Readers Offer: Free 3 Month Membership to the Leg Spin Association *CLOSED* | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Readers Offer: Free 3 Month Membership to the Leg Spin Association *CLOSED*


PitchVision Academy have teamed up with the Leg Spin Association to offer an exclusive free 3 month membership to all readers.

So what is the Leg Spin Association?

The organisation was started to promote the culture of leg spin bowling in cricket. It was begun by Harry Shapiro - one of South Africa's leading leg spin coaches - in memory of Terry Jenner.

When you become a trial member you gain access to all the benefits of a fully paid up member:


  • Assistance in leg spin bowling technique
  • Training methods for spinners
  • Advice via email
  • A quarterly newsletter packed with tips and advice
  • A quiz on leg spin, with amazing prizes
  • A place to discuss the issues relating to all leg spinners and coaches of the art.

You will be a full member for 3 months. At the end of your membership, you can pay the usual fee and become an annual member. If you don't think it's for you, no, problem, there is no obligation to extend your membership.

But I think you will like it a lot if you bowl leg spin, or coach it and want to get better.


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sir I want to learn leg spin, I was a leg spinner and I have played proffesional cricket for 4 years .....and left cricket for studies but i will play after completing my studies