work full time as a coach right here on the site helping thousands play better cricket.


02 Dec 08 at 11:32

Fitness Training

Current Goal: Development of general strength and stamina (also known as GPP or work capacity)

Monday and Friday: Circuit Training

Warm up with 5 minutes walking then active mobility stretching.

The following exercises done in circuit training style (3 rounds), 10 reps of each exercise, 30 seconds rest, 1 minute between circuits:

  • Squat Jump
  • Front Squat
  • Overhead Press (6 reps)
  • Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift
  • Chin Up (5 reps)
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Press Up (20 reps)

All exercises are done with a barbell weighing 32.5kg (71.7lb) except front squat: 45kg (99.2lb).

Finish with 6 sprints on stationary bike 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds rest. Cool down and stretch.

Tuesday: Aerobic training

30 minutes of steady state training on a stationary bike and treadmill. To mix it up a bit I also do a few lunges and clap press ups somewhere in the middle.

Wednesday: Strength Training

Warm up with 5 minutes walking then active mobility stretching plus 1 round of each exercise at a low weight.

The following exercises done in a circuit style (3 rounds), 4-6 reps of each exercise, 30 seconds rest, 1.30 between rounds (weight in brackets):

  • Bench Press (60, 65, 70kg)
  • Hang Clean (50, 55, 60kg)
  • Dumbbell Push Press (17.5, 20, 25kg)
  • Deadlift (105, 110, 115kg)

Finish with 10 minutes of low intensity aerobic training (bike or jogging) and static stretching.

Thursday: interval training

Warm up with 5 minutes walking then active mobility stretching.

24 minutes interval training on stationary bike: 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy.

Finish with 10 minutes of low intensity aerobic training (bike or jogging) and static stretching.

Saturday and Sunday: Off (although usually go to the park with my children).

02 Dec 08 at 11:49

Goal: Short term fat loss before the Christmas excesses.

I currently follow the excellent precision nutrition system with some modifications:

·         I don't eat fruit

·         I only have a half size breakfast and post workout meal

·         I only have a half serving of workout drink

·         I only have 2 "cheat" meals instead of 4

I also supplement with 5 high strength fish oil tablets (3g of combined DHA/EPA) and 2,000ui of vitamin D because we get little sun in the winter.

My main vice is Diet Coke which I try to stick to 3 500ml bottles a week on. Sometimes I fail.

All these modifications are short term measures which I will drop when Christmas begins.

Mental training and skill practice

I'll restart my mental training and skills training plans after Christmas. Currently I'm doing nothing in these areas.


02 Dec 08 at 23:43

Hi David,

Thanks for letting us in on what you're working on in your training and nutrition. Please keep this activity going throughout the year. I found this very useful.

Cheers David

03 Dec 08 at 07:49

It's a pleasure David, why not start your own log? It doesn't have to be as detailed.

03 Dec 08 at 16:11

Update, managed to pull 120kg (264lb) on the deadlift this morning meaning my deadlift sets are now 110, 115 and 120kg. Failed to go up on any other exercise but the first sets felt easier on the bench press and hang clean.On my 2nd Diet Coke of the week already. Otherwise I'm sticking well to the eating plan. It helps that I shop in advance online and have the food delivered.

04 Dec 08 at 15:57

Hi David,
What is your reasoning behind not eating any fruit?

05 Dec 08 at 08:06

The main reason is to cut back on calories for a brief period. I usually eat 2-3 portions of fruit a day on top of vegetables so cutting that out keeps the calorie count down without me having to actually count them. I'm going to start eating fruit again in about a week as this was only a short 6 week plan to cut some fat before Christmas.Normally I would tell everyone to eat fruit and a lot of it!

05 Dec 08 at 16:50

Oh right!

06 Dec 08 at 06:23

Some would suggest it cuts out a high sugar food, which is sort of true but it's a complex and debatable area. plus I love fruit too much to not eat bananas!

I finished my last workout of this current training phase. I'm moving on next week to a strength development phase with some new ideas for core training I'm trying. I'll post the new workout next week.

06 Dec 08 at 09:01

I've always thought that glucose, is the bad stuff.
When it isn't used up, the body stores it as fat,
and that fructose doesn't get stored up as fat.

06 Dec 08 at 11:29

Well, that's sort of the story. Glucose is processed by the body more quickly but both can be used for energy or stored as fat. It's just the way the body processes them that is different.It's not as simple as one makes you fat one doesn't. You have to take into account the amount, the source, what state your blood and liver stores are in at the time and even your genetic makeup!

