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Regular routines bring results

Cricket is no different to life: Teams and individuals operate best when they feel in control of a situation.

Unfortunately, the unpredictability of a cricket match makes it hard to keep this feeling. It's also why you find so many superstitious cricketers with lucky socks putting their left shoe on first: It provides the illusion of control.

A more effective method is to ensure your team is well drilled in agreed routines. This has the double effect of making you seem highly professional and effective externally while bringing you together as a team internally.

Each club team will have it's own routines and standards so there is no set approach. In short, you have to do what works for you.

Examples of routines and standards that work for many club teams are:

You may have your own ideas too. The critical point is that doing these things together every time will lead to more effective unit, no matter what standard you play.

And that means more positive results.

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