PitchVision Academy announces first ever live coaching event | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

PitchVision Academy announces first ever live coaching event

Update: due to huge demand, registrations for PitchVision Academy Live! Are now closed.

How would you like to get coached by some of PitchVision Academy's Elite Coaches using the latest cricket technology at a top Test venue?

Now you can!

PitchVision Academy is proud to announce the very first "PitchVision Academy Live!" event at the world famous Brit Oval in London on the evening of August 27th.

And you can be one of the first to be at this interactive event.

The event features top quality coaching to help you become a better cricketer with both batting and bowling covered during your session. And, uniquely, you will get to find out how much the latest coaching technology can help your game by getting to use the PitchVision system integrated with traditional coaching methods.

For the first time you, as part of the PitchVision Academy UK community, will be able to receive coaching from the PVA Director of Coaching, David Hinchliffe and elite batting coach Gary Palmer who has the likes of Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Gloucestershire, Eastern Province Academy and Oxford University on his coaching CV.

Together the coaches will reveal the secrets of the ground-breaking coaching advice you have only been able to get online through PitchVision Academy in the past:

  • Simple drills to improve your bowling pace and accuracy instantly
  • The best way to use a bowling machine to improve your batting alignment and balance
  • How to find the perfect run up
  • The one simple change to your foot position that opens up the legs side to score runs safely and quickly.
  • Tactics for scoring runs and taking wickets
  • Mental training tips used by elite players to maintain concentration and avoid failure.
But it doesn't end there.
Compete and win prizes

After your coaching session you will trial your new found skills against other cricketers on PitchVision's revolutionary sensor system, allowing you to finally find out:

  • What line and length you bowl
  • How much bounce deviation and spin you achieve
  • Your own personal pitchmap of deliveries
  • How easily you find gaps with the bat
  • How many runs that cover drive in the nets would have got you
  • Much more...

The best bowler and batsmen on the day will win some very special prizes, and everyone will walk away with a personalised analysis report card generated by PitchVision.

So if you are serious about having fun and improving your cricket skills, this is an event that is impossible to miss.

Limited free places

Early registration is essential as places are limited with competition for places set to be very high.

The price of the event is £5 for 90 minutes of coaching and practice on PitchVision. The start time for the event is either 5:30pm or 7:30pm depending on which group you are selected for.

But, even better than that, because this is our first event we are offering the first 10 places on the event for free.

The free places are on a first come, first served basis.

All you need to do to lock down a free place is to click here and register your interest.

The first 10 to email will get the free places, any emails after the first 10 will be offered the £5 price to participate, paid via PayPal.

Remember, the event includes:
  • Coaching from 2 professional coaches (batting and bowling)
  • Guaranteed batting and bowling session on the new PitchVision system
  • A personal data printout of wagon wheels, pitchmaps and other statistics
  • Your chance to prove yourself as the best batsman and bowler on the day and win prizes
So what are you waiting for?

Update: due to huge demand, registrations for PitchVision Academy Live! Are now closed.

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This looks like an amazing opportunity which would help me and the rest of the team at my club.

I'm looking forward to seeing you and your team-mates there Jitesh.

How it is done - I mean, what is require to participate


You need to register using the online form, turn up to the Oval on the day with your kit and get some top class coaching. A simple as that.

So, do I need to be online on the ground

I'm sorry if it's not clear. This is a real life event. You have to be there. It's not online.

see you there David, should be a good day

Yes it will. I'm looking forward to it.

I would like to know the time of the event as it hasn't been mentioned above. I would like to be there but can only make it if its after 12 in the afternoon, if its in the morning I wont be able to attend. So please let me know about the time of the event. Cheers

Hi Adam, it's 5:30pm early start time and 7:30pm late start, so you will be fine.