08 Dec 08 at 16:54

I started my new training plan this week and amended my eating plan to a holding pattern. I'll post the plan this week with some pictures of the type of food I eat in a typical week.

09 Dec 08 at 14:39

Here was what I ate yesterday. It's a typical "work" days food. I prepare most of it the night before and reheat to save time during the day. I work on miCoach at home so I can get away with all the cooked food. When I travel I use more bars and shakes but I still pack a cooler bag of stuff. Anyway here is the food:

7am: scrambled eggs with mushroom, avocado and spinach

11am: Post Workout: chicken with tomato and chickpeas (cucumber side not shown)

2pm: Homemade beefburger with kale, hummus and red bell pepper

5pm: salmon fillet with spinach and cucumber (hazelnuts not shown)

7:30pm: homemade tuna burger with broccoli and fake mash (made of cauliflower not potato, dried apricots not shown for dessert)

I also had 2,000ui of Vitamin D, 5 caps of fish oil (1 each meal), 5 cups of green tea through the day and about 3 pints of plain water.

Training to follow


09 Dec 08 at 16:06
Fitness Training

Current Goal: Preparing for power, improve strength and technique for acceleration/deceleration

Monday and Friday: Strength Training

Warm up with 5 minutes walking then active mobility stretching. Follow up with 10 minutes of core training including planks, bridges and squat depth work.

Before each exercise I perform 1-2 warm up sets with a lower weight.

  • Hang Clean 5x5 (50kg)
  • Front Squat 4x6 (60kg)
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Press 4x6 (20kg)
  • Deadlift 1x5 (110kg)
  • Inverted Row 2x6 (Bodyweight)
Cool down and stretch.
Wednesday: Strength Training

Wednesday is slightly different from the other strength days in that I switch to a double arm bench press and a single leg squat method.

Warm up with 5 minutes walking then active mobility stretching. Before each exercise I perform 1-2 warm up sets with a lower weight.

  • Hang Clean 5x5 (50kg)
  • Split Squat 4x6 (20kg)
  • Bench Press 4x6 (55kg)
  • Deadlift 1x5 (110kg)
  • Chin Up 2x5 (Bodyweight)
Cool down and stretch.

Tuesday and Thursday: Acceleration/Deceleration Training

Warm up with 5 minutes walking then active mobility stretching for about 15 minutes. This includes squat depth work and press ups for core work.

Landing Mechanics:
  • Single leg box jump 3x5
  • Double leg box jump 3x5
  • Lateral box jump 3x6
  • 10m sprints (6 with 30 seconds rest)
  • Med ball throw, chase and touch 3x5
Upper body plyometrics:
  • Clap press ups 2x10
Maintain Work Capacity
  • 40m run with 6 bodyweight squats, walk back recovery (8 sets)

Saturday and Sunday: Off (although usually go to the park with my children).

I'll post weight progress as I lift more.


15 Dec 08 at 13:05

Due to time constraints I have had to change to 3x5 on the Hang Clean and cut out the med ball throws/clap press ups.

15 Dec 08 at 13:07

Weights update:

  • Hang Clean 3x5 (55kg)
  • Front Squat 4x6 (65kg)
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Press 4x6 (25kg)
  • Deadlift 1x5 (105kg) This has gone down so I can unload for 2 weeks
  • Inverted Row 2x7 (Bodyweight)

Up on everything except the deadlift which I expect to be back on track by next week.


19 Dec 08 at 15:56

Pulled a slightly ugly 110kg on the deadlift today. the grip might need work if I'm to get up much higher although I was hoping to get to 150kg this time around.

22 Dec 08 at 15:20

MUCH better deadlift form today at 112.5kg (helps when a former powerlifting champion is watching you I guess).

Also up to 9 reps on the inverted row.


Nutrition is just about still on track despite 2 nights having a drink this week. I expect it to be a good week of indulgence this week though.

22 Dec 08 at 15:34

Hi, David! How are you?

I am Hassan Noman, a 19yrs old cricketer from Karachi-Pakistan. I am all-rounder.

I have a problem with my lower back specifically the core area, It irritates me alot. I work hard on my game and I am trying my best to make it to the top level. Here I need your guideance. I have some of my bowling videos and you can clearly see my bowling action in them, Can you kindly tell me how to bowl rhythmically? I know my mistakes but I don't know how to correct them. Similarly in batting, I have some flaws but I will work them up.

I just need someone who can give me a plan to work on...


23 Dec 08 at 10:50

I would be delighted to help but this is my personal training log so not the place to ask. If you want help could you email me or start a thread here please.

