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Quick Tip: Don't Fear the KPI

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How do you know if your training is working?

You can argue that it's simple: Score runs, take wickets and you're doing it right. You can certainly take it to the next step with a little more context to that basic metric.

For example, scoring a hundred in a 2 day game against weak bowling on a flat track where you lose the game is a big tick for your run tally. Yet most batters value lower scores that win games, especially in difficult circumstances.

Your basic unit (run, wicket) is the end result of a number of factors. How you practice is just one element.

So, to make a more direct review of your effectiveness, you can look to analyse at a more granular level. Modern coaches call these things Key Performance Indicators because they go beyond the basics.

This doesn't need to be complex. A KPI might be your ability to stay patient at the crease and keep selecting the right shot even after you have been in a while. So you set up your practice to develop this skill with longer net sessions, and scenario batting.

You can measure this by tracking how many times you play the right shot, compared to how many times you play a shot that was not in your game plan (no matter how well you nail that length ball on the up). Over time you can watch this number improve.

You can do this for any area you want to improve, from technique to fitness to mental strength. Identify and measure to improve.

It might sound like management-doublespeak, but measuring your KPIs is a fast route to what really matters; runs and wickets.

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