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Pre-Season Video Analysis


Good players have good coaches but gaining access to quality coaching is difficult. Without it you are ruining your chances of being the best player you can be.

It's frustrating to know you have the ability to go further with your game yet all the best coaches are out of your reach.

Really good coaches are expensive and in-demand. The best are inaccessible to club and school players because they are working with professional teams and academies.

Those who are outside the system are booked up so far in advance and are so expense you can't hope to get any decent time with them.

Imagine what you could do with the right coaching.

You will be able to develop your game to the next level. You can give yourself the best chance of making yourself a success in the world of cricket.

That's exactly what PitchVision Academy Video Analysis can give you: Access to high quality specialist coaches with the insight you need about your technique.

PitchVision Academy have teamed up with the Wattacoach coaching service to provide the best coaches to you.

Currently the WattaCoach stable includes 6 coaches:

  • John Davison (finger spin). John is a bowler who has played 25 one day internationals for Canada and has been a professional cricketer for 13 years. He has played 51 first class games and taken 111 first class wickets for Canada, Victoria and South Australia.
  • Warren Smith (batting). Warren is a level 3 coach who has worked with the Australian U17 team, the Australian U19 team and as the batting and fielding coach with New South Wales players. He has worked as a New South Wales Cricket Development Officer for 30 years.
  • Murray Creed (batting). Murray was with the New South Wales state squad for two years, playing over 50 top level matches. He has coached for over 12 years and his CV includes the NSW U15 and University of NSW squads.
  • Matthew Nicholson (seam bowling). Matthew has represented Australia in Test Cricket. He has been a professional cricketer for over 12 years. During that time he has played 115 first class games and taken 395 first class wickets for New South Wales, Western Australia, Northamptonshire and Surrey.
  • David Freedman (wrist spin). Former first-class bowler, David, has been the New South Wales U19 coach. He is currently the assistant coach of New South Wales.
  • Beau Casson (wrist spin). Beau is a left – arm wrist spin bowler who has played over 40 first class games for Western Australia and New South Wales and taken more than 100 first class wickets so far.
The service includes:
  • Compare your technique alongside a professional in a side by side comparison using audio commentary and graphics.
  • Footage of corrective drills and tips that you can use to fix your technical problems. These drills will be customised to you with audio commentary and graphics.
  • Revisit your lesson as many times as you want.

To start your video analysis right now and make a start on improving your technique, click here.


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