23 Dec 08 at 14:56

Can I have your email ID please?


23 Dec 08 at 15:13

There is a link at the top of this page entitled "contact". Click that and get in touch with me through there.

28 Dec 08 at 12:41

Currently spending the weekend with family so training and eating is out of the window, especially as I spend ages making some food to take with me and I ended up leaving it in the fridge!

28 Dec 08 at 22:43

Enjoy David! It's my last day of holiday so I definitely intend to!

Speak soon


31 Dec 08 at 14:09

I'm back to working out after missing a couple of sessions. I have not added much weight this week as you would imagine but have made some progress:

  • Conditioning work is up to 10 sets
  • Deadlift up to 115kg
  • Bench Press up to 60kg (although I did chicken out of going up to 62.5kg today)
  • Split Squat is up to 32.5kg (although that's no suprise as I'm doing sub maximal work to improve technique)
  • Hang clean is down to 50kg to unload.

So it's all progress. I've got 3 weeks left before moving to the next plan so I'm hoping to up my numbers on all the lifts before getting a bit more cricket specific.



05 Jan 09 at 15:04

Good session in the gym today hitting 72.5kg on the squat. I'm secretly hoping to get up to 80kg but that might be a tough ask. I won't compromise technique to get there.I'm going to plan mental training sometime this week so I'll put that up when I have done it.Nutrition is back on track after Christmas too. I'm considering throwing some more starchy carbs in while I'm working on power. Have not decided about that yet.

13 Jan 09 at 11:11

Ihave been chatting with the owner of my gym who thinks I am showing signs of overtraining because I have been failing to hit good squat and clean numbers the last couple of weeks. He could have a point although my bench and deadlift are still going up (65kg and 120kg).

Anyway, I have decided to back off the squat down to 60kg and clean down to 45kg and give myself a break from it. I'm not sure if it's psychological fatigue or overtraining but something in me in not happy.

I'm starting a new training plan on the 26th anyway so I'll tough out these 2 weeks then drop all the big lifts until next winter (clean, squat, deadlift, bench press). I'll post up final numbers and my new workout when I start it.

Still not started the mental training yet. *note to self sort it out*

13 Jan 09 at 11:52

Hi David - if you have any good breakfast recipes they would be welcome - I'm getting a little bored with my breakfasts!

Look forward to reading about your mental training and interested to hear you're backing off the squat instinctively - I'm reading Gladwell's book "Blink" which is all about the power of instinctive decision making.. very interesting stuff and massively applicable to sport I think...

Keep up the good work

13 Jan 09 at 14:46

Loads Naz, I'll come up with something. When in doubt, it's eggs for me.

15 Jan 09 at 11:24

Hi David nice training log would these exercises and diet be good for a teenage fast bowler or do you beleive to stay away from weights will your body is growing?

Thanks david

19 Jan 09 at 12:17

I would say it depends. There is no reason why you can't weight train as a teenager but having sound technique is of critical importance. The diet however is perfect for any age.

19 Jan 09 at 12:37

OK new training cycle time. I'm starting this week not next week as previously mentioned. Here is my week:

  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: A1
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday:A2
  • Friday: B1 or B2
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Club Group Fitness followed by Indoor Nets

I rotate the Friday workout between B1 and B2.

I'm using a changing set and rep structure: weeks 1-2 3x10, week 3 5x5, week 4-5 3x8 and week 6 6x3. Clearly weight will vary depending on how many reps I'm doing. The exceptions are the bodyweight exercises.

Here are the workouts:

A1 (Pull workout)

Warm up with 5 minutes walking then active mobility stretching. Before each exercise I perform 2 warm up sets with a lower weight.

  • Bent Over Row Superset with Medicine Ball Throwdown
  • 1 Arm Lat Pulldown Superset with Medicine Ball Throwdown
  • Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
  • Kneeling Cable Chop

A2 (Push Workout)

Warm up with 5 minutes walking then active mobility stretching. Before each exercise I perform 2 warm up sets with a lower weight.

  • Single Leg Squat Superset with Spilt Jump
  • 1 Arm Incline Bench Press Superset with Plyometric Push Up
  • 1 Arm Overhead Press (neutral grip)
  • Side Plank (3 x 10 sec holds)

B1 (Pull Workout)

  • Seated Cable Row Superset with Medicine Ball Throwdown
  • Pull Up (5 reps) Superset with Medicine Ball Throwdown
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Kneeling Cable Lift

B2 (Push Workout)

  • Front Squat Superset with Bench Jump
  • Bench Press Superset with Medicine Ball Chest Pass
  • Dumbbell Overhead Press
  • Plank (4 x 10 sec holds)

I start the circuits on Sunday. It's a group coaching thing so I don't know what will be in there as yet. I'll note it down and post it up when I have it.

Diet is currently the same.


26 Jan 09 at 06:55

Last week was a good week. The training challenged me. Due to the higher reps I experienced significant soreness, which is not an indicator of much except it felt good to push things a bit.

Sadly I didn't get to the club Sunday fitness training. I couldn't get a lift to the first hour. However, I did go to the indoor nets and met our new coach.

I'm going to try and build up a decent straight drive and on drive these nets. It's tough to do the way the nets are set up (no room for technical work) but I'm hoping the new coach will cut me some slack and let me do a bit before season starts in April.

I batted with the aim of playing straight and leaving anything off the stumps. I was only genuinely beaten once and felt I knew exactly where my off stump was. I felt a couple of technical issues had crept in I would like to work on:

  • a small closing off of my stance as the bowler releases the ball.
  • playing a bit "inside out" to balls on and just outside off stump. I didn't feel I was lining up to those correctly.

I did hit the ball well, especially my traditionally stronger shots of the late cut, cover drive and pull.

I also identified a ouple of technical issue in the players in my net. I had a quiet word but I'm hoping one or both of them might help me do some technical work if I help them.

Overall a very positive experience. Can't wait for next week.

03 Feb 09 at 18:42

Went to the gym today only to find it closed and a snowman in the car park!

We had our first circuit training session on Sunday. It was very "old school" and I could pick holes in the exercise selection quite a lot, but the idea really is just to get moving and do some extra work, so I will keep going unless I get injured. I say that because there is a lot of high impact work on a hard floor and I cramped up in both my calves about halfway through. I'm still feeling sore there now and it's 48 hours later.

The net session right afterwards was good too. We did some fielding and general decision making work and the side were full of energy and enthusiasm for it: Always good to see.

Batting wise we just netted again with no real aim. I decided to continue working on playing straight and I felt I was seeing the ball better and staying still at the point of delivery anf getting in line well this week. The bowling was mainly spin this week and I felt confident against all the spinners (although on a indoor surface they don't pose a huge threat).

My big weakness is hitting the ball through the off side either straight or hitting off the legs, I get in  good position but don't execute the shot well. There is a spare net and I'm hoping to do some drill work soon.

Also hoping the gym will be open tomorrow.

05 Feb 09 at 08:24

I used a tennis ball yesterday to give my sore legs a massage and it worked well. Highly recommended.

08 Feb 09 at 21:02

Another circuit session followed by nets tonights. I didn't suffer any pain in my calf area this week and the circuits were of a similar style.The nets were excellent. We had a 'technical' net where we did some work with tennis balls and I got to play some straight drives before facing some real bowling in the nets. I didn't hit much but I left the ball well and played straight. We finished with a fielding/run out game where I ended up the last one running and was pooped by the end. Still. 2 hours is not even a full session in the field in our matches so it's all good. Had a bit of a chat with the new coach and he reads the site (hi Steve). Looks very positive on that front too.

11 Feb 09 at 17:58

A quick fitness related update: I have found it difficult to find the right weights with dumbbells in this cycle. The simplly have too high a jump up between weights to get it right. However, I'm enjoying the challenge of combining power based moves with strength training.

12 Feb 09 at 18:06

Do you have any advice for the injured cricketer?

13 Feb 09 at 08:18

I do David, but this is my training log so if you have a question please use the main forum or "ask a question" section on the site.

06 Mar 09 at 16:47

Hi David, How's your training going, are you now in to a new phase of training?

20 Mar 09 at 13:53

david, you know all cricket training advice and have a great training plan but you only play for your club 2nd XI. What do think separates you from 1stXI players, who probably have less knowledge than you about cricket training?

21 Mar 09 at 06:29

Simple - talent. We are all limited by our genetics. I think my skills lie more in coaching and education than playing. That said I think I make the most of my talent through my training methods.

21 Mar 09 at 09:46

don't tell me talent cause I believe that talent is just our desire to pursue our goals with single minded dedication. There must be some other factor.

21 Mar 09 at 15:56

Interesting point of discussion lu. I think you have a reasonable point. However this is my training log and not the place to discuss it in detail.

21 Mar 09 at 16:15

I'm on a new round of training in the lead up to the season. 4 days a week plus one net session.

Goal: Improved running speed and agility, upper body power.


  • Warm up with mobility work and some hip corrective exercises.
  • Med ball power circuit (3 sets of 10 reps of med ball smash, med ball side throw and med ball chest pass)

I always perform some warm up sets before starting the main execises.

Superset 1

  • Front Squat 3x3 (80kg)
  • Chin Up 3xFailure

Superset 2

  • Single Leg Box Squat 3x10 (bw)
  • Inverted Row 3xFailure (8)
  • Cable Machine Lift 3x10 (15kg)

Cool down with stretches


  • Warm up with mobility work and some hip corrective exercises.
  • Med ball power circuit (3 sets of 10 reps of med ball smash, med ball side throw and med ball chest pass)

I always perform some warm up sets before starting the main execises.

Superset 1

  • Bench Press 3x3 (72.5kg)
  • DB Single Leg Straight Legged Deadlift  3x10 (30kg)

Superset 2

  • Single Arm DB Overhead Press 3x6 (20kg)
  • Cook Hip Lift 3x14
  • Bridge 3x45s
  • Reverse Crunch 3x14

Cool down with stretches

Thursday - speed/agility day

  • Ladder Drills
  • 5x20m Sprints
  • Interval running (8 sets)
  • Agility Drills - including 4 corner ball


  • Warm up with mobility work and some hip corrective exercises.
  • Med ball power circuit (3 sets of 10 reps of med ball smash, med ball side throw and med ball chest pass)

I always perform some warm up sets before starting the main execises.

Superset 1

  • Single Leg Barbell Spilt Squat 3x5 (60kg)
  • Chin Up 3xFailure

Superset 2

  • Press Up 3xFailure (23)
  • DB Single Leg Straight Legged Deadlift (30kg)
  • Stick Crunch 3x10
  • Side bridge 3x30s

Cool down with stretches


22 Mar 09 at 11:06

ok, I've published a new forum topic where we can discuss it in detail.

20 Apr 09 at 14:54

We had outdoor training and a pre-season friendly this week.

We share out ground with football pitches so we couldn't batting or bowling practice very well so we elected for some light fielding just to get the body and eyes working together.

Saturday was blessed with bright sunshine as we played a 40 over limited over match against a strong oppostion (2 divisions above us). We batted first on a green top scoring around 130 in 40 overs. I had a swing in the last couple of overs but only connected with one properly leaving me on 6 not out.

We used all our bowlers to blow away the cobwebs and the front line guys all did OK without causing problems to a stronger side. They won easily, I kept well but made a couple of errors late on that may have been down to lack of match fitness. Hard to tell.

It was a good run out though. We have another friendly before the season starts in 2 weeks so I'm still training at full 'off season' pace rather than cutting it down. When I do I'll post my training.

27 Apr 09 at 13:39

Another pre season game this week.We had training, again it was just fielding as we are still in football mode. However it was a big improvement on last season.We won the match against weak opposition scoring 210 or so in 40 overs and bowling them out. They did keep up with the rate thanks to some poor bowling but we just kept taking wickets. My own performance was good. I went in at 9 for a quick hit scoring a handful in the last 2 overs. I then kept well, especially standing back to some balls that were seaming and swinging around a bit. I missed a couple down the leg side so I want to work on that but I did get into good positions on the straighter bowling rather than losing concentration as I did in game one.League starts next week.

10 May 09 at 08:42

Rain prevented training this week but I managed to have a net before play on Saturday.

It was our second game of the league season and I was back in the 2nd XI after the regular first team keeper returned. We won the toss and in good bowling conditions put the opposition in. We bowled and fielded very well and bowled them out for 91 in 41 overs. I was very pleased with my keeping, standing up to all our seamers to prevent a star batsman from standing out of his crease. We strangled him and he only managed about 30 in 30 overs.

We knocked off the runs with little problem to win by 8 wickets in plenty of time.

My fitness training, nutrition and mental preparation all took a back seat at the start of the week while I was travelling but I got back on track from Wednesday onwards. I did notice I was getting a bit fatigued at the latter part of their innings and wasn't as tidy for the last few overs. For that reason I'm going to review wether I should use Friday as a rest day instead of training.

29 May 09 at 15:10

I have been updating this log in our weekly podcast which you can listen to to find out how I am getting on week to week. It's going well so far. We have won every game I have played in although I have been up and down between the 1st and 2nd XI.

I'll post my new in season workout shortly.

30 Dec 09 at 21:02

David, this log is really good and it would be great that you carried on so everyone can see what you are doing because you really know what you are doing.

04 Mar 10 at 13:55

Yeah, I agree with ant999. Why stop david? It is very helpful to everyone..

31 Mar 13 at 16:55